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I am The Sorcerer and what I try to say anything as truthful and clear as possible for the good of the community & for its credibility to be maintained, irrespective of the forum/site. I also run Hardware BBQ.

Most of you know that I usually lurk/help/advice/criticize across multiple Indian tech/gaming forum/sites for the good of the community. I even started putting up hardware reviews as well. Primarily this blog started as a dump for my thing but it ended up being a ranting blog. This is because many times there are certain “actions” being done by certain individuals/groups of individuals that I feel are simply wrong/retarded- even waste of time knocking some sense to others.  Just for the heck of venting it out, I decided to post them all here with my usual style of writing. This covers not only members- but also mods, admins, dealers and certain folks going down the wrong/unethical way. To keep everyone at bay and just to let everyone know about your community- the purpose of the blog is born after the blog is brought up!

Most of you have appreciated few of my posts/rants and many agree that I did burst few baloons so far out of which couple of them happened without most of you knowing about it. You have read/followed on my advices on the forums over the years and now you’re doing the same here. This blog caters to a particular number of folks who are usually in tech/gaming forums so traffic/pageviews are least of my concerns (Then again, I don’t mind bragging about it :P).



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