About me:

# I don’t like fools and bullies (mostly bullies, fools can be managed and at times we get along eventually)!

# I hate social interrogations!

# I hate people criticizing religion, nationality, gender, social classes, etc. and call themselves, aesthetics, liberal thinkers- bunch of so-called hypocrites!

# I don’t like mutton or fish, same goes for cabbage, cauliflower, raddish, carrots, pineapple on my pizza, etc.

# I love computer hardware!

# I love chicken tikka, but pay no attention to the rumors!

# I love comic strips, especially ctrl-alt-del!

# I like working out!

# I love going out!

# I am a software n00b!

# I keep very VERY few friends and lead a seemingly boring life, but I am happy so care a damn about your point of view!


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