Giveaways! Why content makers shouldn’t do a lot of it

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18/10/2016 by The Sorcerer


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Blogs, websites, youtube channels, Twitch channels- whatever. Your website cannot sustain itself if you show your content to fellow content makers. The only way that’s going to work if your content is made for that crowd- like SEO blogs, video making tutorials, WordPress coding/help guide website, etc.

Typically, it’s noticed that some people run giveaways at certain intervals. That’s good. But it has limitations. It’s good if you’re running giveaways with an intention to ‘reward’ your loyal reader base. You start a contest which encourages them to read your content to answer a question or questions whose answers is known by long time readers. But when you run giveaways to gain a new audience or create activity in social media, that’s silly.

When you run giveaways this way, understand that you are attracting a crowd that doesn’t care about your website. Doesn’t care about your content. They wouldn’t bat an eye unless they are getting something out of it- stuff. They’ll usually try to gain your attention. Comment in your content, social media, etc. They’re also the same set of people who will unsubscribe and unfollow your social media once they’ve won. This is the trend that companies started. Many have burnt their fingers. Many still to realize that because they’re doing regular giveaways. At some point, they’ll realize its just foolish. They need to reward people buy their brands for what it is and use that momentum to make them know more about the product you want to market. Website branding is no different. Its good for you. Its good for regular readers as chances are high that they’ll appreciate the prize rather than selling it (A lot of people do it). They’ll be the same folks who will be regular at your website, give you feedback and point out mistakes. They’ll be the one who’ll butt-in group discussions and share your content. Reinvigorate your reader base using contests and giveaways. But creating reader base? It will attract the wrong crowd.

The more you know…

Then there’s the other question- doing too much of it!

Some youtube and twitch channels do giveaways on a regular basis. Your website should run because of the content and not because of the giveaway. Because at some point, you’ll run out of it and end up having low-value giveaways which will make them go away.


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