Never let go of your domain name!!! Ever!

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11/10/2016 by The Sorcerer

And this is a true story!

I have a friend that I never met for a very long time. He’s a nice guy. We have the same point of view for many things though when it comes to journalism, he puts the ‘pro’ in ‘professional’. He’s one of the guys that I’d rip off a free advise if something is ethically right or wrong. His name is NT Balanarayan.


He had a blog called Game Bashing. And I loved it to a point it changed my perspective about individually run content websites concerning a specific niche. He did have the right keedas. I still remember when he covered this ‘secret’ gaming cafe by Alienware. I remember one of the Alienware’s managers didn’t like the coverage at the time. But what’s important is that he talked about things that mattered. Later I saw newer gaming websites covering the local scene. Then there was this website whose name I don’t remember, but covered the sham called the Indian Gaming Carnival which was eventually talked about others. Those guys still went to cover the event despite being intimidated by a set of bouncers.

NT Balanarayan shut down Game Bashing long before that happened. The reason is not important for this discussion. What’s important is the domain name. is a very good name. If you start something related to game journalism (or game “journalism”), its a very good brand name that people can remember.

Unfortunately, he didn’t renew it. I wish I had that domain. I wanted to ask him if I could buy the domain name from him. But I thought it would be awkward and maybe a bit insulting. Besides, I didn’t know if he had alternate plans. He didn’t and the domain expired.

So what now?

The domain name as of now is ready to be purchased:


Yes. Rs. 3.3 lakhs. The domain was probably bought for $10 but now it’s THIS much!!! At times we find catchy .com names and we manage to get it. That’s luck, seeing that countless businesses and websites start every day. So- once you buy a domain, don’t let go of it. Because this is what would happen! Never give up on a good name or offer to sell it to someone who can do the justice. At least this way you will be proud of seeing something you started is still running by someone.

Never give up, NT! I plan to get it at some point!

But now you know! Don’t let go of yours!


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