Game Expos in India- Is it a thing now??

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11/10/2016 by The Sorcerer

Yer- I am talking about IGX 2016.

I’ve been to the earlier one. It was done nicely. I wish I could complain about small spaces and overcrowding on day 1- but hey! Over-crowding is better than no crowd. They had some promos. Some tournaments, this corner where they were doing CS. Yes yes, we had to stand in a line. A very long line.

The first ‘game expo’ I saw was in 2007. It was PlayStation experience 2007. It was great. Huge space, not so big crowd. themed setups. It was a good sign but then it didn’t pick up since. There is a big difference now. The gaming community in a way is big here, segregated based on gaming platforms and titles. Sure, we have cosplayers. But we also have streamers, websites that cover only gaming, shout casters, YouTubers, twitchers (do we even call them twitchers??) and stuff. It’s practically a sub-culture.

I would like to check out IGX but man, standing in the line the last time fried my ears off. ‘Medium Rare’ just by standing there. Man, I hate that Goregaon East spot but that’s THE best place you can have any expo. The main point is that it pulled a lot of folks. Mostly were consoles back then. It was easier than to pull PC gaming brands because different components= different brands. For starters- Sony for Playstation and Microsoft for Xbox. Rest follows suit. PC components? Well, there was Asus that wasn’t able to have its stall ready on day 1 even till 2 pm (Asus India’s current management does not like me and the feeling is very mutual- but cmon! Are you that lazy???). Then there this brand I never heard of whose ‘country head’ back then was the same chap that took off with 7 Gigabyte mobos unapologetically in his own tournament (now working for Asus India- which will make you say WTF???!??? But I hope he doesn’t repeat it- and keeps ‘Mr Wikipedia’ taunts to himself). I see newer faces joining in companies like Gigabyte VGA. This one particular guy is energetic and he’s ready to try things out. He also makes a genuine effort and that counts. Nvidia is more involved. Other companies are involved in some way or the other by partnering with someone. Despite the fragmentation, its coming together.

I noticed some websites talking about the money invested in tournaments and all. That’s a very bland way of looking at things. People should enjoy. Have fun. Communicate. Check out things they couldn’t. Engage. More all of these happen, obviously at some point more money should flow in.

igx 2016.png

Will it be a thing? I don’t see why not. People should go. Check it out. But avoid Day 1. Hopefully, some brands would not be keen on packing up in the middle of day 3 like how I’ve seen in some tech expos. It doesn’t look good as some companies don’t wish to make an effort to wait for the entire day to end. You are not going to lose anything but staying for 5 more hours. You really should keep it inside your pants for a while. I also hope some companies won’t have that ‘Oh I am too big to be in this expo’ crap. Try to be a part of the community rather than being involved only when you can exploit it. Same goes for those who are half prepared on day 1 and ready to bail in the middle of day 3. Don’t be a douchenozzle! Everybody knows a douchenozzle when they see one. If you do that, I will make you wear ‘I am da douchenozzle!’ t-shirt!!!

And it just doesn’t have to be IGX. Nvidia is doing this gamers connect in a lot of places. Some look pretty cool. AMD Radeon guys? Well for someone catering (or claiming to) to the 99%, they sure do behave like a 1%! Too formal. What’s with the chair with night gowns? It’s not a wedding, dudes!! Those folks should start not wearing suits and more semi casual with pyjamas for public events. You get one for free in those first class international airline travels.

Go over there. click pics. click selfies. post about lulz. Famous tech and gaming blogs that nobody heard about should go there and write about it. Use a common hashtag. Do that social media thing. We have the tools enough to keep IGX as ‘the thing’.

Check it out.


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