Are tech bloggers a bunch of uninspired bunch of folks now?

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09/10/2016 by The Sorcerer


The main issue is that we have a lot of fashion bloggers, food reviewers and tech bloggers. Few in this line has a good taste in success of some form- traffic, credibility or rep between brands and readers, money, growth, etc.

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They get into with a goal or a dream. But once the blogs ages with their writers, their enthusiasm goes away. You start to cut corners. Quality to push content out quickly, the need to horde freebies and gifts from brands and not communication with readers or making an effort.

That’s when the problem starts. Ideas are easy but the execution of it is difficult. If you’re cutting corners, eventually you will shut down due to lack of interest. At one point, big and new brands alike give a lot of trinkets and gifts, including their product, to such people. With an indirect implication that you kiss my ass, I kiss yours. Even though a blogger may not get those words from the company, the effect stays. When you run across a product that has something not so great, a lot of people would feel guilty in pointing that out. What they don’t realize is that the establishment of your website as a credible and honest source is THE best source for traffic. It might not be possible for everyone to be A1 best reviewer or a blogger from day 1, but the consistency of growth needs to be there. Organic is permanent. Besides, such companies are going to cut you off. Since you’re putting a lot of time on the website, might as well do it properly. The high number of traffic gets you companies to contact you. The number of people out of it taking you seriously is what will make your website run longer.

Never let go of it. Never be in that position. Secure your reader’s interest first. Rest will fall in its place. Even if some big brands don’t be in touch with you- or blacklist you- it doesn’t matter. Their product does not drive traffic because 1 product is reviewed by countless bloggers, YouTubers and even those who purchase them. But quality and honesty is what helps you set as a brand. So.. don’t be a hoarder!


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