Writer’s Block(?) for tech bloggers/ writers and the thing about press releases…

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08/10/2016 by The Sorcerer

Yeah!!1 Reviewers have writers blocks, too. But not because of resources or motivation. We just get tired and burnt out at some point. You just feel uninspired to do it. Better to do something else not related to your main line of work. Play games. Step outside. Have chaats, cakes, pizza…stuff.



Which is why I am resurrecting this blog. It doesn’t matter if people read these randomness. Which is a good thing because I can release my frustrations here and be done with it.

I find motherboard reviews to be tough. Irony because I started with motherboard reviews? That’s because when I test other components, I can use it with the existing test bench. But motherboards? You have to prep EVERYTHING. Have a separate space to have a temporary system- and a second screen, a mouse and keyboard. It makes it easier.

So in my never-ending list of ‘stuff I wanna buy to make things easier’ I have two test benches. The problem is that Dimastech is flooded with bankruptcy information and also people complaining about the delays in delivery. Second is the one made with HWBOT and streamcom which is ALL aluminum. That’s nice. It looks easy to carry around as well.

At one point I used to post press releases but now I’ve stopped. It doesn’t make sense because if you copy paste the press release- 1. you get penalized for duplicate content (most bloggers do that) and 2. nobody will bother to read it . I can write stuff about it but then that’s what you are going to in the intro part of the review. Its better for companies to send units before the time of launch and get things rolling. You just don’t get good POV about a product that you haven’t seen. What’s the point in having an article about specifications when the website has its own HW database. Not as great as Techpowerup! but it does the job.


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