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01/01/2014 by The Sorcerer

Hardware BBQ started as a dump site to archive all reviews that I contributed in Indian tech forums, and also as a form of having an identity amongst companies and many PRs. Some people didn’t like it, one thing lead to another- and my entire concentration was on the site and the site alone. The website was officially founded on 18.12.2010 and since then there was no looking back. I and the site had many ups and downs, but thanks to that I met some new friends, re-invigorated my bonds with some old friends and even sadly had to maintain a distance and maintain a level of distrust with some people.
The end result is brilliant!!! This is coming from a guy who knew nothing about interacting with anyone- or starting a website, let alone maintaining one and even imagining starting a community from ground level.
Welcome, to BBQ Community!

There are some more implementations to be done, but that will be done in the times that will come as members join in. I have great plans and ideas that I kept with me for so long. Since BBQ is three years formally, its about time she has a community of her own. A lot of people have been asking when will I start, and I was skeptical at first because due to certain circumstances I developed a form distaste for forums due to un- necessary badmouthing and what not to even stupid admins not wanting me to post on multiple forums because ‘it affects their SEO’. To those people I say thank you!! That helped me to grow myself and my site.

Unfortunately, I am going to use this to release my frustration. I just have to vent it out so that I can concentrate on working to do something great.

Thanks to Brendon for being with me from the start. Thank you Harshal, Rishi, Shatul, Kauzy, Moksh, Faheem, Sanket Naik from Coolermaster, the older team of WD India (and I am looking forward interacting with the new team!!), Deepa Medhi who had taken care of Corsair India before she left/got fired, and all hell went loose. Think Digit forums! Moderators and not-moderators!! I remember I made fun of you when people moved from TDF to TE- but then again the good people stayed behind. You guys have been good to me and to others. Always be that way. Change that mindset that forums guys in India eventually end up being a ‘sour grape’. And yes, you’re always welcome to join the BBQ community! 😛

I would also like to thank to THE first PR I interacted with! I doubt she’ll interact with!!! Yes!! You!! Who wasted my time by saying that your client from Taiwan wanted to start a gaming tournament but at the end they only wanted to know the gaming scene in India, but you wanted someone to bring something to the table so that you can persuade them to renew the contract- which BTW failed??? Do I remember that SSD incident? You know where you sent a package with no SSD on it. Its a good thing I opened it in front of your delivery boy. Who knows maybe that didn’t happen and considering that you were in good relations with a lot of people, you probably could have labeled me as a thief. Just saying! Cakes, to the people YO!!!!! This happened waaaaaaaaaayyy before BBQ was even remotely an idea.
Thank you to a particular PR agency that handles 2 of the upper tier case, power supply and amongst many things, though the quality of communication and certain words being used could make otherwise think the opposite way. I am sorry I cannot review the way you want me to review so that your clients will look ‘cute’. FYI, behind the scenes a lot of reviewers don’t like the way you do things so if you think you can run whitewash about journalists being happy with you, oh please!!! Wake up and smell the coffee. There are lot more people I know like Deepa Medhi who is perfect for the job as PR or marketing in the PC component business. Letting go of such people??? Man, are you out of your Vulcan mind??? Do you want people to behave like boggle heads and not behave like a REAL PR???? You’re in the wrong business, at least you shouldn’t be anywhere near the PC Tech community, community or the relevant field. If you become big and important person in the future, I congratulate you in advance. But the series of incident that lead to say all this? Man, you tripping??
And before you go around walking like one of those forum trollz (oh yeah which reminds me? This message is to the guy who trolled toolius in TDF? Yeah… don’t lay eggs!!! He called it unboxing, not a review- you big dumbass!!), I am not insulting PRs. Dont you think of using that trick and try to defend yourself! I am pointing stuff that you did as an individual. Actions like how you do gives a good PR line of work a bad reputation. Don’t let the door hit you on your way out!!!!

I am not mentioning your names? Don’t get me wrong- I would love to!! But there are some people that communicate with you (mostly because they haven’t received a product that’s not up to the mark yet…giving the benefit of the doubt), and I don’t want to be making up a point of view that if someone is getting a sample from particular companies, that means there’s a catch. Yes, you made things look that way. That would be unfair, well, atleast for now.
Thank you to one of the client who seems like a very scary person according to what many reviewers said. I mean- seriously???? The technical part don’t matter??? You send me a case worth Rs. 8,000/- that was designed in 2011, had few hundred bucks difference from a year old successor and didn’t even have a 240mm radiator, but expect flattery language??? You even tried to forced me to do power supply reviews with a ‘different perspective’ and given a reference to the most annoying and worst-excuse-of-a-power-supply!!!!! I should have asked if you wanted fries with that!
I am sorry, but this is coming from a person who worked in tier 1 motherboard, graphics card (And a lot more) as a manager of a reputed position??? Your comment was bad, and you should feel bad. Maybe you should give it a thought before you call me and my friends as ‘Brand Bashers’ and ‘Mischief Mongers’. Unlike you, I still have the courtesy not to name you or your brand. Don’t get me wrong, your brand does make some very good stuff. You can still change your attitude, or else its going to make you look bad as an individual, and that impression will be there irrespective of which company you join in. You’re smart. Annoying bossy and, well, simply very annoying. But you may want to start using all that for being the right and easy going person to interact with.
And this goes to a person who used to be a friend until recently. You see, he went ahead and told one of the contributors to test motherboards with a pre- flashed BIOS without letting me know, most likely knowing that he knew that I am going to refuse it. I hate the fact that this is done by a good friend, and from a person whom this community- irrespective of the community- loved you for it. A very good friend that I learnt a lot from and could have learnt a lot more!! So many years of good and bad times, trust and respect flushed down the drain. You are still a very well respected person around, and I hope this was something that you regret, assuming you start have that older part of you which helped to form a community around you- and beyond. You and me? We’re done! I would appreciate if you stop calling me as paranoid because when people like you do this and not do the right thing, I have to be very cautious whom I interact with. I would also appreciate if you stop calling me as ‘media’. I hope it was worth it! Your actions are good enough to make our small community become even smaller. Wait, isn’t that what you’re planning to do? Oh I am sorry, I am the paranoid one, yeah!! Good show!! Now you can go around, wear skivvies and badmouth me too. Doesn’t matter.

And to the other person who got a job in the other tier 1 motherboard brand recently? The one who will be posting in forums and blogs? yeah yeah- the one who said who will be the ‘in-house reviewer’ (fun fact: the word ‘in-house reviewer’ is used if you’re a in-house reviewer of a publication/company that is into publication. That company you’ve joined makes motherboards for a living. How about that???) ??? Congrats!!! Do something good for a change! Learn from these guys- and don’t spam on my community boards! You can do that, yeah?? Good!! We’ll get along just fine. Same applies to that other bloke working in a different brand.

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