Awesome video of a ‘reviewer’ ripping off the top panel of 500R and other lulz!!!!

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19/08/2013 by The Sorcerer

ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahaahhahaah!!!!!! Oh, the things some people do with media samples. BTW, this is the same 500R unit that I’ve reviewed. How do I know? The charming looking dents on the side panel and on the lower section of the rear I/O panel, credits to the courier walla and useless Styrofoam blocks that Corsair expects to protect a case worth more than 7-8k.

I know a lot of PRs check out the cake blog now and then. I just want to say: As it is on most counts there’s only 1 media sample unit that company keeps unless its a defect, and that goes through god knows how many hands and at times they stay instact/bearly used and at times they’re in a miserable condition. But if you plan to give samples to random blokes so that they can make your client’s ‘products’ look good, do note that’s the recipe to do the opposite.

I was actually happy when couple of PRs asked what kind of benchmarks do I run to test one of the PC component that they’ve sent (though I wished they would send it sooner). Very handful, but its a start. Now PRs should concentrate more on ROI, rather than giving samples to people who will make their client look good. People are not idiots. They know an asskisser when they see one. Your company’s rep will get flushed WHETHER or not the product is genuinely good. You’re lot better giving it to one of the ‘mainstream’ India’s #1 tech website or magazine that most pc enthusiasts wouldn’t bother to read unless they’re extremely bored. Isn’t it true that one particular magazine gives away certificates of approval like ‘sing channa’ as long as they get ad campaigns from them?Take cons as a feedback. If you or your clients don’t agree, a reasonable and logical backing should be provided with it. Name-throwing doesn’t help at all. It makes it worse. Few months ago the PR agency who handles Tier 1 PC case manufacturers (and who happen to make a lot more than that) said that Jayesh Limaye (yeah, I hope Jayesh is reading this. We never really ‘talked’ but if he wants to know more, I’ll be happy to say whatever is needed) made some changes in a flash drive review after publication. I am not really sure what they meant by that, but if that gentlemen whom I had respect for until the chain of events when their ‘real’ PR left his agency implied that everyone compromises, good luck with that.

Enjoy the destruction of Corsair 500R. I hope that ‘gentlemen’ who feels pride in badmouthing some people and Hardware BBQ that they’re ‘mischief mongers’ and ‘brand bashers’ to their clients send Corsair 900D for its untimely destruction as well! XD. Maybe they’ll include the method of throwing it from the top terrace? You know- to know if the case has solid built quality or not!

Respects to skyige…. or however its pronounced. He gave us a very informational video! Which one of you guys want to send stuff to him? I dare you!!! I double dare you!!! I triple dare you!!!


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