Atleast 2 Indian based tech forums are using this

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14/07/2013 by The Sorcerer

I know atleast 2 Indian based PC tech forum are using this and something equivalent to it:

Instadigi is an automated forum discussion generator script that allows a user to instantly populate a forum with discussion topics, simplifying the process of starting a new community website!

Content is fully user-driven, and intelligently syndicated from various sources all over the web. All a user simply has to do is specify the topic keywords and everything else is generated automatically and instantly!

You can check out the demo:

It works for other forum softwares too…except I don’t think xenforo is listed..

It should be noted that one of these guys did a contest giveaway on behalf of a company desperately looking for exposure (nothing wrong with it, but the way they want it to be done is seriously unethical and just plain wrong). Reality is that they kept those giveaways with themselves. Why didn’t I say? Why didn’t you ask? Wait- even if you did ask I wouldn’t say because you will automatically assume that I am ranting against them because ‘the review samples will go to a competitor‘ (on the contrary, I will be more than happy if you did that or else how will I get my form of personal entertainment?), therefore you will not believe me so there’s no point in saying it in the first place.

PRs need to realize 2 things: At some point the usual suspects/Mischief mongers will be there regularly spamming in the well known/”India’s #1″ tech site unless they troll people out- like a particular group of crappy people from ‘there’. If they do and at some point what they post on the forums about your product and its not in your favour makes you tensed, that’s the real community. The one which doesn’t, and where most of them don’t have an avatar and having proper spelling and grammar, sentence construction, etc. are the one you be cautious before dealing it.

Think about it, do you honestly believe that a forum owner bragging of having 1,000+ active users originating from U.S. and India will not have any familiar hacks helping/ranting/spamming on the forums????

Couple of PRs in the past asked me about these 2 forums and I said no comment, but seeing that the number of people who have been asking me about these guys and even their contact details have slowly increased, I thought of putting this up so that everyone will be aware and watch out for some things. FYI, I knew about this for a very long time. How long? Since pre-BBQ. One of these 2 guys is now posing around as a ‘media’ guy. Its your choice to fall for it to fulfill your PR responsibilities. Reality is you are shooting yourself in the foot, and painting forums in the bad light by mixing with the wrong people…err…bots. You can call them for press conference for the lulz, fill up the seats at the back and finishing the buffet if you want to get your money’s worth :P.

Why don’t I name these forums in public or in private? Now, why would I make your jobs THAT easy! Besides, I need to get some kick out of this by putting some folks in the state of panic along with the reason stated on top.

What can you do now about it? Nothing Let’s learn from our mistakes and move on! Look on the bright side, at the very least I’ve given a rough clue on certain things you need to watch out for…

Which forum are we talking about? My fellow mischief mongers know- and the best part is that I nor others need to point it out or talk about it.

But forum contributors need to keep an eye on these forums on a weekly basis to make sure their hard work is not ripped off. My 2 cents would be avoid hosting content on non-self hosted/free hosted services like blogger or WP. You’re lot better hosting with shared hosting at first. But mind you, not a fool-proof plan but it should help out in some way. If you do catch them, just report them to Google, DMCA and their hosting company instead. Just google out how to do that, and you should get the hosting details from whois, but both of these jokers have their names, address and contact numbers listed in whois so you can do your thing if you want to, but hurting them with DMCA complaints is the best way.

All this crap makes that particular person from Amritsar look like a saint, huh? Oh yeah!! Atleast he’s human so there’s a faint possibility of straightening him out, no matter how futile it was so far. This is for real. The cake, however, is a lie!


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