To all the PR folks, forum people, readers and even reviewers.


05/03/2013 by The Sorcerer

A PR asked me today that a particular forum member pinged him saying that “he will give their product maximum exposure in some of the top Indian tech forums among enthusiasts” while referring to techenclave specifically and asked for my opinion about him as the forum member hinted that he wanted to keep the media sample that would be sent to him. This is not the first time and I get updates about THAT guy on a very regular basis for about a month atleast, although this is the first time I’ve heard that some1 made a ‘sales pitch’ using a forum name.

as a man of my word, i will not mention the brand name or the questioned reviewer- well…. not yet!!

We shall refer to him as “He who shall not be named”. some of us know who he is, we’ll keep it to ourselves. I as usual have hope that assuming that people reads this will stop what he’s doing. Then again, I cannot make horse out of donkeys!! (but I can point them out if I am being tempted/provoked/put in a position to!).

My opinion? It went like this: If you and your client firmly believe that you product is crap and want to have such people to promote your products then why ask me? You know your client better than I do! If you think that I am going to do like this? Dream on!! I rather be blacklisted than to sell my reader’s trusts. Unlike some who are beggars for media samples, there are some who do the right thing! :). But if you feel that there is some product that you want to have product exposure in a namesake forum, give! Usko aish karne do!! Woh bhi kya yaad rakega ki WOH company se usko freebie mila hai! :P. But ha! If the guy’s name is mentioned in public by me or someone else (apparently, some members/non-reviewers hate him- and some hate him a lot that if they have the information that I do at hand, they would have published it in all the forums he posted)and if people say that the companies that gave these services for cannot be trusted, then a lot of people will have tough time believing in your product, even if its true.

Some forum review content from a certain type of people cannot be trusted now. I urge those people who are still honest to have more relevant and real world testing methodology.That is more than enough to show who is writing honest review and who is not. , whereas readers should check multiple sources- big, small- all of above!

If any of the of techenclave moderators and admins are reading this, last time i remember you guys shooed me because (according to Renegade) I caused SEO issues by posting reviews everywhere back then. What about your new mascot??? hmm??? :P. Besides, i wouldn’t be surprised that an honest reviewer may have second thoughts to post on a forum where its well known to PRs that they have a sample in that forum where they will get ‘favourable reviews’. This is where a reputation of a contributors holds far more value.

Someone here asked me to produce proof to techenclave mod so that they can take ‘appropriate actions’. I say why should I help them especially knowing the fact that this is the respect I got from contributing reviews on a regular basis. Afterall, I am bad for SEO, no? *sarcasm*


2 thoughts on “To all the PR folks, forum people, readers and even reviewers.

  1. Anonymous says:

    The problem with an article like this is, anonymous readers (like me) who visit your blog occasionally don’t have the smallest idea on what or whom you are writing about. Of course, not everyone visits the techenclave forum (I have not even heard of it before).

    So, the impact that such an article could have is very minimum. Writing anonymously is fine, but try to make your message understandable to everyone reading it. At the minimum, you should let the mod and the person against whom you have written about this, know it. You can send the link to them anonymously as well.


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