To forum contributors: Stay away from those who call you a thief- Yes SVG Tech. I read THAT post!


14/11/2012 by The Sorcerer

Images speak louder than words. So here’s mine:

I observed it day before yesterday to see if he was doing anything new. Well, it wasn’t new but judging by the image above, that is not cool. Ofcourse I asked Toolius and knowing him (and YOU people knowing him) obviously know that SVG Tech is pulling a hippo’s tail (FYI, Toolius is anything but a hippo- its a figure of speech– figure out which figure of speech I am using by yourselves) so I showed him this. He didn’t show he was angry- maybe more like shocked. Rightly so: He posted a response suited for people who have said that.

For those who don’t know, toolius did post the water cooling kit reviews that SVG Tech had- and SVG Tech did use some of those graphs to pitch his coolers on the forums IINM. I am sort of surprised no1 saw this message hanging around since… november.

What Toolius said was “Please let me know where i can send the coolers back. I had told you in our conversations a few months back that i was really busy and that it would not be possible to do the reviews for your air coolers. Just to clarify i did do your water cooling.”

Seriously? Calling Toolius as a thief? I was under the impression that you actually made these are 100% Indian made watercooling kits, and not certain OEM components from Asetek till the point they decided not to sell their stuff to you for whatever reasons- it doesn’t matter and where did the rest of the parts came from??? China?? Or am I wrong??? And did anyone ask this question on the forums?

So- here’s the thing to those people who are sending stuff. Contributors have their life and they don’t do this for a living. When they say don’t send stuff. It means don’t send stuff. Respect it. If you really really REALLY want to send stuff to someone? We have promoters who call themselves as reviewers and willing to post around like a drunken talking parrot being boned by a bison (Don’t imagine it- you’ve been warned). We have few of those youtube people as well who say colourful stuff even about a plain piece of rock (not that they have done it- atleast to my knowledge- but they can…right?).

This is to some of those company people- while I am in the topic-unrelated to SVG Tech- when you’re giving somone something as a gift. Its a gift, not something to review it and post it on forums. Just letting you know. If I said something wrong, imagine that I haven’t said it at all….AT ALL.

On the bright side, now that I posted this- most likely some parrots will be in touch with you. See what I did here? In a way- I hooked you up! I am bad at keeping secrets but we’ll keep it between us. You, me and the people who read it and the people who came to know about this from the people who read it.

In the meanwhile, when someone says he’s busy- it means no. And no name-calling. Unless its hilariously funny. But I don’t like people who say something on a phone and say something else to people in private and in public.

BTW, You should listen and get a job as suggested if you plan to do this garbage.


2 thoughts on “To forum contributors: Stay away from those who call you a thief- Yes SVG Tech. I read THAT post!

  1. shankar55 says:

    wow. i did talk about svg tech to some people saying that 100% made in india product but then he said that a part of it is made by asetek and a moderator from te told me that the rest are sourced from chinese makers. now he is calling others thief? shame! but what to do even datawind said they will introduce a made in india product but eventually they have to buy a readymade preassembled unit with their label on it. u cant trust anything which uses the word india on it because ppl r more keen on using the country’s name to fool their own ppl.

  2. Karan says:

    Apparently this is a case of “ulta chor kotwal ko dante” 😉

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