Never trust a media owned forum (well- atleast Indian as far as experience is)- and here’s why…

26/09/2012 by The Sorcerer

I am posting here because Digit forums nicely turned off the option to create a thread in feedback section and created one small thread over there, easy enough for fellow peers in the forums to ignore. I don’t like it. Many wouldn’t either.

I am getting a good vibe that forum in some fashion will be commercialized for sometime.

I am not saying its a bad thing- it has benefits and usually its mutual, but there are certain limits to it. Just like how advertisement revenue shouldn’t influence reviews, reps shouldn’t go around and spam in threads where people asking for advices.

Whatever you do, they should never butt in the middle of discussion. If you feel that there’s something wrong with what one person is saying- send him a personal message and ask him. If his reasoning justifies it, let him be- take the feedback and improve YOUR product. If not, discuss it with moderators and admins that he is falsely highlighting your brand in the wrong way. I am sure admins and/or mods will judge the situation accordingly.I am sure company reps will also understand this- afterall they’re also consumers at the end of the day.


I’ve observed these guys: herehere and here.

And these spammers seem to have received these tags as “L.G. experts” so its obvious digit’s management has something to do with this. Raabo, we never really had a direct talk- but what’s up with this??

Why are they posting in threads where people are asking advices in general? If a separate marketing rep section was made and if their posting privileges is restricted to that section itself, I wouldn’t have minded. But this?????

Are they going to butt in everytime someone posts- and/or if someone points out the cons so that these people will bring their marketing B.S. spam? such as this:

We as contributors are sacrificing our leisure time to help our peers on the forums with the best of the knowledge that we have irrespective of the forum we are in and I am sure many regulars will agree that they will not like to see reps posting around and recommending their stuff, turning everything into a spammy forum, alienating people?? If this is going to be a trend and Digit management allowing it, then I am afraid that contributors should save their time and energy, move to a forum which won’t resort to such tactics. Forums should always be respected as forums- something run by peers for peers of peers. Don’t like the way it should be done? Brace yourself because this is how a forum begins to corrode by loosing their old regulars.

Forums- even if run by a media entity- should not be commercialized in such manner- or else why run it? What guarantee is that the person who has highlighted the cons of a particular L.G. product won’t be harassed by series of PM spam because he doesn’t believe your hocus pocus? What guarantee is that you won’t be banned because you’re talking against the product where your forum is getting the money from (well- duh!!!). You know it goes- why would anyone bite the hand that feeds them??

What makes me think its commercialised? Do you honestly believe that these guys got license to spam around without giving something to Digit? Are you so thick???

Tech2 forum’s admin (yeah… it has some lifeforms around) and moderators are not very happy about these L.G. 3D spammers- and to be honest, I wouldn’t be surprised if they are the same set of samples in digit forums- except in digit they get a title bling and therefore license to sperm around like a ROFLCOPTER. Then again, if tech2 had the same level of activity as digit I wouldn’t be surprised if they did the same. Money talks!! That’s why- help people- irrespective of the forum brand name. The hell with it.

Its obvious that Digit is getting something out of this and its good for them- or else these reps would have been banned a long time ago without a second thought. But you have to realize one thing- and it can apply to anyone with such colourful sticker.

But.. the hell with Digit and their thingy. Their management and activities is irrelevant with the forums unless it affects the way forum is run.

This is about people’s reactions since I feel that it will affect the way forum is will be run. How many of you will like this? How many of you moderators like this?? If the people in digit forums do not like this, its about time you people have a heart to heart conversation with Raabo. Today- there’s 1… atleast to my knowledge. Tomorrow- multiple. The least that can be done is have a rep section and restrict their activities only in that section? Is that a lot to ask??? I doubt this is going to happen. But I have a ray of hope. If it doesn’t- there are many forums out there- including international ones- where your contribution and your time will be respected by fellow peers.


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