Using forum contributions for PR and advertisement opportunities… eh….


14/07/2012 by The Sorcerer

So here’s the thing. There’s couple of tech website/magazine/sort of both who are doing this thing in their forums.

#1 One is having is putting this particular make-shift A-Team where they will get access to the company’s workplace+  resources and get opportunities to go to press releases for free (and one of those cheesy bragging rights where they call you one of the India’s elite techies). In exchange? Content! What else?

#2 Second is that they put the best reviews done by members in the forum (reviews…user reviews…reviews…user reviews…depends i guess whom they pick up) and they’ll put it on the main site.

some people ask me this so here it goes:
#1. I know most people want “India’s first…”, “India’s best…”, “India’s elite….” bragging rights. Including “techies”. I am not saying its a bad thing, but a lot of people overdo it big time. They’ll most probably go for the first one because they will be “recognized” as one by “a techie website/magazine”. Its not that bad for some people…. unless they’re used as a billboard or for publicity- not many would like that. I was being told by a good friend that i should go for it. this way i get to see how they do things. I probably would if I could but I don’t want to because.. well its pointless. besides, i remember when i was in one of the offices back when i was 18 and when they were testing something, they didn’t really like when I said those benchmarks are actually synthetic benchmarks- I guess that’s why they didn’t hire me- and that’s good or else I would probably written stuff like them.

#2. ehhh…. “best reviews”. okay- here’s the thing. I know someone is getting a free gift out of it and stuff in exchange for participating it. I wouldn’t really like it to be a review- like how one of the guys from “that” site said it during a meeting in an office at what I call Mordor . Other than that, I prefer it over #1. Maybe a writeup no less than 200- 400 word like “what is your best gadget you’ve written” or “favourite game you’ve played”? Its not that bad other than that. Well, its better than being used as a billboard. I know a lot of people will try to push their half-right points just because they have more rep counts on the forums- so if we have such idiots around, having morons bragging with this sticker is catastrophic- as catastrophic as someone with a B Tech degree in electric engineering (or something like that) and working for a hardware company doesn’t know that a power supply converts AC-into-DC.

I never really knew going to press meets is an opportunity. Going to another country and being with the guys to cover an expo or getting an exclusive look at something? That’s awesome. A lot of people ask me if I know any tech bloggers (more specifically- who are into PC Hardware) like me. Problem is there aren’t any that I know of in Mumbai- except those who do the usual press release thing and generating silly rumour mills- and who aren’t in Mumbai. I wouldn’t mind recommending them otherwise- except the sexually frustrated moron types or those whom I get a vibe will become more arrogant  than me. The same friend says that I need to stop helping people and forums, try to use the fact that there aren’t many pc hardware review sites out there.. other than who does PCMark vantage test, put it in a graph and don’t call it pcmark vantage.

BTW, if any of the reviewers from the publications are reading this- a year ago I got a external hard drive after you guys ‘tested’ it, in one there were PCMark vantage and 3DMark vantage with crack files on it- which is strange because I thought you guys being mainstream and all have a license and since one of you guys said that you get motherboards and graphic cards to keep and in some cases you do get 3DM license for about a year in some cards but…- and second it had a bunch of disturbing collection of porn. But that’s fine. I deleted it. But thanks to YOU I won’t look at sticks and ropes the same way I used to before after accidentally opening the porn video renamed to something else… your secret is safe with me.

I am saying ‘tested’ now because when I get an SSD after being reviewed by one of you guys with the power on count hours being 37 hours and total host write was nothing more than 8GB, which probably means most likely you were running the SSD as a secondary drive and you just done nothing more than PCMark vantage and maybe transferring few files for a lol because when I do benchmark alone by running the drive as a primary drive- I hit 500GB as total host write- and then with stress testing hits atleast 8TB of total host writes-just saying- because when I found that there is a degrade in performance and when I said that to the people from the company- usually one of the guys from Taiwan, they referred to you guys (if you’re wondering how I know you tested the same drive? Same serial number on the product) and I had to say that all they did was do 1-2 transfer speed and that’s it so its not right to compare their makeshift review with mine. And also, there’s this another guy who did nothing more than CDI and AS SSD and gave it 8 out 10, but as soon as I ran anvil benchmark, I found a write error and it can be clearly seen as soon as you install windows on it. But since I made this stand out with one of the PRs they send the stuff to me before sending it first. Apparently, someone from that same company in India didn’t like when I used the word “makeshift”.

But here’s a thing- and here’s the fact. I know a lot of PR guys and girls because they’re the first point of contact almost all the time and the best part in most of them is that when they know what they should say, they say it- and they don’t really mind if we talk about something and I get carried away. If they don’t know what to say, they will say I’ll get back to you and they do get back to you- which is nice. I am happy that atleast in B2C Computer hardware related PR has such people in India- and we need more. Correction- I need more. You guys should snatch those PR contracts that handle chipsets and processors. That will REALLY make my day. I’ll even join your PR agency’s facebook page… unless you decide to put shahrukh khan’s face on a stock graphic card and call it signature edition- that’s not cool. some stores didn’t stock cards of those models from other brands (Asus and MSI- there.. i said it) so that the signature edition can sell. because apparently certain agencies who mostly handle flashy product PRs with movie stars and all have a transparent barrier that they want stories and stuff in magazines, even if its factual incorrect they dont care as long as “it looks nice”. That…is not cool. Atleast with tech.

Even if you ask them a question about a stuff from their client and they reply back, there have been a time when the reply wasn’t accurate. I know because when I asked the global PR via facebook chat to re-clarify, they said first that its factually wrong and misleading- and wanted the copy of the email… which I did send it to him.

That particular agency and PR guy(s) and girls know whom I am referring to.

I remember when I said to someone who used to be an editor of a site which used to do reviews for PC Hardware for a long time that I’ll be sticking to PC Hardware reviews mostly and he gave me a blank look- as if there’s no scope. But that’s wrong. The only reason its not as serious as how it should be is because- no1 wants to do it and those who are doing it need to do it properly AND if they can’t they should step aside… but then again…

BTW, Balanarayan NT is back. He’s in Bangalore… doing his thing. He should get gamebashing back. That’ll be nice.


3 thoughts on “Using forum contributions for PR and advertisement opportunities… eh….

  1. syed2k says:

    lol its a good thing techtree have stopped their sad excuse of doing reviews. they were caught plagiarising a lot of articles in the name of reviews. tech2 needs to either hire people who know they are saying and not just because they had someone working for another publisher or a sister company like how tuliani shifted from chip to tech2.

  2. Forget the cake, concentrate on the content. says:

    For someone who claims to be better at reviewing than most premier tech mags/blogs, you sure need a lot of work on your vocabulary, sentence-formation, punctuation etc. Thanks to the internet, you may have found a textbook approach to various testing methodologies but that doesn’t make you competent enough to actually write about any of that. The problem is that you try to hard to spread hatred about any and everyone who is not you and that’s the reason why you are not welcome at any of the tech sites. Change your attitude and I am sure it will bring a positive change to your writing.

    • The Sorcerer says:

      what premier tech mags/blogs you’re talking about? if you’re referring to certain morons who made things worse in being around for more than a decade- well meh!!! Serves them right. I am being arrogant? Hell yeah! I am not denying I have lot more to do. Simply point out that they, despite being in this line of work for so many years, they’re no different from a used car salesman. they all can join hands and troll behind me or make silly comments, draw doodles or even talk garbage about me to other PRs. Don’t care! I have readers, loyal readers. its increasing. activity is increasing. they say something provided it makes sense- its good enough. otherwise its a lul.

      there was a time when someone from a print magazine said that forums eventually die out and people will realize that contributors are nothing infront of professional (err….professional)- its ironic- their print magazine is shutting down and some of their team will be merged with an online counterpart within the company. you’ll know which one in few months. I’ve kept it to myself but now since few marketing managers and PRs from multiple places told me, its gonna happen pretty soon.

      i am not the only one who will say it. they can bring all that numbers about subscribers all they want, despite having multiple writers, sub editors, assistant editors and editors- a lot of them still suck.

      I am not saying they all suck. There are some people in those publications who really know what they’re saying- but unfortunately the publication they work in are pretty good in compressed content and sacrifice almost all quality so that they can have space to put a flashy ad.

      i really feel bad for such people and i hope they shift to a publication that lets them write what they think honestly and not being an obstacle by saying “oh but they’re our advertisers, we must not use such words”, etc. ending up with a whitewash content. Some of such people get jobs in companies that they write for, in respectable positions. That’s good. this way they’ll work hard in making their product better. And there are people. they’re also some good people in the wrong crowd. I hope, like some people, they get what kind of people they’re in and decide to be independent.

      what forums you’re talking about? a lot of people have left the same way I left (except they didn’t make a scene, but I chose to do to return the favour and so that others will not repeat the same). I am still in couple of forums. moderators and admins don’t butt-in. they never did. there’s this admin in digit. he’s a pretty good and mature guy for his age and he is maintaining digit forums so far. some of those politicians can learn a thing or 2 from them.

      arrogance grows when a site grows. i am not saying its a wrong thing. its good. its very good. why would you not be arrogant? but if one is using it to be a pain in the neck then he or she deserves the same treatment tenfolded. i think about people when i used to contribute in forums. some didn’t like because posting in multiple forums affects their SEO- and they did say it. i think an impression was made that they wanted “exclusive” content- which I am not going to do. others do it? that’s great. i hope they don’t regret it, because if they do that’s their fault. I dont regret putting in forums because i did it for the readers and because of the readers i am growing and because of those readers i am being honest as possible even with the limited resources at hand, because that’s where i’ve learnt and i made handful of good friends and because of some of those good friends, I started Hardware BBQ. That’s the fact I am proud of- and I will never ever will stop mentioning it ever. Now I want to know EVERYTHING they know so that I can use THAT to go ahead. you think that’s hatred??? Go ahead, have cakes!!!

      Why should i change myself? its not affecting anyone unless its the people who ought to be affected. I am way more happy this way.

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