DTDC likes complaints….they really Do…


11/04/2012 by The Sorcerer

yeaaaah well….pictures  are worth thousand words and since DTDC is planning to close down their FB page since they can’t handle the awesomeness of social networking, here’s this post to enjoy and lol at the good times:

But why are they closing it down? I thought DTDC was having fun in letting their employees steal from packaging and then liking people’s complaints. Why dude, why?? Why provide the lulz and leave???

Oh well- Your hardwork will not be left in vain. So…. here’s to you!! Thanks for the lulz and thanks for stealing people’s stuff so that you can like them and hence one fine day whooops!!!!! You wonder why your sales graphs is taking a sharp curve downwards!!!

BTW, if anyone wants to get their stuff been stolen, better off leaving it in a place where it can be stolen because THIS service is free!!! 0 out of 5. Not recommended 😛



3 thoughts on “DTDC likes complaints….they really Do…

  1. | Balu | says:

    That’s sad! It’s a case study in social media done wrong.

    • The Sorcerer says:

      Will I get a credit in company’s case studies? But its a win in corporate trolling!!!!

      If they’re reading it: Its The Sorcerer. Don’t forget the capitals and for the love of sanity S-O-R-C-E-R-E-R….not S-O-R-C-E-R-O-R.

  2. Sanjeev chauhan says:

    I have booked a consignment from SHENGDE COMMUNICATION Marve road Malad(w) Mum-95 on date 15/10/2012 bill no N93876927. parcel is not deliverd till date and no response from the company. and I am not getting any satisfactory response from the franchisee about my consignment, thier franchisee is Bhavesh gaud his no is 9930901039 he is not giving any response. pls help me

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