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07/04/2012 by The Sorcerer

YEAH YEAH YEAH, Keep your shorts on (they know whom I am referring to).

Now I know that you know that IGC is now a flop. To a lot of people, its nothing more than CWG scam in the Indian gaming scene. To me, this is the best troll attempt over gamers ever!!!!

But before we do that, lets check out Prime ABGB’s deal of the day:

Yup!!! I can see people rushing in for this, the crowd count who wants to buy this card is more than an infamous incident of flipkart selling 16gigs 1600MHz for Rs. 1,650/-.

I am not going to narrate about the issue because to be honest: I don’t from where it starts from and where it ends, although I am sure someone who is more involved in it will have a writeup in it. What I am putting is slightly different.

Enjoy the video and the comments in the youtube page!!!

maxaXe!!! Also his real name is Mukesh Maurya and also now unofficially known as “let me be honest” speech maker. One of the D00DH behind the super dooper flop and internationally embarassing WTF event called….Indian gaming carnival. I used to seem him around techtree’s forum at the time when Dan Sippy was caught plagiarising the Creative EP-630 review (Oh yeah btw!!! He and I worked together in the same office and same time- and when I asked him he calmly said no- but no…it IS him!!!! Naughty boy!!!!!!) roughly about a decade ago (or was it late 90s?). Some say he worked with/in/for/by SMC International. If its true or not, I don’t know. But a lot of people have said it and know about and there are those who even heard about it!! That’s a little bit irrelevant. What’s relevant?

Remember this incident? I talked about the same guy and same guy posted on the comment section below. Same style of speech. This is one of the guys who hosted the event. Others are completely unknown types….except in the recently made awesome memes– credit to the creator!!!

Back then he did the so-called AMD meet- a meet that even AMD’s PR/marketing team didn’t know till the point that I asked- he posted on multiple forums that it was multi city AMD meet. Even a facebook page was opened with AMD’s name- which AMD India didn’t even know about. Then they found that the so-called power user meet was hosted by SMC. If you read the comments, he basically gave epic speeches and pure B.S.

Back then, some blokes (the usual suspects, others had no choice but to follow their lead to be protected from mob trolling from the same guys) supported him. They removed all my reputation points in my profile ID on their forums (lol) and kept a negative red. Cool story, bro!! They trolled over Rakesh Sharma in that competition that they clearly were not able to handle. For the guy.

Now its the opposite. They not only removed maxaxe from staff list but also ranting against him.While what they said and found out about WTF eventz was pretty much spot on- they’ll only do this if it damages their reputation or if its not useful for them.Why it happened? because there’s a lulz around stating that they have teamed up with “other event management” guys to defame them (arey what is wrong with wtf uncles…they defamed themselves before even starting the event and haven’t left anything to the experts to defame on).

In a way its good, my point is proven. It could have been worse if you think about it (although I doubt it, they have a level of understanding with the other event guys…not in a bad or stupid way….the usual mutual association thingy).

Dude, you never learnt anything from that “AMD Multi-city Power User Meet” incident, haven’t you??

If you ask me, this is some fancy way to promote a land for event management…and this guy called honey singh. When I asked some Delhi people from there who is honey singh- they said “You don’t know Honey Singh??? Which world are you from?”. I was not the only 1, 3 more people got the same reaction. DAFUQ!!!!????? Apparently he’s MOAR known has yoyohonkey singh…whoops…honey singh. and he has 125k likes!!!! WOW!!!! I am impressed!!! I want to know his SEO expert now.

And the rest of you forum uncles: Lets be honest you started the forums because you liked the way techenclave grew (by the members and contributor’s hardwork- I hope renegade uncle is reading this so if he’s being proud he’s being proud at contributor’s expense, so keep your pants on…same to you too eddy man!!). It work….to a certain point. and Erodov still runs. Good, that’s pretty good…although you leeched members from other forums and spread FUD (then again TE blokes did similar when TE was new- not a big deal, simply point it out….but they didn’t spread FUD…not to my knowledge). Smarten up!! Make sure you guys know what kind of people you have in your team- or else they’ll drag down with you. You can flash that Delhi belly attitude if you want to, BUT I hope you see where I am taking this!! Please get the facts right before letting your blood boil.

Oh techenclave uncles, there are few people like this in your thing as well.

To PRs: Don’t fall for reputation, don’t fall for hype. Okay, only people who did sponsorship was BenQ and….Red bull (okay then again red bull is everwhere so we’ll ignore it for a minute). I know a lot of you people are looking ways to promote pc hardware and its not easy. I know. But before being tempted to go ahead and sponsor a gaming event. Check the facts, check who the people are and how many events they have done under the same event management company’s name- rest you can figure it out. Because I am seeing some people telling me “Oh if Asus did a power user meet and put a press release ahead, why not us?” ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME??? Who the hell reads channel partner media? Do you know what’s done in power user meet and what people do in it? If you’re doing it for PR stunt, get some idiots from the college, do some posing and post pictures. They are very few but very intelligent people who know what they’re doing and for all that’s worth- I really hope the contract with their client stays with them. You know whom I am referring to so….

To gamers: U jelly, bros???? Akal ke dushman!! Kuch tho dekh!!!! An event management company that you never even heard of run by group of guys you never even heard of bragging about crores of rupees and shit and lot of money as prize money. The company was literally born yesterday (feb 2012)- and you spend money on flights+ stay+ food+ travelling (apparently some had to shell out as high as 1.5k for 5 manned team because the event was kept somewhere in the middle of nowhere). Even some of your parents came to accompany you- like that kid’s parents who came all the way from bangalore via flight. During this time: People have their final exams and board exams- and maybe project submissions. Still you went for this? Some people even said they have exams next week. Wah!!!! Now you will be discouraged, your parents will say that all this is made to ruin your lives and all that speech and then you will be discouraged to game- the end. You guys are educated and shit and you have travelled around to play in tournaments- how can you not see this through???

And 1 question: Why did Ben of Clan ATE decide to become brand ambassador for IGC? What proof did he see that he got convinced that this is a legit tournament??? You need to speak out dude, for everyone’s good and for your own honour. Shit happens, but you need to speak out and make sure this is left behind as soon as possible to get a closure. That’s my opinion, but its your call.

BTW….since I got e-uncles’ attention over here, concentrate on this now!!

I just saw this message yesturday early morning only because of the fact that I got constant sms about IGC event. This guy is blacklisted in TE for a while now. I told this guy who is just recently in my FB thing and he was going to deal with this dude today in erodov forum- yes, your forums. So check with Kishon razor….that is if you care about your members. Don’t forget, we had people who got a forged a bill with a new date and store (from a genuine store) to sell their much older h/w at lesser loss. Some buyers don’t even realize it rather they are happy that they got a cheap deal. So…you’re been warned. Think more about the welfare of your members rather than being media blokes and claiming that you’ve taken the pics- rather it was from Moscow 5’s mini gallery in their home page.

Awesome!! I get source updates on my phone!!! Don’t thank me, thanks to the guy who messaged me. Its people like them to keep the community healthy.


5 thoughts on “E, IGC, maxaXe, cosplay fail aunties, series of memes, round the clock updates and whoopsy doo+ International embarassment= wtf eventz!!!

  1. | Balu | says:

    Well said, the sad part is nobody raised these questions before the tournament. Or did they?
    The memgenerator was hilarious and I think this whole event is a lesson on over selling. Tournament organisers need to start underselling and should surprise gamers instead of building castles in the sky and dashing their hopes like this.

    • The Sorcerer says:

      Elroy Pinto and such guys raised doubts. Gameministry posted a picture of the window notice but guard blocked it. Majority of pro international gamers raised suspicious and valid doubts. When people question IGC in FB they defended themselves.

      Same shit like Commonwealth games, but with different players.

  2. Santuna says:

    Very nice eye opening post.

    But have a look here –


    and read posts from here :


    Don’t you think it’s getting too personal ?

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