Courier issues…. and handling items before dispatching for collection.


30/03/2012 by The Sorcerer

So some people have started asking who is the most reliable courier service?

Yeah right!!!! Cool story, bro!

Recently couple of people I know (and we talk casually and they given me a strawberry cake- shame on the rest of you 😛 ) have lost 2 brand new sealed mouses and keyboards to send it to a media house. They’re worth about 4k-6k for the mouses and 5k for the keyboards. The package wasn’t insured or whatever.

But here’s the thing. The products were under-valued. Rs. 2,000/- combined. I am not sure what its labelled as- and wouldn’t really speculate on that since when I get the stuff from them in the past, the actual stuff is declared (well it doesn’t say which model but hey! if its a keyboard, say its a keyboard and mention the value) so that’s not the problem. But undervaluing a product gives a license to courier guys to steal stuff?

An interest thing happened in one of the forum where ipad 2 was stolen from the package. As far as what I read before, he managed to get it back saying that he enabled GPS on that device and his cellphone (iphone?) can detect where his stuff his and that said it was in the office (maybe he said he’ll call the police- not sure…. but basically it was his cellphone’s GPS and it tracked the phone’s current location :P). He said he’ll find it out and let him know- and he got it back!!!!

Ofcourse not everyone is lucky. That bluff worked this time. If he wanted to and if he knew the stuff wasn’t in the office, he could have said go call the police or shooed them away (not sure what else he would do). I am not sure of the entire scenario and how it worked but basically: Someone shipped an asus transformer and it didn’t reach the person. Sender the dealer and receiver was the buyer. That’s a lot of money. That’s the most worst issue that you can have.

Why not mention courier names? Because its not just 1 courier company is doing it, it all comes down to the people who are working inside. Some of them have even gained some “stealth” skills to remove the stuff without showing the “signs”- or minimizing it to arouse suspicion.

Edit: Courier guys don’t even let you open the package infront of them before signing. There was a time people used to do it and it was all good. Now they do not!!! Suspicion? Why wouldn’t one be? In this day of age and with courier agencies like this, I prefer to open and check the stuff…and verify the contents- infront of HIM.

Does having a tie-up with a courier company help? I don’t really think so.

Someone lost a 2500K ES during shipping roughly about a month ago and the sample was from Taiwan. They have a tie-up with the courier company. Something like that happened once I believe but that was during the transistion between a 3rd party PR and inhouse PR- that’s most likely something else. That’s irrelevant. But what’s relevant is: ITS LOST!!!!

But couple of guys do a pretty good thing. They let their product’s distributor handle the shipment. This is how they do it. The PR guy gets a notification to send a media sample- or wants to send a media sample-> contacts the inhouse marketing guy- and the marketing guy contacts the distributor who has few units that who store extra units that is not meant to be sold. He gets the instructions and the distributor sends the stuff to the person who is supposed to get it.

This is bit slow. It takes about 2 days in active communication. But its effective especially if you have something that’s heavy and expensive- and you’re shipping it to a place where you don’t have a direct reach.

Or you have your own guy who is great at it. No- I am not talking a guy who carries stuff around, but 1 who will not mind staying a bit longer till the stuff inside the package is checked infront of him and packed infront of him before letting it to be collected. This works if you have an office in the same city- and also a good help is hard to come by because they’re usually taken.

Then there are some who come personally. That’s like- ULTIMATE. Because he comes and he just doesn’t only leave the stuff but we do a lot of discussions. With that person I discuss about what can and cannot be implemented in the newer line of products and at the same time- they show stuff that arrive, they talk stuff in general but a lot of things are taken care of over there. So its more like a meeting and they’re just dropping the stuff on the way. Such stuff when happens- I spend about 2-3 hours- but a lot of discussions happen during this time. You tell some things and they tell some things and show more things (and also give cakes) and we have a direct forward discussion (off the record but yeah its good)- although they wonder why is that when we meet in a coffee shop or restaurant for a mini group discussion why don’t I have anything (aaah that’s because you guys call me post lunch :P). Ofcourse not a lot of people can do that because it consumes a lot of their time and effort- and office time. I am not sure if this happens to a lot of people, but yeah it nice people to see people who are directly involved first hand are the ones meeting you, because usually they are the ones who implement or forward suggestions without lag.

And then comes the little things that a lot of people overlook. Screws. Like screws in PC Chassis. Yeah I know the manuals (atleast most of them) say how many screws come and how many don’t, but some screws are..”mismatched”. Like this time when the left side panel with 2 very different thumbscrew: one had a short and matte finish with cross-grooved grip with no pointy at the bottom of the screw and the one below the was glossy with bit thinner threads and with a pointed edge on the bottom of the thread- the one which is used by the case in default. It was with someone else when I got it so I just informed it. They were like “its all cool!!!” but hey, its cool because you informed it. It might be deemed silly by SOME people in general, but to save your ass…or for the heck of being transparent and all that mushy stuff- you say it. Besides, reviewers are supposed to do some stuff that normally people wouldn’t do (not stupid things- like drop testing keyboards and mouse- yush! Someone actually does this!) so that they could find stuff that normal people wouldn’t.

But there are times somethings I get to know after I get it and when I am installing stuff- like a slight dent on the rear I/O section- you cant see the dent unless you feel it with your fingers and/or when mounting your hardware on it.

I need to develop a habit of a checklist now. But I end up wasting paper and besides storing paper is lot less hassle than having it stored on a system….. wow I need a decent notebook now with good keys that does not make me press it one at a time (yeaaaaah…never liked THOSE type of keys).


One thought on “Courier issues…. and handling items before dispatching for collection.

  1. Fulltoo agree, the courier-forced undervaluation and all! 🙂

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