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07/02/2012 by The Sorcerer

Yeah, long time. That’s not important.

This is…
I was watching Tech guru show in CNBC Awaaz. They were putting a system together for I think about 30k with AMD Radeon 6670 with a VIP power supply *rolls eyes*. I am not going to say anything about those guys because there’s no point. Here’s a set of questions to Tech PRs.

#1. Why don’t you ask your media guys if they have a fixed test bench (yes it matters) setup?

#2. Why don’t you ask about their testing methodology, especially when there’s a chance that wrong testing methodology can easily make a good product look bad (and maybe a bad product look good)?

#3. Why not ask about their rating system and on what basis they give an award? (fair question to ask considering a general impression is made that no1 seems to be having a standard testing methodology and I don’t think “I don’t like a desktop therefore….” type guys should evaluate notebooks…i mean come on!!!)

#4. Why not think for a moment: what’s the point in giving media samples to people with a fear that since you don’t know if one has a fixed testing metholody and a standard test bench setup (and worse- to those who put up system with exotic power supplies that will make the user take maybe more than 1 trips to lamington)- they’re gonna trash talk anyways and support someone based on vague/improper testing. Fact.

There’s more questions but I think you get the basic picture. The reason why pc tech is so…..seemingly non existent in a population where a lot of people buy a lot of systems, out of which few (but significant amount- considering there were times i see people walking away with corsair H50 whenever i entered prime few months ago) put up decent systems which are good enough for gaming. The problem is not “how many people we have who are interested in tech?” the problem is “Is the information flow proper and accurate?” because if this crowd matures- and they get convinced of such bullshit, karma pretty much circles around like a bitch that a good product might get psyched out REAL bad and maybe a bad product will look good- which if you see in the long run is bad in both scenarios. I am sure that when the Taiwan PRs read all that crap they ask you a lot of question- a LOT of them. You try to battle it out, because talking to the journos and reviewers (and “reviewers”) is as good as knocking your head against a concrete wall at most parts. Then that impression is made by Taiwan counterparts: boy these (they might use the word Indian, but that’s irrelevant to the nationality so let’s not get senti and get offended) guys don’t know anything at all!

This is bad. For you as a PR, for consumers who feel pissed off that Indian management don’t bother (according to them) to understand the needs of their users and well…for people in the middle too.

Why you as a PR should ask these questions and why am I asking you to do this? Well- being with a lot of people, an impression is made that between journos and PR guys, PR guys are competent and quick on the feet. You’re like one of those types where we can have a proper discussion about stuff- to a certain but better than that crap extent. You should because you take care of your brand and as of now most of you guys take care of tier 1 products (And also tier 2 and couple of them dealing with brands that import bulk chinese hardware and etch their indian brands name on it- and don’t bother to deny) and if one doesn’t have a fixed testing methodology  and test bench so that comparison will be accurate enough- your product will (yes- WILL) be shown in the bad light.

MSI!! I don’t know if you are reading this (I believe you did say something like this in the phone once) but this episode in CNBC awaaz, your gaming notebooks was banged and embarrassed by a bunch of people who make flash games for mobile phones for a living. I am not saying that they aren’t into pc gaming, but deeming them gaming gods and having people nod their heads off like a boggleheads drunks- comeon!!

What was tech guru even thinking getting THOSE guys? No bother- atleast I wont! What were the guys saying- “ooh its too heavy its not even like a laptop” and shit- yeah well- gaming notebooks are in the same league as desktop replacements- THEY ARE DESKTOP REPLACEMENTS. Some other guy said he rather buy a Tata nano and a psp. Yeah- cool story, bro!!!

And the other guy. 25k-30k worth system? 6670 with a vip power supply? Dude!!! That’s just wrong- and you know it (well… the title did say you are an assistance editor so….). Looks like the entire episode was made to bash gaming notebooks in general. Its bad. They just got some case (from circle) and put it together and he said proudly “Look!!!! I even saved 4K!!!!” YAY!!!! *sarcasm*

It might look I am making fun of them (well..not entirely.. I dont take any fun in this…. and I am a bad liar) but we need to look beyond it. This is going to hit us back and this is going to discourage the hardware scene. Your clients sitting overseas will judge the population based on these guys and people will not get the good stuff. Taiwan PRs ask questions about testing methodology too- so its really nothing new. I am not saying to go crazy (I would like to see that happening) on them but ask questions. Make them look. They’re not gonna look and do it propely and since one will have to admit that most of these journos are spoonfed and made fat and spoilt for a long time, you’re the only guys to whip them in shape. Laziness becoming an excuse not to do things properly is dangerous. They can’t do their jobs because they just can’t look because they say that they are packed with work and stuff (guess what dude- so is me- so talk to the hand!!!) and they are SO lazy that you will fortunately or unfortunately take a hot iron rod and ask them series of questions. Let’s be honest: techtree is good as dead, especially since most of them were “asked” to leave long time ago. So will these shows (maybe not magazines and few online sites because they get heavy ad revenues to stay in business and you guys need the mass viewer exposure) they will be extinct- but the impression these guys have will not only stay- but it will grow. They won’t consider India for having technical telephonic conferences (when someone makes a presentation, some idiots laugh their ass off in full glory and make others look bad) they wont consider flying in people for technical seminars and presentations, they won’t even consider to send anything before NDA is lifted, especially by a bunch of people who have a habit of spilling the beans. and its worse.

PRs. ask questions. its good to ask questions. Then you can make a decision: you can either intervene and express doubts about a testing methodology or you can be relaxed that the least that can happen is that a genuine bad product will be deemed as a bad product and it wouldn’t matter because most will pretty much say the same thing- or discontinue.

Feedbacks? Yeah- its good to ask but here’s a question. What the point in reading a review and then asking for feedbacks? The review should reflect the feedback (extracted from criticisms and doubts and all that). Either you haven’t read it and understood- or there’s no feedback- or its covered with rainbow vomit. If there’s no feedback, then unless its a dead horrible product he’s just saying B.S. and he’s not sure but he just said whatever came in his mind because “he is busy to take care of other stuff”. I am not saying that these guys are entirely dumb at the same time, but…some of them will need encouragement for the greater good.

At the same time, you guys need to consider giving few stuff to people who follow proper procedures so that they can use the hardware to test other products. If you’re going to say “its not going to be beneficial for us” well.. its not really gonna work in the long run. Being honest and accurate is expensive.

But if they spew out B.S., you have to wonder- why bother with such people? Food for thought. There’s no point denying that you guys do a lot of feeding to media, especially those TV aunties from Zee business (and if they read it- which I highly doubt- stop trying to mimick American accent)- so it should end to bite you back.  If the criticism is justified you don’t have to worry about because its a genuine criticism and it doesn’t make sense to argue on this or try to convince the reviewer because one realizes “yeah- he’s right”. More of this happening, more people will think- this is for real and more people will bring stuff for the buyers. Everyone goes happy- except maybe you guys because you’re sorta doing the taser work.

Ask questions based on doubts. Why!! A very good and most important question of all.


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