Chopping off the rat’s tail for RMA: Razer’s 2nd year warranty claim turning out sour for people’s taste


19/11/2011 by The Sorcerer

Hey, one thing you should/can give a credit to me to say the least- whether you like me or not (especially YOU!!!) a lot of people do read this shit. I mean- come on!! People who claim/behave they are busy but there have shown “some” indications that they keep a regular eye on my facebook. Its creepy, because unfortunately the people who keep an eye on it are guys. Saurabh always says “Dude, there are way too many guys around here- where the f**k do you see women around??” I mean- yeah. Gender ratio gone for a toss sadly. Parents need to stop exporting girls out of the country before we become an all-guy country. That’s not cool. I guess that’s why a lot of guys want to leave country. The things we do what we best (No…not THAT silly!!)

Nah! This got nothing to with Razer. THIS! This is what you need to check out! Yeah- another warranty rants. But you see, the reason why I create such threads on the forums is that people get this opportunity to put it out for everyone to see and so that I can show it to everyone. Those who read here? Lamers, crybabies, forum guys, the awesomesauce, company suits and 100% backbone support PR guys (almost most of them anyways). It does work- to a small (but not insignificant extent) way. Atleast it creates a spark in people’s mind to do the needful. There are some companies that I do bash and I admit, I do get….excited but they see the point I see rather than how I deliver it so its pretty cool. I have respects for everyone, but I never let that stop me to keep my mouth shut.

The thread that I am talking about is this
. To sum it all up Razer wired mouses have 2 years warranty. 1st year is taken care by the Indian distris but the second is taken care by Razer. In the box it says 2 years (the older ones- I atleast I don’t think I’ve seen warranty period being mentioned on razer imperator 2012’s packaging which BTW- is a con in my books). The problem is that buyers are not being told by the dealers about this. Few months ago when I bought a mecha board for myself in Prime ABGB, I’ve asked them about the warranty period in razer’s wired mouses. They said its 2. I’ve told them NO! Distris take care of it for 1 year only. Ashok had to make few calls- and that’s when Prime came to find out. If a store like Prime ABGB does not know about it, imagine other stores!!! And if dealers do not know, how will the buyers know???

What I really do not like is that if someone pays 2-6k for a mouse for gaming knowing that he has 2 years of warranty period but when he claims RMA on second year, he comes to know the hard part. He then has to email Razer and then Razer sends instructions to do the needful. Bottle did the same but he had to RMA his Deathadder twice. The problem is a lot of time gets wasted. Even bigger (as he indicated) that he was charged by customs to cough up Rs. 600.

I’ve asked one of the Razer Singapore guys about the warranty thing, bit before I came to know who handles Razer India (No! I knew about it before- it skipped my mind or something- sorry about that). When I asked them and they asked guys from their end, the reply came was as funny as a particular distri telling taiwan based memory manufacturer that we do not require anything more than 1600MHz CL9. They said that this is the procedure that everyone follows. OMG!!!! Everyone???? O RLY??? *sarcasm*

Coolermaster storm mouses come with 2 years warranty- and they handle it AFAIK (but its not mentioned on the box and yes its a con). Logitech wired mouses come with 3 year warranty support- and its mentioned on the box. If the older mouses have warranty period mention on it, why not back it up? If products come without mentioning warranty period on it- its a con. You’re damaging your own fanbase. And it does hurt!! If you’re going to say that “We cannot do anything!” then the only thing I can say is that you’ve been warned. Remember transcend!! Prevention is better than cure. Dont let distributors take your brand for a ride because gaining a lost reputation for such hardware is tough!!!

Remember transcend? Back then a lot of people bought 800MHz cl5 DDR2 with powerchip ICs. Here’s the thing some got it dirt cheap, some got it higher than other prices. Then transcend memory kits dissapeared- atleast in main cities. One fine day I listen to a wise-ass who barely picks his calls that there were people whose memory kits had a year warranty, whereas others had 2 years period. Basically its the same hardware under same brand- but different prices and hence different warranty period. This is how distributors plays you around. Then all of a sudden a lot of transcend needs to be RMAed. A major distri backed out, and the smaller ones couldn’t handle it. This damaged the company’s good name. Mind you, transcend was a household name back then. Now- other than small stores and few glimpses of flash drives and class 4 SD memory cards, do you see anything else a lot??? hmm???

Razer, do not give so much power to your distributors and please do make sure you mention your warranty period on the box. People pay a lot of money and if they don’t get atleast the support that they have to get, that’s going to leave a mark. In the meanwhile make an effort to “request” the distributors to give full warranty support. People cutting the USB mouse cable, sending it and getting it back after sometime and then one fine day our good customs guys charge the buyer. With Corsair, CM Storm, Alienware (they started off with boards to say the least) and Thermaltake sports showing few of their stuff in India (through Taiwan excellence)- especially cases and power supplies. I’ve also seen a gigabyte keyboard around too. One fine day they’ll come and if the products is so good they would probably shift there. ROG series from Asus is there. They have a headset to say the least. They’ll cook up an armada of gaming h/w any moment now. You need to buck up that part. Cure the issue rather than preventing it. Food for thought!!!

P.S.: Not a rant, just simply putting 1 of the few points across (second point is that the product lifespan is questioned by a lot of people and its not only talked about in techenclave)- mention the warranty period on the box (not on the imported by sticker please!) so that people will know what they are buying. Also, Coolermaster and Razer, some of your mouses use Phillips twin-eye sensor for the laser tracking on some gaming mouses. A lot of people from a lot of forums said it: They suck. Drifting issues are annoying. I’ve tested 4 mouses that gives an impression that they have the same mouse and the drifting issues are annoying. Surface calibration doesn’t work- atleast on cloth (goes without saying a LOT of people use cloth pad and few use hard surface) and no matter how many frimwares are out there,drifting exists- a lot!! I don’t know about others, but I find it annoying especially during FPS. An optical mouse like MX518 doesn’t even do it.


2 thoughts on “Chopping off the rat’s tail for RMA: Razer’s 2nd year warranty claim turning out sour for people’s taste

  1. pramodlohia says:

    An eyeopener, very beautifully penned. In this scheming world, really laudable effort to save individual customers.

  2. hgfhq says:


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