Toms’ hardware using Coolermaster EU’s power supply testing lab equipment for reviewing power supplies? Even the Rival version?? hmm I sense a bad BAD cake.

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13/10/2011 by The Sorcerer

I always had my doubts about Toms’ hardware. Always had an always will. I never was able to pinpoint it but I always had my doubts. It was as good as the itch at the back of your head in a place where you scratch it.

Left: Pics from Toms' hardware Site where they explain testing methodology. Right: Pictures from Coolermaster Europe, during the factory tour. Notice that its the same setup and the same table.

I was getting a lot of requests to test power supplies and I have refused it on the start. Ground reality: None of the mainstream media in India has a proper setup for testing such units, despite their fancy ways of creating a separate page for it and showing off their lab setup. I wished/fantasized (fantasized is the word here) to have a proper test appartus but for that I need lotsa and lotsa money!!! Let’s not forget I live in Octroi land so since such units are pretty heavy and cost $3,000 onwards (without the line conditioner, hot box setup, wiring, the works and a really good fire extinguisher **just** in case the psu is a piece of scrap beyond words), pretty much I have to get Hardware BBQ primed up and ready Big time (and fast) if I want to convert it to realistic goals.

But I found something “odd”. Out of all the stuff, the most “intimidating” and advanced setup was in Toms’ hardware. Then after sometime I got an idea to search for articles who have done factory tours on companies that manufacture power supplies. I am sure it would give some idea about how this can be done- you’ll never know.

And boy, I hit the jackpot. I then bumped into Madshrimps’ article about their factory tour in Coolermaster office, Netherlands. The pictures from this article in madshrimps are same as the one in Toms’ hardware. So is Toms’ hardware pulling a fast one infront of our eyes- or are they using CM’s setup to test power supplies- or worse- are CM guys testing/reviewing the power supplies for them ((I’ll have to admit. Its a theory based on the possibility of this happening is highly likely). I didn’t want to rant about it, because the only thing substancial is the same type of setup and table. Honestly, I needed something concrete and I didn’t really bother finding the cost of such equipments.

Today morning I was “rubbing the salt on the wound” when I asked series of people who held their upgrade plans for atleast a year for AMD Bulldozer, which unfortunately bulldozed itself in performance-power consumption benchmarks in multiple review sources.

So what made me post about it here? I didn’t find anything myself, but I lurked over a thread in (credit to the person in Facebook who put it up somewhere but don’t who it is- sorry 😦 )and happen to see Phaedrus2129’s signature in one of the posts with the title Why not to trust TomsHardware (for PSUs at least) and this pretty much kills. it. According to the thread, people were talking about this in JonnyGURU forums as well. Oh well. I remember 1 guy in a particular forum defending Toms’ hardware. I am not saying not to trust their reviews- especially psu. Chances are they might have taken it on “a rent” (lame word, I know, or maybe they had an “understanding”).If they are taking it for a rent and/or if there is something where Tom’s hardware will not influence their article just because they’re using their setup. If so, why not be upfront about it??

It could be worse. Like this one. Unless you’re Obi Von kenobi (or whatever his name is) and have the ability to sense “the force” in power supplies, such reviews are nothing more than the work of fiction.

One thing for sure, that itch ain’t my imagination- and I am speaking for myself here.

I read madshrimps, Overclock3D, Hardware Canucks, jonnyGuru and Hardware secrets, and only articles written by Anand Shimpi and to a certain extent: Jarred. Forums? Always!!!, techenclave, xtremesystems and geekhack forums. Digit is where I try to help people and Chip on very occasions, despite the very recent activities of displaying-err-certain tendencies.

Oh well!!! There ya go folks!! The cake is fishy.


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