Not-really-an-AMD “community” meet. SMC and Erodov “media pvt. ltd.”: You naughty boys :P


23/08/2011 by The Sorcerer

Dude, the cake is a lie?

You decide.

maxAxe posted on techenclave, digit and Chip at the speed of lightning about the AMD community meet. Suspicion was pretty obvious when MaxAxe said that the even is going to be in smc rather than AMD’s office because (according to what HE said) the space was small. He said clearly that this is sponsored by none other than AMD.

Here’s the link.

MaxAxe. Dude!! What’s up with that eh? Now don’t tell me you “accidently forgot” to mention that its hosted by SMC with Erodov’s usual PR help. Using AMD’s name like this and fooling around to attract people? Asus did their own meet. Same goes for a very very very very small Gigabyte meet. Tch Tch.

Correct me if I am wrong, you’re into forum scene since when? The defunct Kawabonka/Indian Pro league days? How can you know say it, unless its your obvious intention promote your “media company”? See this what why I don’t like a community suddenly claims to be a media pvt. ltd. The cake becomes salty, you see.

You should have said the AMD “community” meet is (in reality) hosted by SMC International, one of AMD’s channel partners.

I had no idea that channel partners (major dealers/official distros) can use a company’s name for a “community meet” like this- that too without letting the PR guys know about it: And its irrelevant to us. What AMD PR said, is infact, relevant:

This is not an event that AMD is hosting directly. It is one of AMD’s channel partners in Delhi [SMC International], who is hosting this event on his own.

IT Depot contest in Techenclave? I am sure “IT Depot” is an “official” channel partner for more than 1 brand, most likely the ones which they gave as giveaways for their contest. You don’t don’t see “Techenclave in association with whatever brands IT depot is giving a giveaway” contest- its associated with ITDepot. That’s how communities work. You are supposed to be clear.

BTW, The AMD India Fanpage is not officially hosted by AMD so they are “spreading the word on behalf of them or for the good of it”, take it with a pinch of salt. Did they mention it in their infomation tab? Nah they blindly left it.There ya go, boyz. Cakes are flying on a ROFLCOPTER!!!1111

For the PRs who ask me “What do you think about Erodov??” There you go! Last rant about Erodov? I hope so. Cakes to all!


22 thoughts on “Not-really-an-AMD “community” meet. SMC and Erodov “media pvt. ltd.”: You naughty boys :P

  1. Hahahahahaha …. it was finally held in a hotel …. you weren’t at the meet so dont jump to conclusions… now you’ll say that the ASUS ROG meets that were held with a handful of users was also not an Asus meet ?

    stop living in a shell … come out and smell the roses… the world is a lot bigger than what you can dream of.

    • The Sorcerer says:

      See, you guys have a stomach for this- by all means.

      AMD have dismissed it. Its all simple as that. Reality is that you’re simply more interested in promoting SMC International. Stop pretending and start taking care of the community- the honest way.

    • bleh says:

      Handful of people at the ASUS meet? :S Feeling very sore that you were not at the ASUS meet where an ASUS R&D guy came specially from Taiwan? 50 power users attended the day-long event at Hyatt, purely by invites- it was a “Power User” conference after all. (Not a walk-in for anybody and everybody, especially free-food type of people who spam on sites without being of much help to others).
      Many were flown-in from various cities and put up at Hyatt, by ASUS. I guess those who got invited must have done something for the tech “community” to win such a fabulous invite. They said next time there will be more invites. If you try being a little more straightforward and humble, you might get invited the next time. 🙂

      • Nikhil Rai says:

        erodov is in the same rank as tech arena. they called erodov and not darklord and harshal tank? but they used harshal’s pot? very selfish of asus. nothing but rich guys who take money from their parents and pose as if they are sponsored by the company. banik is doing a proxy business for smc by selling those handpicked processors. they insult guys like udit sir and pick on guys and badmouth techenclave so that no1 can point out the obvious. i dont understand why asus, gigabyte, smc international and antec are associated with a lame forum that is barely updated for days/weeks and who usually promote companies like strontum. that company is in the same league as iball, intex, etc.

      • 50 power users and darklord+ harshal tank and legendary rakesh sharma was not to be seen. its more of a community contributor’s meet and less of a power users meet. asus did not call india’s best overclocker harshal tank but called erodov guys who take pride in overvolting? what was asus thinking?

      • The Sorcerer says:

        @ ashfaque: Rakesh Sharma did come and he was very much present.

      • bleh says:

        Assumption is the mother of most fckups. Not present does not imply not invited- you guys should not assume that.
        People were invited primarily for who or what they are and not which forum they belonged to. There were guys who are not present on any forums- cannot blame the organisers if you don’t know them or their talent/contribution.
        From what i was told, there were many people like Bottle, Apollyon, TechHead, Supra, Freaky etc including Darklord who couldn’t make it due to personal reasons- you will know that only if you know them that personally. Harshal worked (and may be still kinda works) for Gigabyte which i think might be the reason he might have been not invited. About his pot being used, that is something he and some others know- was not an official ASUS thing. Not knowing the attendees apart from Darklord and Harshal doesn’t make the attendees any less of power users. But you’ll weren’t there, don’t know anything about the event, before or after and can only guess/diss.

      • Zohrab says:

        Bravo, Mr. Bleh.

        I like seeing atleast a handful of people rising up and doing things for their Indian community but still a very long way to go. then all of a sudden it goes down because this line of contribution does not pay. media and companies needs to take equal responsibility and pick up skilled people to enhance the community. hardware community in india can learn a lot from the indian gaming community.

        good contributors can become good tech journalists and good overclockers, advisors, people filled with knowledge can easily get jobs in such companies. this is far better than manufacturers picking up mainstream media journalists/fanboys to work for them. if atleast 1-2 companies start, others follow suit, provided the person is not a numbnut.

        alas, if it weren’t for my job and time, i would have done my best to help the forum grow. judging by your choice of words, i am sure you work for asus. do correct me if i am wrong. let me ask you a question sir: for a meet where people were invited “primarily for who or what they are and not which forum they belonged to”, then why erodov was the only one wearing the billboard on their tees and not in that smc meet? erodov came in the news when one of their members stole a lot of photographs to win an erodov contest. it again came on the news when a shamino wannabe overclocker is selling guarunteed 54x processor for an extra price. a real hardware enthusiast will have the balls to try to pull a very good score even from a mediocre processor. that’s how the oldies have started.

      • bleh says:

        Nice chatting with you Zohrab. 🙂
        I just happen to know a bit more than others just as some like sorcerer know- courtesy good friends. And i speak for myself, from what i know and can logically deduce.
        The good people are getting picked up globally and in India too- though you will always have all sorts of people just as in any other industry. Some slog behind the scenes, some just garner all the limelight and some really gifted/talented people do both.
        If people attend a party you hosted, wearing something they chose, are you going to derobe them if you don’t like it? And why who chose to wear what is better asked to those who did that. Sometimes, just letting things be is what some may choose as they do not want any possible controversy or blot on good happenings.
        And each to his own, no comments on what people choose to do but i think you meant an Andre Yang wannabe? (Though even AY is pretty much untouchable in his stuff just as the OC God commonly known as Shamino is)

  2. shantanu says:

    meh!! erodov sucks. in any case, techenclave is still the best and honest forum.
    another exposing from the sorcerer. if this keeps up, you will earn the nickname of being a resident whistleblower

  3. The invite was open to the world … ask anyone who came there who was present from AMD and who was not. as for Techarena … the website stays mostly down how do you expect anyone to post on it ?

    When you were not there you can speculate …. thats all that you can do …
    as for TE – why didnt anyone show up… to understand something you had to be in it. lets see who shows up and who doesnt when the meet happens in other cities.

    and oh yeah … SMC wasnt even at the venue we wanted to use their space which turned out to be very small… infact lets do this… why dont you organize something lets what where when and how. Very easy to find faults in anything my friend … very difficult to come forward and do something about it

    • The Sorcerer says:

      AMD said that it is hosted by SMC International. AMD fanpage is not managed by AMD India. Note, i said not managed by AMD India- and not anything else.

  4. Small FYI … ask the guys from chip who did come … who was there and who wasnt

    do some homework before you rant

    • The Sorcerer says:

      with respects, those kids need to learn something before jumping the gun. they’re young and have a long way to go. they’ll learn the hard way and i hope they are not discouraged by it. i hope they are not misled and misinformed. they started something new so i hope you will not brainwash them.

      I did my homework sir. i hope this (in some form) makes you open your eyes. some people left erodov, claiming personal reasons. but their activity on other forum says otherwise.

  5. zohrab512 says:

    so- erodov who is controlled by smc international decides to call themselves media guys and uses a channel partner to use a company’s name to host a community meet because a bunch of n00bs are frustrated because they were not invited for the asus power user meet, the same meet where only contributors and knowledgible end users were called in? Talk about jealousy.

    i dont understand why antec india is so stupid of having a like contest with erodov. its only the unknown company like stonium will beg for likes and make you invite people, inexchange for a freebie- and in their usual sneaky fashion, making people to like erodov as well. i rather be a fan of fudzilla then to even remotely think of liking erodov. antec should concentrate more on availability and service rather than letting a mainstream media wannabes do all this.

  6. hahahahahahaha hohohohohohoh OMG hatered …. hahahahahahaha thank you clearing your position and your hatred for just another technology fourm… amazing conspiracy theorists some people here are. I dont need to reply or pay attention to this anymore.

    BTW OP – you are friends with shivam right ? why dont you speak to him and find out who was there and what was there and what REALLY happened instead of cooking up conspiracy theories

    • why would anyone have hatred for a forum that is barely updated for days?

    • zohrab512 says:

      No need to be excited. I am not a techenclave member. I am a member in none of the Indian forums because pretty much every mod/admin is filled with arrogance/ego as if they are running their own little kingdom. I am in and lurk around xtremesystems. There are lot of Indian members in simply because no1 likes to be in Indian forums. this tamasha is the reason . Rather than doing the right thing and expanding the community, you’re using the community and the manufacturers you brand yourselves infront of people who are not technically sound. You will pose with marketing managers, RnD heads, international reviewers/editors and pose while pouring LN2. people like you do this so that you can get jobs in such companies, hence fueling your ego. i’ve been referred to a lot of veteran’s cmments in techenclave. look at those people and look at yourselves. They spend their time and resource to enhance the community. you use the community to try to enhance yourselves. go and be with companies like sony, hp, dell. chances are you can pose will actresses as well.

      conspiracy for you? if it makes you happy, its all good sir. anybody can make a visiting card of COO/Officer/CEO/Chairman of Erodov forums or whatever name you want to use. i wouldnt be surprised if a thought might have crossed your head to make one of your guys as senior reviewer to make an impression to as if the contributors are your employees.

  7. Zoombas says:

    Erodov = Greedy!

  8. Keith D'souza says:


  9. […] Remember this incident? I talked about the same guy and same guy posted on the comment section below. Same style of speech. This is one of the guys who hosted the event. Others are completely unknown types….except in the recently made awesome memes- credit to the creator!!! […]

  10. montsa007 says:

    Erodov = A bunch of 3rd grade kids (incl. mods) trying to show they control everyone on the forum. End result is a cake decorated with sh*t.
    Sounds stupid huh? – Look at their “registered” members and then look at “active” members, 20k+ members and just 2.4k active. Simply means, if you try to eye my lollipop, I’m gonna ban you off the forum because I am the admin and you cant complain because I am just 8.
    Thats what they said

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