The PR Aunty effect: Gender plays a role in the Tech PR field- or is it just co-incidence?


02/08/2011 by The Sorcerer

I did not want to write this because some people might take it in the wrong way. But the reason I am ranting in “Dude, the cake is a lie!!!1″ is because I can vent my frustrations out.

Some of you have that little bag where you cover your mouth with a blast+ rant+ abuse? Well, mine was torn and hence the cake blog was born! A friend yesterday said that the reason I’ve “changed” is because  became a vegetarian. The way I see things, it’s because I stopped venting out. I like venting out here because when I say this to somebody, some people misinterpret me by mistake. But when they read what I write over here, not only the people relevant will read/take a glimpse, but also the message goes across.

Few days ago when I called up these notebook guys where I have a good communication with, this woman takes over the call and says “Oh we never heard of your publication” (duh! I am not running a publication nor I would like to call myself one). Oh well, looks like no Asus notebook/netbook reviews on TE, Digit and Chip forums for the time being. I so wanted to start to post on IVG forums as well for gaming hardware reviews. Oh well :P. Yall want to send samples, it all good. Don’t want to? It’s still good! I am not one of those guys who will bitch slap good product just because I have to have constant communications with a grumpy executive telling that he or she is incharge of the show. Ironically, the male PRs are more like those who take ownership of their client’s public relations and do a good work. Female PRs in tech fields? Still haven’t the one who does it right- yet. If I find one, she gets a cake!

I asked my friend and she used to be a journalist. She gives me a blank look and told that I should stop being to the point from the start and give a proper introduction. Why the hell would I re-introduce myself. If they don’t know whom to have active communications with before taking over from their counterpart, how exactly they will be good in communications???

To the person I shall not name! No cakes for you :(. Don’t say that you’re incharge unless you’re really incharge. I sometimes question why HE left there and joined another PR agency. Our interaction was brief (just 1 notebook) but he was to the point and outright. BTW- that particular agency he joined? Well, almost all guys who work there are good what they good at and they’re humble when it comes to listening and doing this.  Clue? Same guys who take care of WD.

And honestly, I don’t care if I am “famous” or whatever fancy word you want to throw. I have a set of readers, followers, trolls, bashers and people to take a glimpse or 2. It’s obvious that we’re in the line that general people won’t show interest so what’s the point in being famous. Besides, not many rely on “technical reviews” from mainstream media. I mean would you call this a review that you want to see in a source?

But throwing attitude simply puts people off. I don’t know why girls in PR so far usually throw that “attitude” via phone or maybe something about me via phone that puts people off(?) This is probably the 4th or 5th lady PR with that “thing” they do. I stopped talking to the first one because, according to her, she was doing me a favour.

I was under the impression girls were usually good in PR. Don’t get me wrong, but a lot of people have that cliché “mindset” that PR is girl’s domain :-/. Most of the PRs I met are usually guys BTW- and all of them are really good and humble to talk to (in a public relation sense of speaking). Trust me when I say it’s not a glamorous, even from where I am seeing.

I have a good level of respect for what these guys do. One goes out, another comes in. Some of us are hooked with AMD? YEAH! Time to make our community strong and put up honest reviews without any burst of attitude circling around like ROFLCOPTER!!!11

BTW, I wouldn’t have not called there if he did not call me 1-2 weeks ago talking about it. It was bad because I called him on his cell, but he gave the phone to someone else without saying it himself. Not that I am whining, but flashing that attitude is totally uncalled for.

It doesn’t end there. There was this groups of girls taking care of 3 tech companies and 2 chinese rebelling phones. They are vague, they are hard to communicate and they behave in a way that they own the product.I asked about optimus support being disabled on 3D mode. After 4 days they give out some bizarre and retarded reply. But when I contacted one of the Nv Global PR I have in my social networking contact, I got a (although non technical) but a relevant answers no flowery language, no B.S., no artificial whipped cream. I don’t get it, how hard can it be to relay that question exactly the way it is???

I don’t like attending press conferences because its annoying. Press goes there to have food that’s it!! That’s why some 5 star hotels have Press transport parked outside. Sit for 2-3 hours and viola! CHOW TIME!!!! I don’t go unless its something….good and relevant.

One female PR hated the fact that I did not attend the product launch of a watch. Yeah, that’s how it is. Also, this woman calls me from Chennai insisting to post about this “press release” contest for coders. The only thing I extract from press release is the MRP, launch date, specs, pics and if its different distributors. But….watch press release and contest for coders? They tried stuff like “Oh we know all about you” and “hardware bbq is a reputed news site!”- stuff like that.

Let’s not forget this as well. Thankfully, their PR is now taken care by a inhouse people.

Here’s what I like in male PRs (most of them). If they don’t know, they will not bother to pretend that they don’t know. They have less time for B.S. and I don’t like filtering B.S. But when I interact with foreign woman PRs, its different. They have less time to spit out B.S. and get the job done, sometimes even faster than the male counterpart. They take criticisms head on and trust me when I say- they remember everything you said.

I posted a part of this message to get a general perspective by some people. They said:

Balanarayan NT: The problem is not with the gender, the problem is with how much they know about their clients and people who use client’s products.
If you get someone who is willing to swim against the tide and figure it all out it’s okay but it’s not practical as most PR agents will have at least 4-5 clients. PR firms in general should hire people with more diverse interests for the sake of the industry at least.

What about others? Well they said the cake is indeed a lie!

But then again, Bala is right.

Gender thing is merely a co-incidence and I am putting it across based on “circumstantial evidence” viz. not ALWAYS right. Once a female PR said that “Intel is the best so you should evaluate only intel boards!” well, if that’s the case then why does your company waste money and resources to make AMD boards? Training how to be a PR is one thing, but doing a tech PR is a different ball game. If they don’t know at least the bare basics or show characteristic that they can learn on the go, then there’s always PR for other companies. I heard a beauty cream company wants PR resources to make white people even more white!!! 😛

Very Important Note: Nothing against girls. But they should tone down that attitude significantly. You’re doing your job- and I am doing mine. We need you guys to get access to hardware for evaluation and other stuff for my readers and you guys want coverage and feedbacks about your product. There’s no need/room for such behaviour.

Thanks for your time to read this.


3 thoughts on “The PR Aunty effect: Gender plays a role in the Tech PR field- or is it just co-incidence?

  1. Archit Kumar says:

    dell is better than asus notebooks because they offer complete cover plan.

  2. Sachin Bhosle says:

    Women PR will obviously misread this especially if they want to overshadow their mistakes. Its their natural defense mechanism- like porcupines. They will not see the point. because of such attitude is sabotaging the brand’s name. They will not learn, be humble and move on. Rather they will label you as a “woman hater”.

    i know what you mean. believe me, bro. companies hire girls to be PR executives because unlike guys, girls can use that gender playcard to distract the real issue. The real problem is that they need to educate themselves with the product if they wish to be an official voice for such hardware companies. saying that they are not technically sound is a lame excuse in this day of age. everything said n done, this is a carefully written post.

    • The Sorcerer says:

      I didn’t want to put it up, but then again, it won’t be much of a rant, would it? Now that I’ve put that point out in the open, everybody will be on a lookout. Who will win the cake???!!!?

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