Questions about the community that will never be answered. M-Jeri Vs. ITWares/E-lounge: New and Unheard Terms & Conditions/RMA Policy


15/07/2011 by The Sorcerer

  • There have been so many things I am questioning about certain people in our community and certain antics done by certain dealers:
  • How can a particular group  forum admins and even bloggers brag as being Media guys/”Media PVT LTD”  when they are not?
  • Why do these group feel ashamed to be a non-media entity, when its a downright fact that people always refer to non media entity for proper advice/opinions?
  • Why are these people trying to convert a community effort to improve something and have mutual/proper 2 way communication into a PR spin/publicity stunt? And behaving like a Page3 Aunty in the process?
  • Why do you create communities with an intention to be neutral, only to end up manipulating your fellow members and people’s contribution to pose as a media? For what? Free hardware? Free publicity? Free/exclusive access? Then how are you really different from certain mainstream media who are (in reality) PR Spindoctors?
  • How can small business owners brag about being authorised dealers when they are not?
  • How can dealers declare a product as EOL when its not (and not having the authority to do so)?
  • Why do people expect professionalism and courtest from people when you are not?
  • Why do dealer(s) who run business on their own with nothing more than 2-3 staff bragging/posing as distributors? And bring something exclusive and sell a lot of stuff from that brand, then unable to replace/repair defective stuff of that brand and trying to cook up a scene to bash that brand???
  • How can you such people call themselves as a company, when in reality its a small store run and owned by an individual with nothing more than “Shop and establishment” license?
  • What does warranty really mean?
  • Why do I have to read terms and conditions from dealer’s site when I am buying from a forum?
  • Why is there so many terms and conditions when its obvious I am buying from a small business owner and not from a franchise stores like Croma?
  • How are they deemed as registered dealers for a community if dealers are asking buyers to join their forum/register on their site/email them if they want support?
  • Who let the dogs out?

And also..

  • How can you say that you’re a part of the team- even though a lot of people from that team don’t even treat you like one? Or blackmailing you to make you stay on the team?

Yes these are questions. Because honestly they are not going to answered. Even if they are, chances are that will have a transparent “conditions apply” star or it will be changed in some point during the future.

M-Jeri’s issue with The IT Wares/E-lounge started as a query then escalated because of loony affair and series of bombardments even past midnight because of the following example given by Rahul, owner of ITWares:

This is how its done

25k Card – Warranty 36 Months

Divide 25k by 36 = Rs. 694 Per Month

After 6 months the buyer should either get a similar product if not then a CN of Rs. 20836/- (25000 – (694*6)) = 20836

i am not offer 3-5 k against 25 k , if those earphones were of Rs. 25k then the buyer would have got a CN accordingly

lulwutwtf??? He later claims that this is something “everybody” does- and threw in few names, including tirupathi and certain other brands that have or don’t have any official presence in India.

The issue further escalated towards twitter, facebook, erodov, Digit, Chip- heck people have PMed me asking for the link for screenshots of the event. I am not the first one to blog about it mind you, as Shantanu Goel has put up has already blogged about M-Jeri’s issue over here.

Now that “little” conversation that happened was in the section where it can be accessible only to registered users, but I am putting up the screenshots of 16 pages, with 40 posts per page so that non-TE members can access it. My intention is not to damage anyone’s livelihood , but to inform people. Here are the screenshots of the entire mind bobbling conversations and new/unheard warranty policies that will make you skeptical when you’re buying from certain sources, especially who don’t have a history of established business….

…Then again- why do people share their problems only when someone opens up? And do they not make it obvious in the itrader ratings? Food for thought.

If you looking for the screenshots of the conversation, here you go:


One thought on “Questions about the community that will never be answered. M-Jeri Vs. ITWares/E-lounge: New and Unheard Terms & Conditions/RMA Policy

  1. m-jeri says:


    This is m-jeri here.. This entry “might” be inspired by my experience with a certain dealer.

    This is the end result:

    I got a Rantopad H1 mouse and a Arctic 4 * AA rechargeable battery set today from the “ITWares-RMA” procedure.

    Thanks for all the support. I mean it. I was never a fan or believer of community shommunity funda. But Indian online communities are a very strong, closely knit, sensible and supportive group of people. No doubts. If they have, please check threads created across different forums and blogs regarding this matter. If you haven’t got by now, you never going to get it. 🙂

    Am i happy with the outcome of the RMA? Simply no. I gave for RMA, my most frequently used piece of item, an IEM and got a mouse pad and a battery. Will you be happy?. Either way, i need to spend a 1000 bucks on new ones.

    But whatever sadness is there, it was removed completely by the overwhelming support for this cause.

    Regarding these threads and entries, I for one suggest these never be removed. Dealers should be made aware that you cannot bully around people. No matter how arrogant or stubborn you are. No after taking our money. Provide us with the deserving service. This Indian mentality of chaltha hai or everything is made of shit is not going to work.

    Usually people say All’s well that ends well. Doesnt feel that much well this time, so ill let others have their own ending.

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