Concentrate on work- not on the title


13/04/2011 by The Sorcerer

For those who don’t know: Vote for your CR

I’ll just be honest, I was under the impression that its the moderators who play a role of community representative as well. It didn’t hit my mind until Bikey and I were speaking about it yesterday night. A member said it there and I agree if bikey’s name would have been on the list- I would have chosen him- same goes for Udit, Cranky, Harshal AND a lot of people.

Medpal (thanks man) gave a lot of heads up via FB, preparing/advising me of how I should be a CR. Remember one thing- whoever is chosen as a community representative- he represents the member of the forums and he’s chosen to be for the people (and all that mushy mushy democratic talks). No matter who you are (including myself)- don’t be an asskisser. If your own people did something wrong, point it out directly. Its a well-known fact, the only reason a lot of people know me is because I am there in more than 1 forum and the things that I’ve done.

Now there are some people who don’t really like me due to our interaction in the past, yeah well- sucks to be you. As I said- if you do something wrong, you will be questioned be it you’re a dealer, a member or a very suspicious proxy dealer- or mods.  You can call me a troll, you can rant out “hey put this on your blog”, call me a wannabe and get your kitty party group to join you in your endless forum troll session but hey- you’re busted!

BTW- “they” don’t replace it despite claiming on the forum- they repair the unit unless its a batch defect or something that involves more than soldering/capacitor change. Before siding with a distributor just because you had a pleasant experience, think very carefully before vouching for dealers/distributors.

Chip forums (shut down for a really long time as they are busy doing something else) very own community admin Neo Natasha said to me via Gtalk that it sucks that he posts on a rival forums. Respects to him- but with that kind of attitude whichever forum you’re in is not going to help. We might be “loyal” to a single forum but if you bring everybody in one big hall- you will end up knowing eachother in one way or the other. Hell I still bump into people who used to be in Kawabonka and Indian pro league. Rival forum? pfffft!!!!

There are lot of members (not limited to senior members as some of them do come to launch events/parties) who do their part for the forums and some actions are not done on the forums. One of the company guys told “AAaah yeah, there’s a member from techenclave who came for the nvidia card’s launch party some weeks ago and we talked about some technical specs stuff” and when I came to know who that guy is, I was happy. There are few younger guys who are doing their bit and its good. For a moment I thought the younger gens depend more on spoonfeeding but some people have made me to change their mind.

Oh yeah, btw- as I said to Safin via PM- even if I am not chosen as a CR, it’s not going to prevent me to play the same role. Some of my actions might not be popular or maybe it doesn’t really suit you but what I do is for the good of the community. You have any issues (provided its something I can help you with)- shoot the question.

I have respects for some people: Bikenstein, Harshal, Lord Nemesis, cranky, medpal, BF1983, madnav, Darky- who wouldn’t?  But look at one very common thing- they aren’t moderators- just members. They have done many things that pretty much proves the point: You don’t need “power” to do anything.

Some people have applied being a moderator (like asingh) who wants to genuinely help the best they can. Some people are joining it because it’s the “power” of the hammer. Couple of these newer mods trolled me directly/indirectly in the past and in the present- out of which couple of them really don’t know what they’re posting on the forums. Sure, one of them repeats one of those silly ol’ jokes about me during the meet but that’s about it.

I wondered why medpal repeats that spiderman sentence- but now I understood it, especially after Neo’s comment. If you’re going to let such member status boost your ego and cloud your judgement- it proves it- you’re not meant for this kind of dedication. First try and become a good and honest human being, then try to be a helpful member. Rest will follow and you will be rewarded eventually. A seemingly small and “insignificant” contribution helps to grow the forums. We had many people coming and going, forums rising and falling. It might be disappointing until you see the fact that your actions/advice/dedication inspires others to do the right thing. I am inspired by a lot of people from multiple forums- and I believe that a lot of people are inspired (hopefully the right way) by what I do. Neo, if you’re reading this: Food for thought- dont forget the time when you brought up that boycott and if you think about it- it was not very long ago.

Here’s my advice to those people- don’t be discouraged, especially if a group of people say something you wouldn’t like or if things look dull. Learn from your mistakes and move on. Be humble and be brilliant! Be “The Man”. Remember- bigger your ego- smaller your pee-pee and you will “brrr” from the other side of the crack. Want proof of that, observe the people who are flashing their ego and PM them :P. If they deny using flowery words, my point is proven.

Edit (14-04-11): Chip India forum is now reactivated/revived.


22 thoughts on “Concentrate on work- not on the title

  1. David says:

    True true… *cheers* mate. 😀

  2. zoombas says:

    heh, who did what this time?

  3. Crazy_Eddy says:

    You approached the tirupati problem from the wrong end. You started off fuming everywhere about why they shouldn’t be on the forum, why they shouldn’t represent Seasonic (were they ?), etc. For no good reason you even called the Palit rep (who Safin and Saiyan had established good relations with) a phoney. By the time it came down to brass tacks, it appeared even me to that you were just being petty about reps who hadn’t been ‘screened/cleared/certified’ by you.

    Your friend had a genuine problem that could’ve been sorted out, had you approached it in an unbiased manner. You even made the poor guy apologise to me :-/ – he owes nobody an apology! The sad truth is you failed to use your own inspired M.I.S.C. section to get your own friend support. You have nobody to blame but yourself for the tirupati fiasco. So either get it sorted, or stop ranting about it.

    We also like to support each other in our team and help them with their shortcomings. Calling the new mods trolls – not a good way to start. These “trolls” are at the very least enthusiastic enough to do the thankless behind-the-scenes dirty work, that quite a few senior members will never step up to do (senior guys mentioned above, don’t worry I’m not referring to you).

    P.s.: I think you need to stop writing like a politician, and take a good dose of your own advice.


    • The Sorcerer says:

      I don’t know the apology part. He thought you guys had some tieup with Seasonic and he didn’t like the response he got and he didnt like I was insulted by someone from the forums just because I asked tirupathi to be specific. The problem he had was long before the M.I.S.C. section started. Besides he didn’t want to be in the forum and IIRC, he said you asked him to join the forum, to which he refused. Later, he was able to swap it for Corsair AX series.

      I didnt even say that this rep is a phoney. I simply asked Safin to reconfirm if he is a 3rd party service/PR guy or not. The MISC concept is a fail if a 3rd party PR/service personnel to be a rep. Now that its confirmed that both are inhouse guys, its all cool. You guys thought I was accusing, not my thing because I made it specific to you and to Safin.

      The comments are made not just for TE forum. You think its all political(?) babbletalk well then I can’t help it. There are people what I say when I have to say is necessary and some think otherwise. Take a good look at our earlier conversations before making such conclusion.

    • zoombas says:

      Can you define “good relations” because maybe your answer will reveal whether the good relations are based on 1 maybe 2 pleasant experiences, or discount based or freebie exchanges?
      Im not very popular. However, (for me, specifically) I can say that I have good relations with PrimeABGB solely because they know me & give me best deals for the best possible prices.

      Nobody calls mods trolls right from the beginning. Unless you’re a certified nub. Sorcy on the other hand has been active in TE/CHIP/Digit/Erodov/Tech2 since long. I think we can give him some credit for his judgment. Besides, criticism is a natural thing on the interwebs. Live with it. Don’t they say “Ignorance is bliss”? Ignore if you think its not true & let the so called troll mods speak for themselves (assuming you’re not 1 of them).
      Besides, don’t gratify them & their job by saying that they don’t recieve thankyous & do behind the scenes dirty work. Its their job. They are required to do that whether or not they get appreciated for it. People who took up this mod job knew well enough about this before becoming a job. If they didn’t, they should quit. If they did & yet yearn for appreciation, they should seriously get a life.
      Mod job looks attractive because of the title & the power. Please accept this fact asap. People take up mod job only because of that title & power (initially).
      But its a messy job hence 100% of the mods in all the forums go inactive, show themselves less & less because they easily get bored of it & dont feel like doing it frequently. Yet they don’t quit being a mod because of the title & power.

      Hence as the title of this blog post says – Concentrate on your job & not on the title.
      You convniently refuse to understand the gist of the post & bring in your bickering with Sorcy in the past or present just to gratify your own twisted version of “helping the community” & “good relations with people”.

      P.S: Oh btw, lets not talk about whats right or wrong since in todays world it changes with different people’s perspective. I mean look at Sorcy’s post. You think its wrong while I think its right. Getting the drift?

      • Crazy_Eddy says:

        Whoops, looks like I opened my mouth and pulled a Sorcy here ;))

        @Sorcy: I didn’t ask him to join the forums. I asked if he was on TE (he later replied he wasn’t, so I left it at that), and if so to hold on for the Seasonic section so he can start a thread himself instead of going through you – to take the heat off and get the focus back on his issue. I was equally keen on seeing his issue sorted out.

        For you and for the others (Shankar and Gagan – I know your IDs >:) .. hehe just kidding) who think there’s dealer/distri backing happening – I and the other mods have nothing to gain from putting tirupati on a pedestal. The (former) Antec distris in Chennai were good acquaintances – yet, when Eazy posted about his Antec being repaired, I did not hesitate to forward it to them and ask them whats happening. I myself have had issues sourcing stuff from tirupati in Chennai and was happy someone put a thread straight up in M.I.S.C. saying Seasonic availability is poor. Why couldn’t you have done something similar is my point? You should’ve asked Seasonic what their policy is, uploaded pics of repaired unit and obviously tirupati would’ve ensured it doesn’t happen again. For all you know the guy at the top probably doesn’t even know what happened, and its some employee at the lower level fooling around.

        @zoombas : By good relations I mean they were in regular contact with the said rep, and said rep was glad to help out. Nothing to do with service/freebies/etc.

        Not fair to comment when you were/are not in the loop of what goes on behind the scenes. I saw what happened and commented. You only have Sorcy’s story to run by. Different perspective – yes, but not a complete one.

        As for mod power , ask any of the new mods – I have told them to go easy on the warnings/infractions and to instead focus on keeping discussions on track.

        P.s.: My comment has nothing to do with the TE team, but my own personal views. For the record, Sorcy’s suggesti0n was lost in the Feedback corner till me/bottle/Renegade pushed the Admins for implementing M.I.S.C.. Ask Sorcy himself. Would I have done that if I simply had an axe to grind ?

        The irony is that members craved for Dealers on TE. We let them on, and now we’re being accused of backing them.
        Now there’s the Manufacturers corner, which we hoped will help members. And yet again we’re being accused of backing them 😛

    • Cyanide says:

      Roshan bhai did not ask me to apologise to you sir. if youre offended because i refused to join the forum then dont be. i generally dont like indian sources (magazines, tv channels, discussion boards) becoz people tend to force their mindset on others and they themselves dont really know much. mods and admins have their own ego to flaunt so i stay from such possible scenarios. your behaviour & your comments just proved my point. why are you people getting so offended that someone is talking about tirupati’s service? if one of your moderators have an issue with a dealer then he uses the community resources to get a service but is it wrong that I have asked him and he asked tirupati and seasonic? arent you all friends with eachother? is it worth damaging a friendship this way? roshan talked very highly about his techie friends but it seems clear that you have some problem with him.
      but if you want this to make it a big issue then its obvious that i must have damaged your business. in that case i will be more than happy to compensate for your loss with tirupati.

      • Crazy_Eddy says:

        @Cyanide, Sorcerer, everyone else :
        My sincere apologies (*waving white flag*). There has been a misunderstanding on my part. Please ignore my earlier comments, and lets start afresh.

        Cyanide/Zohrab, I asked Sorceror and he says the incident where he was dealt with rudely didn’t happen on TE, but on a conf call with a tirupati service centre. So in essence there was no need to apologise to TE, since nothing happened on TE.
        Also, he says he has already informed you that we have no tie-ups or business links with Tirupati/Seasonic, so do not worry about ruffling their feathers since it doesn’t affect us at all. I’m guessing you probably sent me a PM thinking that. At the time I was in the midst of exams, so I did not cross-check and wrongly comprehended what you were saying – I assumed you were referring to the tiff with Gannu, who BTW is not affiliated with tirupati either. My goof-up here, sorry about that.

        Now Sorcy has asked the Official tirupati rep on TE, and the rep has said that replacement is their policy. However, Sorcy says that this is not actually the case. Now my peeve is that if this is incorrect info, it should not falsely misguide people (me included), right? So all I’m saying is that this be mentioned to the rep on TE, so that he either corrects his stand or ensures what he says is carried out in the service centre – and no, you don’t even have to sign up, you can let Sorcy or me handle it, and I will back you up 100%.

        I hope this settles the issue. Let me know if I’ve missed clarifying anything.

        And Sorcy, let others also get a chance to invite reps they know to the forum was my point, eg: Gannu – Seasonic, Safin/Saiyan – Palit. The M.I.S.C. section is successful only if there is enough participation. I had seen another forum using MISC and with only 2 manufacturers it doesn’t seem to be active. We also understand about ensuring standards and do everything right down to checking email IDs to make sure they are who they say they are, so don’t worry about that.

      • Cyanide says:

        Sirjee that’s because Ganeshji had problem with Roshan bitching about my issue on your forum. He wasn’t really bitching about it, merely asked tirupathi representative on the forum if they replace the unit or repair it. When he said they replace it, Roshan forwarded the screenshot to tirupathi service centre. Those guys said that this applies only on the newer bought power supplies and not on the older ones. As far as what they said, the older seasonic smps still has 3 years warranty only.

        spending 3 seasonic 750w units might be a small amount for people like Ganesh but its not for me. The reason why roshan wanted to know if seasonic rep was in taiwan or in timbaktu because talking to tirupathi is useless and seasonic did not have their own office in India. Roshan thought he would bring this issue on the forum with all the relevant pictures, but after seeing the Ganesh’s attitude towards roshan i’ve told my brother not to courier the repaired psu to Mumbai for pictures and requested roshan to speak to the dealer and replace all 3 of them as per his choice. for your information roshan told me to run some tests on seasonic smps when I bought and told to do so when the repaired unit came. when he compared them he was sure that seasonic did not repair it properly.

        I apologized because it seemed ganesh didnt like the issue to come into light n started insulting roshan on FB. Just because his smps was replaced, doesnt mean others will get the same service as him. He can gather his followers and fans to post, promote a thread and pressurize a dealer to give him a brand new replacement. roshan is a guy who brings it into light so that manufacturers will give a replacement for everyone. I am sure why roshan “rants” it out. he is nothing but transparent and clear about such issues so that his readers will be aware.

        I also apologized to you because your discussion board have tieups with your dealers and distributors, thought it might ruin your relationship with them and leading to a loss on your business. No I am not misunderstanding how your forum works and I know it requires lot of time n money to keep it in good condition. I am positive that I have made myself clear about this when I sent you a message on facebook.

        Even you said it somewhere over here that roshan is a politician and that he needs to follow his own advice. That’s because your people clearly dont have any idea how much effort he puts. There are a lot of people who buy computers for work and play, hence not all of them are in techenclave. The numbers of users here alone is far higher than what your forum has till date. I didnt even know the difference between an estimate slip and a bill until roshan explained to me patiently.

        If people are wondering why i have corsair & not something else is because antec is not available through my dealer. He had seasonic which he ditched, corsair and coolermaster.

        Eddie sir. If there’s any confusion you have you can post it here.

      • Cyanide says:

        I dont want any backing up sir. I now have corsair ax series and i am satisfied with it. what is done is done. roshan would have come to bangalore with me to talk to these people and then later post all the information and scans of bills, challans, putting people’s names and their oneliners on the forums. ganesh insulted roshan on FB, so i told roshan not to do what he had planned. I apologized to you thinking that you have tieups, which is cleared. However its clear that ganeshji is influenced by special service he got from tirupathi, hence he recommends that brand all the time.

      • Cyanide says:

        Also eddie sir, roshan is not forcing me to type all this. I found this blog on my own when i searching about lynx and i didnt know roshan was running this blog. i didnt ask roshan if i should buy seasonic or coolermaster or corsair locally, which seems ive made a big mistake.

      • Shankar Jha says:

        since the issue is now cleared sorcy will be announced as techenclave’s community representative officialy.

      • Crazy_Eddy says:

        Sorry for the delayed reply.

        @Cyanide: No problem. If your issue has been sorted out, and you want to put it behind and carry on, then I understand since I would’ve probably done the same 🙂

        I’m trying to compile a Warranty FAQ to give to the manufacturers on the forum. Will include some of your queries too – like newer warranty terms not applicable to older units, etc. Hopefully with all their terms out in the open, people can reference them and know what to expect and manufacturers/distributors cannot go back on their terms. Of course its only successful if people post their experiences or inform someone whether they’re actually following it or not. Like recently Kingston had to add that their on-the-spot replacement warranty policy doesn’t apply to MicroSD cards due to the presence of lots of fake cards, after someone brought it up.

        I wouldn’t have recommended Antec either – inspite of knowing the earlier distributors. There are new distributors now and I hear the distri for your region (Western India region) is enthusiastic with selling, but no feedback yet on how good their RMA is. The distributor in the Southern region I belive is not good.

        TE has no tie-ups with manufacturers/distributors/dealers and is not dependant on them to run, so thats why you don’t have to worry about offending anyone. The forum hosting/development costs are all covered by Google ads AFAIK. The only people directly contributing to TE are the Dealers signed up to trade on the forum, and even that we’ve openly stated is all re-routed back to the members in the form of contests etc. Sorcy’s main task now as Community rep is to organise contests to spend that money.

  4. Shankar Jha says:

    wow a mod started to pick on sorceror before becoming the forum’s CR before becoming 1 lol. so are the mods going to take this opportunity to pick up on him or are planning to cancel the CR system because people chose the person that the mods didnt like? theres no point in having a CR if this is the case. such actions will permanently damage the essence of tech enclave. even i dont see why we have a CR option. mods are supposed to represent the community are they not? If thats not the case then people are joining in just to get some hammer power and gag people according to their convenience.

    btw, stop trying to wash out the facts. He simply asked the question if tirupathi replaces the unit- or they repair it. Truth be told even I had that doubt but he cleared it out. Price corsair vx450 is also based on facts. problem with the forums is that they see based on the issues they see on the forums, but few people like sorcy has some clue about what happens to people who are not into forums. If TE going to manhandle senior members this way just to make way for a dealer, then it shows where TE stands.

  5. Gagan Ahuja says:

    lol if this is being said by funky or by bikey, then the entire mod team would nod their head in full glory and accept it. sorcerer gets the job done with no flowery language or sweet talks something like how bikey does. sorcy must have stepped on the pandora’s box hence such comments and indirect words specifically aimed to sorcy and his dedications. why such comments on this blog if this is the case? especially when results are obvious that sorcy is our cr?
    sorcy needs to be careful as situations might turn up that he might be deemed as a villian by the mods. i suggest not to start off helping the forums by getting giveaways before getting some things straight with the mods. increase of proxy mods, mod~member~dealer~company ass kissing, lame politics, etc. this applies by default that if sorcy quits or removes, he is being forced to do so. at the end of the day, sorcy is one guy.

  6. asingh says:

    It is not that generic and specific that people take up moderator profiles for the ‘title and power’. There are many handle IDs out there who just want to help and do the best for the relevant community/portal. Getting ‘extra’ moderator rights just helps to expedite and enhance the experience…! Last but not the least make the portal/forum a ‘tighter run ship’.

    I doubt Crazy_Eddy is trying to gratify this strain of users that they have thank-less tasks and seek appreciation. He was just showing the contrast between the volunteers and the not wants.

    • zoombas says:

      Crazy_Eddy was very clear about his intentions with his comment. There isn’t much of contrast showing than it is filled with drama between him & Sorcerer. But thats just me.

      And thanks for telling me about genuine handle IDs. Very good PR work. But it’d be best suited to new comers perhaps. I ain’t a newcomer.
      I’ve had my fair share of nub mods too. CHIP’s super moderator ‘Tanmay’ apparently banned me for being smarter than him in an argument.
      Anyways, unfortunately only a handful or say 5% of the genuine handle IDs are mods. The rest are pretentious fools. Period!

      95% genuine handle IDs are members & who know what a tiresome & annoying job moderation really is, hence never step up to become one.

      Besides, you don’t need to be a guy with title & power to make a difference in our community. Being a normal member is more than enough because whats important is not power/title, but dedicated & consistent contribution. Being a moderator does little to no help to any cause. It does not expedite anything.
      The more votes/voices/backing you have to any cause, theres your reason to expedite things. Having a single mod, super mod, admin or whatever isn’t going to get you shizz…

      • Anil says:

        Not sure, I do not know your history on forums. Nor was I doing any PR work if that is what you felt.

        I guess your experience with mods has not been in good light. What more can I say, if your ideas are so hard-fixed and finite. No one is trying to get power and a ‘title’ as you say from moderation. And if you do not understand what staff members do on forums–how..? No one is driving a cause or revolution that they need a vote/voice/backing..? Fundamentals.

      • Crazy_Eddy says:

        “95% genuine handle IDs are members & who know what a tiresome & annoying job moderation really is, hence never step up to become one.”
        So why diss the guys who do step up? Someone’s gotta do it, right?

        Even if they do sign up for the power, their main task is properly managing things. If they become disillusioned and inactive, on TE they’re automatically shifted back to the regular member base, and new mods are recruited. So there’s no real holding onto power here. Heck, you could be mod tomorrow too 😉

        I agree with asingh, there’s a lot behind moderating that isn’t really understood till one steps into their shoes. A wrong assumption a lot of people make is that a moderator’s task is to make whiz bang posts, or that they’re really brainy – no, not at all.. as you said, that can be done well enough by regular members. Also, its not about enough voices backing up to expedite things. By expedite, asingh means actually implementing ideas/features. Members mostly request/demand – mods think over suitable solutions – admins implement it. All this is toyed about and discussed behind the scenes. Even silly stuff like cool sounding name tags.

        Disappointing about your ban over at CHIP for a petty argument, but not all mods are the same. I’m reminded of a comment a t-bhp member made saying TE mods aren’t into petty banning, but instead don’t mind slugging it out in public with members – a better approach don’t you think? And that way I think we do a decent job keeping each other in check, making sure people aren’t banned unnecessarily – i won’t lie, it has probably happened once or twice, but usually someone else looks at it from a neutral POV, steps in and reverses the ban.

  7. The Sorcerer says:

    @ Shankar and Gagan: Dude, use your forum nicknames man..

  8. Rohit tandon says:

    mods doing their best to discourage contributors. not expected from te…

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