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01/04/2011 by The Sorcerer

Safin!!! Where is the rep section coming up for Gigabyte :P.

But let’s keep that stuff aside. 2 random things to address (cake blog is the best way to put it out since many- directly or indirectly- are keeping an eye out for cakes!!):

#1. The so-called “missing” USB 3.0 port.

#2. The so-called international warranty.

There was this guy in TE who claimed his friend has a pro/usb3 board but said that USB 3.0 NEC chip was missing. When I asked him a question if he even had a blue port (yeah- I played along) so he said yeah. Pretty sure I was it just a pro version Asus board but he claimed it was PRO/USB3. Since he wildly posted on all the forums and at same time he said he didn’t want to do anything about it as RMA with Rashi is simply not worth it.

When I was in GameKshetra event, they had M4A88T-M board with no USB3 at all (the above was probably an 890g) and this pretty much answers why the person above was “doing” it:

You will see a “square” where usually NEC/RENESAS USB 3.0 chip will be between the I/O Ports and the Phase. Now this is pretty much a cost cutting intiative that EVERY companies do with all of the stuff that they make. Not really an issue since all the boards uses USB 2.0 the way it should. But here’s what starts the confusion. We all know that Blue usb ports are 3.0 ports? Well….

YEAH!!! BLUE PORTS!!! Anyone can mistake them for USB3.0- but its not!!! In whatever the case, black coloured USB ports which indicated that it is 2.0 is the least that could have been done. While the mystery of “missing” usb 3.0 chip is sadly solved, having a USB 3.0 coloured ports which are infact 2.0 is something one will not expect from a tier 1 manufacturer. “MISSING” USB 3.0 chip? Acceptable- Using usb 3.0 ports on a model that doesn’t have one in the first place? That ain’t right!


I heard somewhere that there are some “dealers” who claim that board has “international” warranty and certain jazz of it that I never even heard of. More funny, one claims to be on their board. I was pretty sure it’s just kinky way of saying that its not via official distributors (which means if anything goes wrong they’ll fix it through their local dealer)- just a head’s up- avoid such dealers even if they are selling it substantially lower- you’ll thank me later.


Another problem is certain companies are slacking when it comes to lifetime warranty. Now different companies have different definitions but there’s one thing in common- they are all vaguely put up. This gives an opportunity for a distributor to change warranty policy at his own discretion. Gigabyte specifically mentions 3 years warranty on U.S. and Canada on the U.S.’s product page and on the box- but not in Indian site. Infact- U.S. and Canada are pretty much the only ones with that sticker. Observe it closer- 3 years warranty is not mentioned on the box, manual or on the product page. Now I know that Gigabyte has 3 years warranty but why not put it where it counts? A friend says that in United States, the government protects the people. Yeah- true that. But then again history is a proof even in India that bad warranty implementation and policy drives the customers way and damages a reputation to an extent that they spend years to recover from a bad reputation- all thanks to usless trolls :P.

Asus and GBT- I know you’re reading this- there ya go!


One thought on “Jus a heads up…..

  1. Jon Ellis says:

    Yes, so true on the ASUS M4A88T-M board. The blue ports are slowly 2.0 and I wasted my time (like you shouldn’t) trying to understand why the ^&*(*& they would use a blue USB port if it wasn’t 3.0. I bought a USB 3.0 flash drive and a 500GB portable 3.0 drive, only to find now I have to ADD A CARD to get USB 3.0.

    I’ve been using and selling ASUS for years, but this one makes we wonder who was asleep at the wheel and if I will continue to buy their products….

    BTW, as far as performance is considered, the ASUS M4A88T with 2.8Ghz Ghz quad-core Athlon II X4 and 8GB RAM is surprisingly sluggish. Considering something more EXTREME Intel next time.

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