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11/03/2011 by The Sorcerer

Yeah.. but its good so far. I am sorta fumbling in the middle and I feel some part might affect Hardware BBQ, but I am taking this opportunity to become more organized.

Being involved and interacting with few company personnel and managers gave me a good idea for how certain things work. Few good men!! You will be surprised the amount of level-headed and neutral people who work in companies and are really someone who knows what they’re doing. They’re smart, they’re quick and they respect their competitors behind close door and don’t find an opportunity to diss their rival brands. Some people are really interested in collecting feedbacks and trying to improve the way things are.

But here’s the thing. They aim towards gamers- and gamers only. Talk about cooling? Gaming is the prime focus! Talk about overclocking? Gaming comes to the scene. Screen quality, resolution, processing power, power supply, branding, etc they are referred keeping gamers in mind. Products that would usually be ignored by gamers even concentrate on gaming.

To a large extent: Gamers (or someone who discusses about games a lot) is referred (indirectly) as “Easy Pickens”. Why? Because most of the guys were involved with TV/Radio/Printed (especially printed) Media. Now they agree to a large extent that printed media is a dying breed (Ameya Dalvi’s comment back when I was 17 and again during Corsair’s meet up. Few magazines shut down in the middle).

Yeah, there was small “talk” yesterday and gaming was again a prime focus. I simply said “I would recommend to know your crowd before doing anything. Try to see what/how people are discussing and with what they’re discussing about. Not all are gamers- there are photographers, some who are into rendering, general pc, audiophile or just plain tech fans/fanboy”. I also said that if you want to interact with your buyers, its best to have a very small meets between people who know what they’re doing and what they’re talking about. I also said that its best if the relevant people from the company ((RnD, marketing, Operations)) is the one being in the middle of such discussions and they would need to note down points. Later, they can do their interaction with their team- that also includes PR.

They were like “okay so we should try to understand what people require and not just emphasize on gamers?” then I said “If your company that makes gaming peripherals, gamers are your crowd. If you’re making graphic cards- one of your prime focus would be gamers. If you’re making something that is usually appreciated by Hardware fans/enthusiasts but if you’re concentrating on gamers alone? Possibility exists that the company’s goal and product line might become confusing, thereby maybe creating a sour taste in the eyes of certain groups of technical enthusiasts.

BTW, I also said that its best in such meetings is best kept without channel partner/distributor because couple of them have a habit of dismissing some criticisms, especially about availability, service and pricing. That just ain’t cool!

They thought about it, they pretty much have a different point of view now. I am proud that as a blogger, I am called in for my cents rather than calling an established media personnel. I am able to get the honour to speak for a lot of people. I do get lot of support. Readers/followers guide me, they put up constructive criticisms (( yes, I will try to break my sentences and frame my content properly. Yeah man! Appreciate the feedback 😉 )) and even $2k advice if I feel I am stuck in a ditch.

Like to take this opportunity to thank a lot of people who have been inspiration and source of guidance and knowledge on the forums, even if they commented on someone else’ thread: Harshal Tank, Bikey, Sangram, Udit, Lord Nemesis and Amey, appo ;). I wish I had opportunity to know Eazy and also Vivek Punjabi as well. I read Eazy’s comments on a regular basis and the more I read, the more I learn. Super heroes in training (S.H.I.T.)- take note.

I met a lot of crazy people- toolius! There are few “actresses” that are ready to sell themselves as a brand- Ankit Fadia in the making. One person can make a difference, the people whose name I mentioned are the very proof of that “theory” thats working in practical scene. There was a particular someone I wanted to involve but he is putting that “corporate manager” personality type comments on the forums. If that senior moderator is reading, I think someone made a similar comment.

Also I would be meeting even more good people now that I am sorta into it now. I still have a lot to learn, but I can say with a small level of confidence that yes, I can push Hardware BBQ as a very active source of information once I am able to organize myself and keep a toned down/sober (yeah, whom am I kidding) interaction towards certain types of people.


Speaking of interaction, Bikey told me about this article about PrimeABGB’s Gulbir: “My story is like Rocket Singh’s“. Read up and raise an eyebrow! Next time you wonder what’s the fullform of ABGB- there ya go!!


Edit: I’ve helped Coolermaster and Kingston get a rep section on Techenclave’s new Manufacturer support section. Couple of more to follow in the coming weeks. You have any questions/feedbacks, make it count, Be honest, be clear and be humble. I am doing my part for the community- now its your turn!


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