Bloopers caught on sight Part 1: The Indian tech Media people!

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20/02/2011 by The Sorcerer

I know and you know that most of the forum guys don’t rely on magazine and certain websites for information. But a significant amount of population rely on them. If they can’t afford a decent bandwidth (thanks to ISP not giving good enough connection and there’s no healthy alternate), they rely on magazines and those who have and aren’t aware of forums like Techenclave, they rely on such sites. They brag themselves as the most trusted source, they have the manpower and space. That’s good. They deserve it(?)

Some have 8 staff members and some have 14. I am sure bigger medias have 18 of them excluding the senior and editor staff.Blimme!!! Hardware BBQ is a one man show. BTW, did you know that Anand used to attend company meetings at the age of 15?? Yeah he used to accompanied by his mom and all- this was told to me by APAC sales head for Corsair- who was the marketing manager for Abit. I love tech meets, especially when someone international scene comes up. Good stories to exchange. Good people. Great stories!! Cakes too (but you know my opinion about it). All you 15 year olds, learn.

Note: Despite how some people think, I don’t have any secret vendetta against any of the media (well…nevermind THAT incident….and that comment…and that rant…and that case…okay so I did that a lot). Even I make mistakes. But as they say: We learn from eachother’s mistake. So, technically this thread is to celebrate each other’s mistakes. I’ve removed the logo or anything that suggests about a company because we have a grumpy ol’ man in the business (No…not you!!!) whom I nicknamed him as “politician”.

Blooper #1: I love the touchscreen on my processor, may I haz some MOAR!!!11

First of all, this ain’t mine. Someone actually put this up via twitter to someone else. LOL. BTW, when we talked about it, it wasn’t a layout issue, but a genuine blooper.

Blooper #2

4GB? BAH!!! I am Rajnikanth!!! They make  Notebooks with 10GB memory for us!!

According to the product site, the notebooks come with 4gigs. This one, comes with 10GB. Amazing!!! That is one beefy memory notebook. 10GB worth of cakes!!! Where’s mine??? Where;s mine?

Blooper #3: oooh but if you sell $1 for a popcorn, you should sell them here for Rs. 45 too!!

Where I got this from? From a wordpress blog which has the word Price with India and then info. Here’s the info: He converted the price using $1= Rs. 45.  Obviously he needs to be clarified that U2311H itself costs Rs. 14,000/- on retail the things people put up….but check out the people who copy them (and this time its the printed media)

Blooper #4: Yes you can touch the cake! Just don’t ask where I got it from (adjusts croutch)

Yeah…apparently he says its Rs. 14,000 too!!! I’ve googled and asked my sources. This screen was announced but no word on the price. They clearly said “not possible at all!!!”. U2311H itself sells for 14k (and all that story). I’ve showed him the scan that one of the good people from Digit forums forwarded it to me and he’s surprised. Naughty naughty, ripping stuff from the internet? And you thought nobody was watching? Your readers are lot more intelligent than you give them credit.

When I did some basic google search, I found out about the supposedly 14k price and it seemed to be have been taken from the blog and it was not verified. C Nagaraj, if you’re reading this: Dude, the cake is a lie!!!111

Blooper #5: Very much possible!! All you need is a hammer and some tapes!!!

This is taken from Erodov forums. This is a win!!! Tops it all!!LGA 1156 processor i3 530 with LGA 1366 x58 mobo. Also Zebronics xclio 777 apparently ripped off from xclio 777. No power supply and list goes on! moment at Sucks to be the person who relies on this information before purchasing.

If you’re wondering what is “brag PCs”. It started by Prime ABGB. YEAH!!!!! Brag about your bloopers!!! Enjoy the cake!


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