Yeah, BBQ and cakes!! Random posting during the travels of the Corsair Press conference


08/02/2011 by The Sorcerer

“Oh yes, Hardware BBQ! Yeah, we subscribed to the RSS feeds
“If its ranting, it has to be him!”
Sorcerer: “Mmm…cakes!!” Amey Dalvi: “The cake is a lie!”
((They did have cakes…and chicken!!!)
“Oh!! You’re the Sorcerer???”
“Hey man, you changed a lot since the last time we met”.
“This is Roshan Ashraf, he runs Hardware BBQ!”
“Hey who was that guy asking a lot of questions and not leaving Scott alone.”
“No worries man, we’re here to answer questions- that’s the point of this but you’ve asked many really good questions!”
“AAAaaaah!!! No wonder you know a lot of things happening around!”
“Yeah, you can shoot them in. I love reading emails!!”

Yeah, the conversation about me and few people (chip, tech2 and Techtree) who flew in on the same Mumbai-to-Delhi flight whereas the PC World came from Bangalore. The PC World dude said that “So since we’re in the online publishing as well, I guess we’re fighting for the same space”. I was like “Nah, that’s not how I see things. Besides BBQ is very new and I am the only one handling it for now”. They talked about traffic and about the colourful comments that are put on their site. Friggin’ trolls(?)

Mr. Dalvi of techtree spoke about my rants, especially about XFX India where one of guys posed with the gun. They’ve taken it as a sport. It been a long time that we’ve met and nice to see him being the same sporty guy. We also spoke the infamous “S.M.A.R.T. is out patented technology” conference where Ameya said he raised his eyebrow in that mind. No- it was not an Asus thing and it happened right after the days of socket 939 were over. Despite the jokes and the side jokes we have for each other, a level of respect is maintained. Its all good. Cheers to the cakes!!! Techtree was the first one to cover GOOC 2010 for India where we had our very first Indian qualifiers. Techenclave guys removed him (BOOOOO!!!) So the history is gone- nah. It might not be the same but techtree guys still have it so you can check it out here, here and here.
So basically Corsair did a pre-assembled system configuration. I did bombard some questions like “Hey, we have a p67 chipset board from Asus and as far as I recollect, the hardwares was recalled- so what are you going to replace with?”. Corsair guys were pretty humble, said that they are not looking for numbers yet (Mr Thirwell said 10 sets being sold for this year alone when Mr. Dalvi asked the question and Shane said they might not even go past zero, but in any case this isn’t the only configuration that they will be offering and they will be showcased in Prime ABGB and SMC International.

Yeah, Asus and Nvidia 3D Glasses was there, so they both are involved somewhere in the picture. There was no clear indication whether they have an official tie-up because it seemed they weren’t any. But Pre-built PC systems was one of many reasons for APAC sales managers to drop in and I really wish that the efforts bear good fruits.

BTW, here’s the official coverage from Hardware BBQ:

QnA Session with Corsair guys (During AND after the conference): Bringing in the BBQ Grills!!


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