4870×2 ON Quad crossfire? 125/140w CPU support? With 4 pin ATX connector? The jazz about 32 PCIE lane? O RLY???


12/12/2010 by The Sorcerer

You read shit and you learn shit <- said by the people from a forum with people who do their own shit.

Ages ago when I was 15-16-17(ish), techtree (Yeah, back then even Ameya Dalvi was still the editor, but techtree was under ITNation back then IIRC) hosted this publicity thing with a mobo company (they sucked donkey b@lls back then but now they are good enough/great now) and one of those guys said that S.M.A.R.T. is their proprietary software– to which few went “lulwutwtf” and laughed infront of them. If they remember, forgive us/me but seriously what were you guys thinking???

Ameya Dalvi also said that printed magazine can’t put that much content as its not feasible. If I remember correctly, a guy at game guru (I’ve seen their office, as far as my observation goes they end up copy-pasting content from other sources back in 2007).

No disrespect but even such Indian online review sites are incompetant as they are misinformed/mis-guided/clueless themselves (or they are paid to do this??), yet they and their associate/loyal readers call them “experts”.

About 2-5 AMD boards came and went through my hands when few people needed help with RMA. One common point between these people (and a big blunder) is that they relied on these sources before making purchasing decisions. When one of them has told that he referred to one of these sources, this is what they written:

At first glance the board looks pretty empty and seems to be void of any circuitry. This certainly gives it a very clean look. “They” have chosen to go with a yellow color for their PCB and it kind of reminds me of their A8N-E board, which was very popular back in the day. Lets start examining the layout starting from the CPU area first.

The board claimed it supports 125w CPU in specs but there no very handful who said “This is not right” in their own ways.

Anandtech was one of them:

While a board’s PWM/MOSFET count generally indicates its ability to handle a particular load rating, it does not always indicate its ability to properly regulate, correct, and deliver clean power. That is why a board with a properly designed four-phase system can offer improved quality/performance over a poorly designed five- or six-phase system. All of our boards in the roundup utilize a decent three- or four-phase PWM design, with the exception of the ASRock board that features a five-phase design. Does this mean that the ASRock board will handle the 9850BE without a problem? Not necessarily, as there is more to our story than PWM design.

No price for guessing what these Indian media will say next :P.

There was another source from a printed media who recommended 125w hexacore on a sad board with 4 pin atx (worse, the board comes with an imprint “140w CPU support”) with no MOSFET sink and a 4+1 phase.  Now even if we point out such facts infront of them, they’re simply not going to listen. Worse they’ll throw couple of fancy/big words to make us go “lolwut” and pose infront of a camera in such a way that the media source who made this “meet” happen will say in the cute manner “Mr so-and-so from so-and-so company was able to handle all the technical questions effortlessly”. Yeah…right!!! Some of those articles were pulled down (obviously either they will say its our imagination or some articles “accidentally” disappeared when they shift servers- yeah the usual one).

But there is one article that was not pulled down, and this was the comment that someone made:

“AMD has already built a computer that has four 4870X2s in it. So it has eight GPUs; drivers will not be supporting eight GPUs at this point of time.”

That means you didnt “build” it. You just put it together “for the show”.

BTW, I came to know about this through tech power up! if you think about it, the entire sentence is contradictory. The guy who did a “QnA” (I assume he did not do it because some suits prepare their own questions and answers written on the sheet and gives it to the media folks.) session obviously doesn’t know anything at all nor he just wants to keep them happy. As already pointed out in one of the comments, there was only one prototype board (from Intel) that was able to do something like this- Foxconn transformer. But if you see, they just put it up for display and didn’t showcase the performance or even hook it up!

Since this came in tech power up! That means whatever these guys say and if its “shocking”, it ends up being a laughter for international sites.

Either its utter whitewash (DUH!!!), fooling people around them thinking that the readers are idiots or they used something from their rival manufacturer. In any case, there was no benchmarks, pictures or screenshots- just a board which houses 4 ati cards- that’s it. Dude, the cake is a lie!!!!


This isn’t the first time that lies and contradictions  in the name of “publicity” by the “tech experts”. Back in August 2010 there was a product launch for a card.  madnav went there and he posted on this thread. Unfortunately (darn you people, darn you!) since tecenclave kept general section a “members only” zone, this is what he posted to sum up everything relevant:

madnav;1578701 wrote:


Here We are.

The XFX Event Highlights:

Product Launch:

Launching 5series in India along with good old HD4670 in the lineup

Graphic Cards Being Launched:








Most Products will be normal stock clocks and XXX Editions.

They also boasted about having the World’s 1st Single Slot HD5770

Although i do not see the necessity of the same so late.

And ofcourse, The Big Gun of HD5970 4GB was also showcased.

All GPUs will be immediately available with RashiPeripheralsTech This Quarter itself!!

Apart from GPUs, XFX is also Launching Their PSUs

PSU Being Launched:

XFX 850W Black Edition Modular (As pictured before in this thread)

XFX 750W Black Edition

XFX 650W XXX Edition

Rashi Will be supplying PSUs from next Quarter. As of the present, they have only imported Test samples for each of the PSUs. Someone over TE will soon be getting The same for Testing 🙂

As per Rashi and XFX, 70% of the current market for GPUs in India lies under Entry Level.

25-26% in Performance Segment and less than 5% in the Enthusiast Segment. This information was given Hesitantly after a marketing gal asked for what kind of market does the HD5770 and above would have in India.

Things were very positive as they explained Viral Marketing and how XFX is proud to having that famous amongst the Enthusiast, Demonstrated by a video on youtube which clearly was a work of professional cameramen rather than noobish cell fone cams that a teenager enthusiast may have.

Youtube link to the video

I mean, what sort of Idiot labels their secret weapon package by its actual name? (skip over to 2:40)

They claimed it was work of The Fans, which clearly is not.

After That they showed a video of their previous launch party.. There all Marketing people were having some party time in Formal outfits.. I surely learnt a few things about marketing yesterday.. 😛 🙂

Lastly, some weird questions by the audience..

Q. How did you manage to get the Gun past the Airport Security..?

A. We showed them what was inside.. Moreover The Gun looks like those Toy Guns children use in Holi. So it was not an issue..

(The prospective Buyers of this card will be very pleased to know about how the Plastic Gun was in terms of the build Quality :rofl:)

Q. How did you manage to get the “special” card get past the Customs at the Airport.. ?

A. Mam, these are proper legal imports. All taxes are paid. 😛

Q. What is Single Rail?

A. It is something that is not Divided. (Well ofcourse.. The word is Single, any moron would know that).

See the Power Supplies currently in the market do not deliver exact amount they advertise… This 850W can deliver upto 90% of its capacity. (lol what a contradiction :rofl:)

Then he began explaining how their PSU is 80 PLUS Silver certified and how the efficiency is.. The maximum was ~90% and may be that is how he calculated how much power it can deliver at max… :rofl:

After that the other guys from their Team began explaining how efficiency actually work..

He says, “Mam, most 300-350W power supplies in the market at 40-50% efficient.. which means that they can only provide upto 150% in real time !!!” (I was flattered)

The last part of the Event was to Express how cool XFX is with the special XXX and Black Edition Branding… Although he was stressing the term XXX making some what interested face while talking to one of the marketing chic. 😛

Well that is all i remember rightnow..

will add more to the afternoon news if something pops into my mind 😛

PS: One thing I realized that XFX is done with nVidia it seems..

They were praising AMD left right front n back..!!


Madnav also said “when they claimed that there were only 1000units made. by XFX after i mentioned about other brands.. they kind of said that there are total 1000 units cumulative of all partners and not just XFX”.

Yeah well- such is life and such is how people think that one is incompetant. Credits to Madnav for attending this. No credits to others for letting me know about this thing (I would have opened my mouth infront of others for sure :p)

What about techtree guys? Well they obviously were brainwashed and “wowed up”. Worse they played with the plastic toy gun:

Having some problem putting your pinky in the hole?

BTW, I sent this link to Ameya Dalvi. It’s about time these people are corrected because such “exotic” comments will just spoil name that users and the media folks as far as tech goes- are idiots (or so they pose as one)! Why they are doing this? Well I’ve seen many guys who were reviewers end up working for such companies. Here’s the thing- they earned it. Some of these guys who were honest to their jobs (Yeah there are some handful of reviewers in India who an honest job but the quality of the content is drastically taken for a toss as its was put in a magazine).

But the blame doesn’t go to only them. Some members (not belonging to particular one forum, but all) don’t make an honest attempt to learn neither much facts to back it up. Remember the comment above about those dead AMD boards? Some of them got advices from a forum. Infact, they were under the misconception that the people who advice on those forums work for them as reviewers.

Those advisors still had such boards being recommended in December 2010’s “Pc build guide”. So I posted it on 2 forums- chip and Digit:

Just my 2 cents advice to people who advice others. Just don’t advice people by pairing a board with 4+1 power phase and with a 125w processor. Do you really think a board with a 4 pin atx power connector can supply that power without stressting it? Even if the brands+ magazines+ some brilliant reviewer+ some advisors who recommend for name sake say it will work, it’s just going to stress the phase and the mosfets, eventually putting load on the processor’s voltage supply. The board will be the least of your concerns as it will burn the processor as well.

A prime example from overclock.net:





This is exactly the reason some advisors need to stop recommending just by cramping hardware within a price for the sake of it. It’s the people’s money that is getting wasted because of such advices and you obviously will blame it on something else because you obviously don’t know how things work. Take extra care and do a proper research before blabbing about it.

For everyone’s knowledge the board is MSI 890GXM-G65 but this applies for any board with 4+1 power phase put up in a ridiculous way and supposedly “compatible” with 125w processors. I told to some people it needs 8 pin EPS ATX cable+ more/better phase control, but sadly people just won’t listen.


What’s the difference between 4+1? and 8+1? An overclocker named chew* puts it out in layman’s terms:

Chew*@XS wrote:

8 +_ phase when implemented correctly requires less power to acchieve clocks,its cleaner power, it’s not as stressfull on PSU, and is considered to have a longer longevity. I might add there are very few true 8 phase designs. Most are split 4 + 4.4 +_ works, if properly implemented and kept cool, if not it will eventually blow up when pushed hard.

4/8 phase is made specifically for CPU voltage. +1/2/3/4/whatever is made for the memory so unless you overclock rams, it doesn’t matter much (i said matter much- I didn’t it doesn’t matter at all). But if 4+1 is done, not only better mosfets+ phase are supposed to be used, but also the circuit needs to be made in such a way that there is no stress between the EPS ATX connector and the Phase to the processor. It adds up to the cost and hassles, hence 8+1 is better off according to *some* companies.


There are couple of other Indian tech forums who most likely are doing the same but they are better doing their own research or refering to this blog post. I know most of you guys have other obligations and have a life, but that’s not an excuse to do such things. If it is, you’re doing a big favour by not doing/saying anything in the first place- food for thought!

There’s also a certain “forum reviewer” who has a large bag of arrogance in the size of a walrus and who is considered as a mascot for a forum run by idiots and fanboys/sellouts with the same baggage closely associated with a dealer with direct influence with Taiwan.  He proved to be a sellout as he gives those “recommended by ______ forums” and gave all stars and glitters, also posting/posing in other forums (lol the overclocks was there only on CPU-Z, but was clocked down  when couple of benchmarks were posted) and even recommending it to others.

Things changed all of a sudden from here- He asked for couple of things to do his dasterdly deeds (Yeah, some of us know the vaseline incident- its the same guy) and  he didn’t get it(many reasons- one of them could be because its not feasible to risk a motherboard or 2 just like that or second he’s just used by the suits as a publicity stunt). What did he do? He behaved like a spoilt 13-year-old brat (he’s 30 btw-and claims to be married) and trash talked about that company and the service. Yeah, he behaved like a spoilt princess.

It’s obvious that this “that-which-shall-not-be-named” forum and those writers have no/lost their credibility as they will do anything and say anything for anyone who gives them free hardware. Sad! These people started all this saying that they wanted to help the community, but what they really wanted to is create their own kitty party filled with misguided n00bs to cheer them/hike up their unique hits/alexa pageranks and do something like what techarena does (but they use a bot). Some of you will say “Why do you even bother to write about such people/forums?” because it’s these people are degrading other people’s minds by mass and it’s because of such entities people don’t learn right. I’ve been with digit and chip forums for a while now and I can say that there are few people who can think and research the right way if they were poked in the right place. This is what those guys should be doing- and they can but don’t want to for their selfish reasons.

If the first admins/owners of that particular forum is reading this, this is what your people are doing and this is the damage they are causing. I know you told me via twitter “I’ll be back with a bang!” , well make sure you get few garbage trucks and few shotguns when do you! You end up unshitting the process what your people did in the first place.

Whereas for guys from the good enough tech forums, please eye an eye on your member’s pc guide. Ameya, If you’re reading this- Belated congratulations for your marraige :).


13 thoughts on “4870×2 ON Quad crossfire? 125/140w CPU support? With 4 pin ATX connector? The jazz about 32 PCIE lane? O RLY???

  1. Surya K says:

    disguisting. there’s no such thing as honest journalism even in the world of reviews atleast in india. i will be skeptical in reading any magazine or checking these forums now. tell them to open a donation box in their website, i will pay 50 rupees per week inexchange for their honesty. to even imagine they do all this for a free hardware.

    shame on them.

  2. Saqib Khan says:

    if ppl li3k bakra dutt and such people are selling news according to corporates and politicans, is this a bad thing? in india, even loyalty comes with a large price tag+ benefits. this is india dued!

  3. | Balu | says:

    Oh come on, go easy on journalists, not everyone walks hand in hand with lobbyists =P I would rather not write about stuff than goof up with reviews =D

    • The Sorcerer says:

      its sort of a lol comparing these guys with those guys. Most of these stuff that reviewers in India do is because of incompetance and lack of knowledge. Another thing is they want to keep them happy so that advertising revenue flows in. They don’t understand that such cycle eventually catches up and readers end up finding a reliable source of income.

      Note: I only indicated a particular Indian tech forum as a sellout- and its not tech arena who assign multiple bots and make them post (lol they stole pics from my article) to boost alexa rankings.

    • Saqib Khan says:

      theres no difference between the 2. only difference is that reviewing affects the people who are buying it and not the country. these ppl do it because they get peanuts. even security guards earn more just for sitting. they do this job so that they can impress pr and marketing folks, then find an opportunity to get a job there. do u really think in india writers get paid properly? no. thats why such shit is done.

  4. Chetan Singh says:

    I am sure its something like lobbying- “you give me this exclusive and I’ll put your product article like this”. afterall these review sites are owned by media companies who are into lobbying so obviously they will show their characteristics as well.

    dunno about forum but we do not even have near decent tech forums in india. tech2, digit, chip, gadgetguru and such shows delete comment if it does not favour them. its obvious they are being paid for doing all this. i read toms hardware, bit-tech, hardware secrets, anandtech and such reviews. i dont rely my purchase on a single review, but read only international ones then make a wise decision. there are many people who read all this crap so its is an eyeopener for them.

    • The Sorcerer says:

      Yeah. I recently had a chat with UK’s overclock 3D reviewer and he was really humble and patience replying back to me- even via facebook. Whenever Anandtech guys see actual doubts/minor corrections being pointed out, they interact. This is what reviewers are supposed to do- interact. If you think about it, I see 1/2 hardware canucks guys interacting with xtreme systems guys and at times they come with a little bit of a fire but they still interact. That’s the beauty and essence of being a reviewer. If you don’t know your read or interact with them via comments, then how would you know who wants/sees/says what.

      There are few who read 1 review but they do a basic comparison with other review guys to see if something is missing.

  5. zoombas says:

    I still do keep an eye out for all the suggestions that are being given in CHIP. But that’s the max I do in whatever time I get.

  6. Chris Gibbons says:

    techtree must be run by people who dont know what they have to ask and to whom or they are simply recycling other website’s content. those questions seem to be ripped off from sites like bit-tech and tweak town, except such guys ask the company heads who are responsible for worldwide marketing and PR. these blokes are responsible for localised PR and marketing task hence they are not qualified to answer these questions. asking such people with such questions will end up giving out politically & technically incorrect answers like this. india has a lot of catching up to do if this is a something done by the journalists on a regular basis. this damages the credibility of the company, writer, management and then gives a good idea that its just a pr gimmick.

  7. Sangram says:

    The post was a little long, I lost you in the middle of madnav’s story which you quoted verbatim – I could have done with a link, the point would still have been made.

    There are two issues here: the competency of ‘review’ sites in India, and the technical ability of the company reps.

    The trouble is that most engineers actually have very little idea of how things actually work in the real world – and this is across fields. In my previous company, we had trouble getting an IIT grad to explain Ohm’s law. That’s Class 10 physics.

    Review sites (actually most websites in India) are run by businessmen keen to tap the 40L+ internet audience. They don’t start with a passion or an idea, and that’s the problem. Behind every bad business there is someone without imagination or intelligence, or both.

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