AD driving you mad? Now it will drive you even more MAD thanks to your Adblock plus!


05/12/2010 by The Sorcerer

We all know about download accelerator plus. If not, you’re just a google away from knowing it!

[Citation needed as my support tech support guy  in U.S. is taking his beauty sleep Edit: The lazy tech support says it’s adequate. Yes- my software tech support is outsourced to U.S. If you don’t like it, make a trip to U.S. as he will sponsor it for you should you not sue him]

Basically it downloads stuff  from multiple and available sources/server assigned from the same website you’re downloading from and clubs it in- like torrent’s seed funda…when we download open source stuff :P.

More servers, bit faster downloads. Now here’s the thing- since this became so popular websites decided to block such download managers as people had to “wait in the line”. Some website owners stuck with such blocks whereas other webmasters made users to download their own clients which then downloads whatever you want. Through a 3rd person’s perspective, it sort of fair but you might get a mixed reaction from people who download from such sites- both from who uses download managers and who don’t but end up waiting in the line because of such users.


Somewhat similar funda for advertisements is present from the example above and I am beginning to see atleast 1-2 forums/sites did this experiment. Now you will ask- why now? Well.. there’s a good reason given by arstechnica on this article.

Quoting the important words from that large post:

There is an oft-stated misconception that if a user never clicks on ads, then blocking them won’t hurt a site financially. This is wrong. Most sites, at least sites the size of ours, are paid on a per view basis. If you have an ad blocker running, and you load 10 pages on the site, you consume resources from us (bandwidth being only one of them), but provide us with no revenue. Because we are a technology site, we have a very large base of ad blockers. Imagine running a restaurant where 40% of the people who came and ate didn’t pay. In a way, that’s what ad blocking is doing to us. Just like a restaurant, we have to pay to staff, we have to pay for resources, and we have to pay when people consume those resources. The difference, of course, is that our visitors don’t pay us directly but indirectly by viewing advertising. (Although a few thousand of you are subscribers, and we thank you all very, very much!)

A very well-known site that houses atleast 2800-3000 active users (members and guest combined but not search bots most likely) did the same thing.

I (and maybe you also) don’t see this now most likely either they disabled it or maybe the latest ABP took care of it. Chances are if PR/AD agencies breath down their neck or if they are suffering in coverage, they might perfect this and worse maybe restrict you from seeing anything unless you disable the ad block softwares/plug-ins.

Infact, also made instructions with pictures on how to disable ABP. Imagine that happening on our Indian forums (yeah, now that caught your attention huh). This is all they had to say:

You may say “But I won’t click the ads anyway!” The thing is, OCN makes money off the ads regardless of if you click them or not. We have both Pay Per View and Pay Per Click. You may just leave them be, and ignore them. Every ad allowed helps

But why is this put up under randomness?? It’s “supposed” to be filed under “Rants” right? Well, this is sort of justified….sort of.

Now there’s 2 types of ADs- pay per view and pay per click. ADs is the only (official) source of revenue AFAIK for online sources for news/reviews/analysis. Electricity costs money. Hosting, bandwidth and servers to stack up so much stuff needs money too. Resources like multimeters, hardware, testing equipment, even software to test hardware properly, ocassional calibration of their testing equipment if needed, manpower and stationary/salary costs money. If it’s a full time job, it’s obvious the guy who runs the place needs money. If ads are blocked, how will they get money and fund for such content to be provided? Donations? Oh please by max how much can someone donate- 100/500 bucks? Besides most of these expenditures are on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. Tea costs money and food for employees/aircondtioners/cleaners/stationary/security costs money too- also the chai for the security :P. Receptionists with decent skills don’t come cheap either. (BTW, if anyone from chip magazine is reading I am sorry for losing the “visitor” badge *facepalm*). What about merchandise? I don’t know- how many would you buy merchandise. I am game for giveaways but to buy them..well unless its something like mass effect 2’s hoodie and caps, I don’t think there will many takers on a regular basis.

But there are some forums/sites that uses just too many flashing ads that you just hate seeing it and at many times, slows you down. An example:

Now there’s a reason for this to happen. Digit does cover online and magazine content (I know- most will question quality of content from such sources but that’s irrelevant for this thread unless you’re a friggin’ Mr skanky pants). I wouldn’t be too suprised if the revenue/costs from magazines is separated from revenue/cost from website/forum (again- irrelevant for most of us except PR people and/or Editors/those involved in this business) but  it’s such ads that fuel to take care of their expenses/salary of their personnel. But come on!! Flashy ads? Even I don’t like them either. However because of many of us using Adblock plus, not only PR/advertising agencies pressurizing media groups to find a workaround because they are not getting coverage which might hamper in any further investment in ads on their magazine/site, but also the folks in such media houses finding a workaround. I am not too sure if digit uses “pay-per-view” or “pay-per-click” but most likely both just like the example of  2 sites given above.

If there were times we wished money grew on trees, this was one of them. Sadly, it’s the thing that they do to pay the bills and try to keep their readers informed as much as the can afford.

Now!! If you’re thinking is so much is needed to keep the engine running, must be a really tight thing for forums like techenclave and erodov to run. Yeah well, things they do for us. Other than the creepy ad banner from the one-from-Chandigarh-who-shall-not-be-named in techenclave, it all seemed “okay”. BTW, one of the reasons I joined erodov (long story cut short, I was punked by some TE fellows when I joined back in my n00b days so I went to erodov for sometime when it was new) they said there will be no ads and I remember that some folks there criticized techenclave for ads (yeah they criticized TE a lot for more than that, calling names and if I think about it now I wish most of it didn’t happen) but eventually they ended up with ads as well.Moral of the story: If you have a forums with no ads and you troll about other forums- don’t. At the same if you own/manage the forums and brag for having better content- it won’t hurt if you keep in mind about us good-for-nothing snobs >_>”

It’s your choice to disable or not. Either way there will be more workarounds, more counter-workarounds and the cycle just keeps growing and growing. Hence I am being neutral (but my ABP is enabled if you’re curious) provided it’s less flashy/skanky and properly put up. This ain’t the classifieds you know. BTW- I don’t think using classifieds on forums would work, but the forum admins can answer that query as they have way more knowledge about this.

I also hope that this put some rumours to rest (planted by some trolls- not so cool man, grow up!!) that a particular forums earn money by ads to fill their pockets- well they don’t.


Wait- what about print media’s ads? Fine here’s an extra whipped cream in your cake:

If you see printed media magazines, you end up paying good money (what- about Rs. 50 to Rs. 350? My book store sells UK/US game magazines for about a grand or above depending on the rates put up by IBD on a monthly/bi-monthly/quaterly basis). On top of it, ads on magazines. I haven’t seen one of those magazines for a LONG time now but here’s an ad which phoenix put up when he became successful in setting up lian li in India:

I am trying to be in touch with him for sometime but he doesn’t PM me back. In any case-  someone asked a newspaper editor back in the days we used to get known newspapers for Rs. 2 “Why are newspapers so cheap and manage to end up with so many content/pages”- there you go- advertisements fills ’em up for you in exchange for a chance for you to see it. Magazine printing is not like newspaper printing (well- the machine-prints-on-the-paper still the same basics but the process/paper quality/colour quality is different). It costs manpower, electricity and ink. A part of the money received from such ads by the magazine is taken care. It somewhat reduces the cost of the magazine (No way I’ll pay so much for a magazine) and the best part is- readers end up viewing it whether you/I don’t like it or not. It’s another thing if I am right or wrong, but I guess I got some part of it correctly put up.


4 thoughts on “AD driving you mad? Now it will drive you even more MAD thanks to your Adblock plus!

  1. Sathya says:

    ADs is the only (official) source of revenue AFAIK for online sources for news/reviews/analysis

    There’s affiliate advertising, (paid) link exchange, sponsored posts, guest posts, banner exchange, classifieds, job postings et al.

    • The Sorcerer says:

      Classifieds are mentioned above already (I did edit the post before). I was under the impression that “link exchange” between 2 sites are like “barter exchange”.

      • Sathya says:

        Depends on the concerned parties. It’s not surprising to have someone pay on a monthly basis to have your link on the blog roll. Also forgot to mention explicit in-post advertising ( via links et al ).

  2. zoombas says:

    I don’t have a problem with ADs as long as they don’t “grow/expand/blast/shout/make noises/pop-up/pop-down/redirect/delay” on you.
    Then again ABP ftw.

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