The official “Dude, the cake is a lie!!!11” facebook page and other short stories!!!


14/11/2010 by The Sorcerer

Yeah!!! Facebook too!!! Here’s the link.

If you’re wondering, no- the content on the facebook page will be fresh. Only thing I will do which is common between the sites is share the links of the rants on the facebook page.

I never really thought my blog will do really good. I have got a lot of response despite the blog’s theme look a little run-down. I am not much into decorating and all, but hey I kept a vertical banner on the right hand side- hopefully that’s the only decoration I have to do.

I not only thank for all those people who take a time to read all my posts and observations/rants, also to those people who abused me at the back of their head or making cheap comments about me during those kitty party meetings that few people keep, threatening to sue (one fellow did), abusing me on multiple forums and calling silly slapstick names because you feel “I am walking over your yard” and also intimidating me with your tight black leather outfit and with a long, thick whip (yeah…that didn’t happen but since I am thinking about it- I don’t wanna be in that boat…why did I even put that up :-s) or calling me that I “work” for a particular company, doing advertisements. Bad publicity and such comments actually ends up being a good PR for a ranting blog- but then again my articles shine by themselves.

BUT- if you think doing all this will discourage but sorry to say but I’ve had a lot of experiences with online forum bashing and lan gaming trash talks since the age of probably 11-12. Sorry to burst your bubble but- Dude, the cake is a lie!!!


Just a not-so-small message: I have a friend and she is not into PR (not….exactly) at all, let alone technical PR. But she does maintain a blog or something. In any case, this is what she said:

1. Search engines tend to discard the back link value of sites whose source no longer exists.

2. In case you develop back links from blog commenting, it is possible that the owner might have changed settings of the comment section and / or remove old comments. Maybe the blog owner has implemented the NOFOLLOW from previous DOFOLLOW settings.

3. Also, it is a known phenomenon that search engine keep changing their algorithms regularly and this leads to the clearing up of links that give no value to site link they point out

4. Through the investigation we have learned that the links build on profiles, blogs and forums have been eliminated

5. It can also be a possibility that sites with less PR are not indexed by the search engine

6. The search engines sometimes drop the inbound links that are irrelevant to the topic of the link pointed out or have less PR

7. The search engines could have discarded sites giving spam links

8. It is also a possibility that a particular site used to develop back links has been black listed by the search engine

Its because of such analysis and points one fine day the internet, community discussions and even YOUR social networking will become just another garbage. Not that I am teaching your job or something- and I know doing third part jobs is tougher than one can say- but there’s something called responsibility. The internet is the source of free information, social networking, communicating and sharing. You’re killing the essence of it just by putting up such analysis.  If the person who made this analysis is reading this- would YOU appreciate if your search results turned out to be advertisements? Don’t use search engines as a source of PR, don’t use community forums as a source of PR (well, there’s nothing wrong in putting a press release or event updates, contests, etc.- but if you are asking someone to recommend/manupulate  your product’s review just because one is getting a review/media sample or worse even “posing” as a member and defending your product just because your company is incompetant to resolve the issues and take negative criticisms & shortcomings as feedback, your actions would result in a backfire, poterntially making your public relations job worse as it leaves a bad impession- even worse if its done by the client)– and its about time people don’t use social networking sites’ PM option to advertise.

If you’re doing this and making such analysis- is your concept of PR different from how those chinese and nigerian spammers work? Again- not that I am teaching your job, but there are ways- ethical and proper ways- to do a PR right, especially if a product is worth it.Hell, you might feel good if you do the right way of PR and advertising if you go home and take a sleep. I know and you know what I am saying (not I am not saying  be in your customer/client’s shoes- 50 bucks says most of their shoes stink or maybe stepped on something REALLY bad- like a roadkill).  Have a nice day :).

P.S.- Be a good lad/girl and share that link on your blog, FB, twitter to your friends, not-so-friends, ex girlfriends and not-exactly girlfriends. If you think that ain’t right then I am not sharing this cake with you  – ^o^-

(nah- I don’t like that much attention for this ranting blog- if I did then I would fill this up with ads :p)

Edit: Our chip’s moderator, one of my friends and your neighbourhood friendly and hopefully not a “desi” version of spiderman, coolpcguy assumed that PR means page rank- AND not public relations.  Therefore the conversation end up like how it was below!

Aaaah see!!  Its a good thing I have her phone number. In this case, PR= Public Relations, not Page Rank.


7 thoughts on “The official “Dude, the cake is a lie!!!11” facebook page and other short stories!!!

  1. Sathya says:

    You’re confusing Public Relations (PR) to Google’s PageRank (PR) ( ). Your friend is talking about the latter.

  2. Sathya says:

    (follow up comment to enable e-mail notification)

  3. Sathya says:


    I just put forward my view. Public Relations and search engines and nothing in common. Page Rank and search engines, yes. In the quotes, she’s talking about Page Rank not publick relations.

    . The search engines sometimes drop the inbound links that are irrelevant to the topic of the link pointed out or have less PR

    less PR == less Page Rank. Google doesn’t give a damn about Public Relations.

  4. The Sorcerer says:

    Company cares for public relations na…
    See I asked and hence the answer. I’ll ask if they know what is page rank.

  5. aakdedy says:

    Welcom, I Like your Product

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