Being honest- the most simple thing to do!!!

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02/11/2010 by The Sorcerer

This is a continued post of this…

When you made a good product for the good price, market it honestly- it WILL sell eyes closed. If you overexaggerate facts on a good product, it will turn out to be a bad apple.

Why kill it by overexaggerating and putting up empty promises? What’s the point in putting infront a technically great product and then overexaggerating? If you call your low end board the “best” board there is, you’re also saying there’s no point in buying boards more expensive from the same brand and chipset compared to this unless you want to waste money and showoff.  Being politcially/technically/grammatically is tough, but effort has to be made. Make sure that if you are talking about a new feature- specify how it works. If you are going to keep the necessary details as “secrets” deemed in marketing materials, I am sorry people will deem that this is a marketing gimmick.

I understand and respect that you have been from sales background that is beyond my understanding (therefore explains my “passive” participation in my stores) but you are dealing in something which has to be marketed using proper technical know-how, even if you are putting it in layman’s terms. No disrespect but most of us are competant and educated enough to do basic research and out of them even fewer don’t really mind spending for something that is honest by his word and it does the job as they say, even going to the extent of importing it via newegg/amazon. You might say its less despite the fact that a dealer easily secures 10 orders of a great product within 1-3 days flat! Remember the days when Abit IP35-e were sold like hot cakes?

If you think that I am on a mission to “deface” a company, you got it wrong. Just so that you know, I used MSI RS480, Asus a8n sli premium edition and Asus p5q deluxe (where I played musical chairs with its bios updates till they released a stable bios to run 800mhz cl5 on stock after 4-6 months in gap), then radically jumped on the biostar bandwagon, then got an opportunity to review Gigabyte motherboards and handle/tackle many MSI issues for my friends. If you say something wrong someone will object to it. It is you who has to improve on it rather than trying to make them do your bidding. Be honest- it is the most simple job to do as you end up not covering your tracks/lies. It is also the most honourable thing to do as many people try to relate honesty to the letter with a product- its a human thing!


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