Be honest because someone else knows about it too!!


02/11/2010 by The Sorcerer

I am The Sorcerer and I try to stand by the truth- no strings attached.

I was a gamer back not-to-long ago. I enjoyed lot of tournaments- halo, microsoft’s RTS tournament, techtree, WCG, ESL-Europe (its an online league), etc. and I missed those days. What I missed is getting those prizes and they were pretty good. Not exactly trying to live those days, but I try to help guys to secure sponsorships for their gaming tournament by forwarding plans.

Recently I helped Abhinav Rai to secure a sponsorship with Gigabyte (he requested it- and he asked gamebashing via facebook if they have any contacts) for Thapar university‘s Aryana festival, named IMMOLATION tournament. It did come with a large space of delay followed by a bitter sweet of the cake. The tournament was held between 21st – 24th October 2010 so its a recent event.

There was a 2-3weekish gap between the time I forwarded Abhinav’s request to Gigabyte India and when Abhinav got a reply back, despite giving the sample poster, presentation and list of requests for sponsorships at a time of forwarding the email for sponsorship request. When he was contacted they refused cash sponsorship. Fair enough atleast GBT India was being honest about it. Then they said (after a day’s delay) that Abhinav will get 3 boards worth Rs. 5,000 each and he was being told it was a “good” board.  Abhinav went for it as there was no reply from other companies who did sponsor in the past.

The board that he received was an end of line/commercially phased out economical board (that was worth 4k about 1 year ago? its worth about 2.7k whoever has stock of it) G41m-combo with Intel LGA775 socket. I was being told by Abhinav about this 2-3 days ago. Calling a 2.7k worth board as 5k? that too a board that is commercially EOL? In a college gaming tournament? Maybe Gigabyte India is new to sponsoring gaming tournaments but come on!! If you see International Gigabyte online giveaway in facebook they give out good stuff just to say Why is Gigabyte a good brand or tagging yourself  in their product lineup. If you are seeing GBT India, good motherboards from intel were given for GOOC 2010 Indian qualifiers that was held in techenclave online. Now I am in touch with motion gaming and xtreme gaming guys who are planning to have few tournaments, some of which that I’ve been told are college based. Gamers are not dumb. Now I understand Gigabyte India is only into motherboards, but if this is the approach towards sponsorship, not many people would appreciate tournaments sponsored by Gigabyte. When you say “good”” board worth 5k NOW,  You assume its one of those AMD 785 chipset board with USB3/880G chipset board OR Intel H55 chipset board, yeah?

The least they could have done is notify directly that they are giving a g41m-combo board that is an LGA775 motherboard and retails for about 2.7k approx. I wouldn’t have even posted this if that honesty was maintained. Honesty- please!!! The next thing they should do things right is proper product placement. EOL board on a gaming tournament? This is as bad as tournament claiming “Prizes worth ₹1 Million rupees to be won”, and next thing you know it the only way you can get that is being a 5 man army in counterstrike, player in nfs, DOTA, fifa then win all of them and consider the MRP of the product (which no1 follows even when a product is newly-launched). This is a gaming tournament, please do not kill the love!

By the way, the info about this tournament was put on gamebashing and e-sports India.

Now there is a little typo on the prize distribution so these are the scores as told by Abhinav:

The winners of counterstrike who belong in a team of 3-5 members received Rs. 20,000 + Goodies Gigabyte G41M-combo (Read carefuly: Not each).

The winner of Need for speed: Most wanted “Dalbir Singh” got a Gigabyte g41m-combo

The winner of Fifa 09 “Manjot Singh” got a Gigabyte g41m-combo

Edit: If you are wondering, the goodies and money is not given by GBT.


4 thoughts on “Be honest because someone else knows about it too!!

  1. Abhinav Rai says:

    Dear frnd..!!
    It was said by gigabyte that the board they r sending is worth 4-5k. We didnt knew what board r they sending coz v got the board 2nd last day of the tourny and really shocked seeing the G41m-combo and its mrp. We distributed each and every prize we committed before the tourny but unfortunately in case of NFS and FIFA we were not able to deliver the same coz we expected 4-5k board.
    And i would like to add 1 imp thing here– Prizes are not everything(whether it s 2.7k or 5k), the fun, the spirit of competition, the feel of defeating your opponent and Sreaming IMBA IMBA in the arena is what a tourny is all about and gamers plz let it be the same way.

  2. Abhinav Rai says:

    n Roshan…thanks a lot…!!! keep up the good work…!! 🙂

  3. Amit Agarwal says:

    Hi,i read your post and was wondering if you could help me.I am a 4th year Engineeing student of B.I.T Mesra,Ranchi.We are organising our bigggest annual Cultural-Technical Fest and we are also planning a big gaming event in the same.We are in talks with Zapak and a few local firms,but to be honest there aint much hope.So i was wondering if you can help me out with ideas.The brochures and all are ready,but i am at a loss as to whom to pursue.

    • The Sorcerer says:

      Forward the details like your contact details, college name, event poster and other information to ninjachacha[AT]

      Not that I am giving you any assurances, but I can see what I can do.

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