Gaming series power supplies, mobos, heatsinks, cases, rams, case fans… do gamers even buy them??


30/09/2010 by The Sorcerer

I’ve always liked a specific standard/spec being present at all time when a product is launched (no not certications- especially THX). When you say “gamer” series, these are the few things that comes in mind of a gamer automatically.

# Hassle/worry-free and easy-to-setup

# Low-cost but no comprimise on quality.

# Adequate features a gamer would need.

# Life span is good enough and less maintainence.

# Good grip, feel, “bounce”, response.

# For people with big/small hands and for people who play in low/high sensivity.

Its a usual thing to see “gamer series” mouse/mousepads, keyboards, screens, graphic cards, headsets, etc. Infact, most of the lineups with this badge are REALLY good (my mx518 is in a bad shape but it does the job as it always did with NO problems or hiccups) but some products are seriously questionable to a certain extent. Cases? rams? heatsinks? motherboards? Power supplies?

Most of the manufacturers who make such stuff with a “gamer” tag are under the false and over exaggerated impression that gamers are into “bling-bling”. Cases and case fans come with LED lights, rams come with LED (they are for diagnostic but many companies don’t market their product that way, unless they are for overclockers) with a glossy black finish, motherboards and power supplies follow the same bandwagon.

Coolermaster was probably the first who such marketing with cases and then gradually now towards heatsinks.Shripad (also used to call himself as funky) did a review on such product “Deep cool gamer storm”. Now there are certain products, although you *could* relate some products with a gamer (like…antec lanboy? NZXT gamma? Yeah), products such are these are highly questionable. “Gamer edition” is a standard that companies like logitech, razer, steel series have started to highlight a great quality that is suitable for gamers. Heatsinks? Motherboards? Power supplies? They are all supposed to be with good life span and great service with hassle-free.

Such products are either priced low with a comprimise or they are way too expensive. So by their defination, are they trying to say Gamers usually comprimise on quality so what the hell.. or If you’re a PC gamer, you’re loaded with cold cash and if you’re loaded with cash you must have the bling??? Now I know some of you guys would say “So what- if you have the cash, then you can do whatever”, but companies framing such mindset about “PC gaming” would most likely scare away people if they want to be a pc gamer.

Not all gamers are overclockers but some people tweak/overclock to get better performance and if you really thinking about it, bumping few mhz for the fun of it isn’t the only thing in overclocking. Majority of the gamers find those LED lights very distracting (unless they are toned down nicely) and most of the people who are into lanparty gaming have a strong case that isn’t fingerprint magnet (unless you want to showoff).If you go to European countries and see their championships, chewing gum and energy bar/drink companies endorse/sponsor/do product placements as far as gamers are concerned. Most of these stuff ain’t healthy and many gamers prefer fresh meal rather than junk food, especially those who play for long hours.

Its even bit disturbing (well- depending on the product) when they make review sites/magazines praise their products with a high level of over exaggeration. Alas in India, tech shows/magazines/sites are looked down just as another way of doing PR. If a product is good, say it. Its not- say it (don’t bash that to glory). If its good enough for a gamer- just say why and how did you come to that conclusion? Remember- most of the gaming accessories start wear-n-tear after few weeks of constant using. If product with a “gamer” sticker can’t handle that, its just scrap.

But if a company can justify a “gamer” sticker on its product, it lands a great deal of respect among gamers and when respect amongst gamers is established, a product is marketed from a word of a mouth and it opens to a large number of buyers. I am sure Samsung/Intel (WCG), steelseries, razer and Asus (techtree and I think vixture event but I am not sure) know what I am talking about.

Oh yeah- speaking of gaming gear Razer has a giveaway. So be sure to participate it as its no-holds-barred for any country.

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Edit: Oh yeah, by the way. I joined Indiblogger and I am sure some of you are there. So!! You guys have been reading my blog for a while now. I don’t like sugar-coating words to a large extent because it takes a lot of effort and I somewhat consider is at manupulation of words BUT if you like/love my blog, like my indiblog profile and you start to like my thing then I will be encouraged to write and when I write more I get the hang of writing even MORE awesome stuff!!! Yeah? Awesome- here’s the link: The Sorcerer’s Indiblog profile.

Edit 2 (01-10-10): We had a discussion at TE forums (over here) in regards to power supplies- more specifically about the newer vx/tx/hx series of corsair power supplies. After reading  Desecrator’s (AKA Gannu AKA gannu_rox and most probably used some other nickname before that) comment and went to JG forum where they were talking about “gaming series” power supplies.  Redbeard, a corsair rep for many international tech forums did confirm that there is a significant market for gamers are far as power supplies are concerned.

This isn’t true, they’re entirely different platforms with different specs. GS is significantly better than CX.

Basically the problem was that VX/TX/HX used to be all pretty much the same quality (and costs were very close, save for the add-on for modular cables on HX).

CX is basically designed to be the best <$50 products out there – and GS is meant to be the best price/wattage balance for a “gamer” type of PSU (for which, believe it or not, there is a significant market).

TX, HX, and AX will remain the higher end, enthusiast and up, products.

Following my earlier comment “not all gamers are overclockers” GS probably is the best for gamers. However the pricing of these units is another story- and we all will agree that the pricing funda for corsair psu is so screwed things go out of proportion when the GS series comes out.

Speaking of power supplies, the following is for the people who copy paste other people’s advice (not that I am saying its a wrong thing but most of such people have been caught in TDF, chip and TE that they are over-exaggerated and “sensationalised” the information dramatically in a filmy-way) pegasus said and I quote:

Having seen quite a few VX450 units, i have definitely noticed a drop in fit/finish, connector/sleeving quality, etc at first hand. The 3.3v and 12v rails on the newer units were also not quite steady under heavy load iirc, compared to the ones that were bought much earlier.

There has been a quality drop as far as my newer TX750 unit is concerned as well. Take extra caution if you’re promising people without checking your own facts properly.

Edit 3: Boy corsair is serious about trying to be a new major brand for gamers. After updating you guys about the GS series, a review popped in at techreport about the new Corsair HS1 gaming headset. If corsair is trying to be the new coolermaster, then I hope they don’t end up making degraded stuff like them and 1up the gaming series to a standard or better quality.


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