Possible new word in the Urban dictionary “Troll drool”: Don’t feed the trolls or else they will cover you with drool!!!


01/07/2010 by The Sorcerer

I am so WOO!!!! Its G-E-N-I-U-S….assuming it happens. Well, you’ll never know!!! I’ve just submitted to “Urban dictionary“. So let see!!!

But anyways, here it is. The word is troll dro0l and the meaning of it is exactly how it sounds. I see trolls everywhere- including in techenclave and chip. They seriously spoil the fun. You see kids, this is what happens when you don’t get a girlfriend- to try to bang on people on an online forums!!!!

Definition: Posts/comments from troll posters specifically design to attract/provoke regular/certain members to have a “confrontation” with them and try to make a situation look in such a way that its not a troll’s fault, behaving as a drama queen.

This is very common occurrence in multiple forums, especially in multi-national and in tech forums. Some people talk/brag about their religion/country/caste/gender/social or personal achievements unnecessarily that they are simply irritating members and provoking them for a flame war. In such situation, usually an inexperienced moderator/administrator of a forum who can’t see the obvious will warn/ban the person who was provoked by the troll, but its pretty obvious that his/her drool is specifically meant to do that. If the troll is caught, he claims that it is simply a “misunderstanding”. Don’t feed the trolls or else they will drool all over you!!!


A: Who the hell do you think you are??? I am the #1 overclocker in THE WORLD!!!111 B: Hey, Calm down!!! I didn’t say I can beat you, I simply wish I can achieve your level of skills and become best of the best. A: Ohh you shut up!!! You are simply trying to ruin my piece of mind by coming and trashing my section as if you own this forum. Who the hell do you think I am???You want to challenge me, come infront of me and I will teach you a lesson!!! C: @B, Ignore A. It’s pretty obvious he is trying to cover you with his troll drool!!!!

Live example: From Techenclave’s thread “When is Nokia n8 going to release in India?“. Desiboond is trying arguing in a stale mate argument with Lord nemesis. However, respects to Lord Nemesis for keeping his cool (I am assuming he is) with our resident troll. Hopefully it will be cleaned.

Think you love it??? Brilliant!!! Start using it!!!


One thought on “Possible new word in the Urban dictionary “Troll drool”: Don’t feed the trolls or else they will cover you with drool!!!

  1. Sid says:

    Haha, nice one. There are loads of examples on OCN too, especially in the GPU section

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