Through the eyes of the ATi fanboys….and other short stories!!!

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30/06/2010 by The Sorcerer

First things first:

# Personal thanks to Harshal (Yes- there is no shame or “harm” in thanking people so if Mr. “So you’re thanking Gigabyte- fair enough” is reading this, even if you do something for me, its pretty obvious with no strings attached even I will thank you- and FYI, its Gigabyte who contacted me via phone. More specifically- its Harshal.) for trusting and giving me those boards to review on and teaching/talking about stuff that I learnt along the way. Also thanks to Bikey from day 1 for “hammering” the basics in my brain, you’re the best 😉 but for the love of God don’t hammer me in public >_>”

# I am no longer a moderator for chip forums. I did what I can for the forums and for its members- and I have done with my 100%. Say whatever “you” (*hint*) want, but I am proud what I’ve done with the forums and bumping into people like zoombas, vijay, anant_xinix, neel_the_champ, GTX OC- take a good look at these people. Oh yeah btw, Judging by 2 folks from Erodov & Co. who are there on the forums, its pretty obvious they are smc/cm/msi hooters. As a wise man once says “Numbers talk louder than pics!!”- or something like that.

# Congratulations to Mr. vaseline aunty (**hint**hint**)! I am sure one fine day you will finally achieve your dream to say “I overclocked using 1.21 JIGGAWATTS (Think of “back to the future”) using a cm psu HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH” and for doing the outrageous- reviewing Gigabyte x58a-UD9 after baking (popcorn with butter)/ microwaving it like a copper pop corn!!!! Its nothing to be proud of, but something to be a little bit ashamed of- BTW, you turned off the turbo :P.

# Some people asked me why don’t I post reviews on my blog- simple answer! ITS A RANTING BLOG!!!!

Anyways- why a randomness post?? hmm? I’ll tell you why- this is just to show you the teaser video: “Through the eyes of the ATi fanboys”. Let me know what you guys think.


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