The screwdriver theory


09/06/2010 by The Sorcerer

Screwdrivers!!! One of the best thing in the world! They even named a drink after that thing! Screwdrivers is a tool which does wonders! Fixes your door, windows, motherboard, cars, electric stuff- its even used to pick a lock, car, save the world, destroy a ship and even a civilization from the brink of extension- Yes!! I am talking about the sonic  screw driver! I always like to have one of those. They do the squeaky noise and wonderful things but they don’t open deadlocks- hmm.

Not everyone need a sonic screw driver. Some prefer small or some prefer those with rubber grips with maybe a light or a laser (do they even make a screw driver with a laser?). Same funda for the PC. Now if a very VERY rich guy wanted a simple screw driver to fix a small problem on the door hinge (he might not but that’s not the point), would you recommend one of those kits with those laser sights, flashlight, cutters and stuff? Even if you do, he will stare at you and say “Just give me a simple screwdriver to get the job done you stupid idiot!”

Same funda? How? Why suggest x6 with 5770 to a guy who wants to game and some minor photoshop just because he can spend that much? I assume some of you guys at chip are reading this? Same to techenclave advisors- why do you some of you guys blindly suggest UD7s and i7 when the same job can be done with an AMD x2/x3 with a decent board- or an i5? Just because he has a money to spend on? Tell me, if you were a rich guy and you want a pc to play games and you have a budget say- 1 lakh. Would you appreciate if someone gives you a config or rips you off for a system that does the job for about 50-55k? Now usually when I ask such advisors they will say “He has the money, why not?” and even one of those “His money, his wish!”. Someone even compared a racing car with a Rolls Royce **points towards the previous blog post**

Cool story, bro!!

To that individual, SORRY but you aren’t the only one but I am using you as you as an example since you are the brave one and I’ve already pointed one guy’s mistake at techenclave which was enough to provoke him to change his nickname only on TE and not on erodov and TDF *HINT*.

It will not end over there. They will bring a lot of arguments and counter-arguments by more than 2 people. Basically its the same technobabble extended in a conversational manner which was long resolved by reviewers when those hardwares were released. One of them that will surely come in the future- CRYSIS 2!!! Remember crysis? Yeah, the graphic card rapist. Now he has a son called crysis 2 and supposedly that would most likely be the successor. Now some people will boost x6 and i7s by creating this illusion of “fear” that their system will not run crysis 2 somewhere in the very near future. Now such people will start a thread called “System for 60k powerful enough to run crysis 2”. Unfortunately its because of such people who consciously/unconsciously damage the way the people should think- buy a pc based on your needs rather than how deep your pockets are. Not all gamers are overclockers and even if they are, most of them simply overclock processors and leave it that way. Then what? What’s the point in UD7s and UD9s? Crossfire? Guys, if he sees his electricity bills in the next month most likely they will simply put it up for sale.

Unfortunately, its a pattern that is going on. One guy says “I want a gaming system for 60 k!” and they suggest them based only on his budget. But then the real story is he plays occasionally and he really doesn’t care about FPS and maybe playing on “very high settings”. Once they realize that they don’t need such powerful stuff, they will downgrade and put it up in the market. They will not say/complain that the advisers could have informed them, but its there at the back of the head.

I once suggested a system to a guy long time ago- e7200+ p5q-e and a 4850. He plays most of the games that is available but he just plays it- no overclock whatsoever. End result? After so many years it does the same job. It satisfied him. Another friend, he wanted a system and basically he wanted to have a small music production thing in his house so that he can do some minor work. Its a 945BE with 785board with all caps and cm 335 (nzxt gamma wasn’t available in those days). End result- he loves it. Someone has a girlfriend and wanted a decent system to surf with a good music system since she has a big hall- e5200+ g31 es2l with vx450, 2 gigs ram, Asus xonar dx with mx5021. He loved it, she loved it. Brilliant built! Credits to bikey for giving an excellent description of that board (yeah you given it when that guy was “trying” to justify that buying g41-es2l was more logical choice than buying g31-es2l because of the onboard) Does the job. He had a budget of 60k btw. Job was done for about 40k I think. Another acquaintance who was his friend(ish) wanted a new board for 10k as his old board has some weird problem when he used it. What did I do? Nothing- popped the case and the 4 pin atx was loose. Case closed, money saved and I got good dinner! It was a very good dinner, mind you. To the curious, he was using FSP OEM VIP 400w. Very few people I know sold their stuff and made a clean upgrade. They made minor upgrades alongwith the way like more rams and more hard drives, but that’s about it. Some upgraded graphic card but only after they realized that they needed something better/faster after 1-2 years. Their core system was still good enough, hence they picked up a 5850 after doing their own research.

When someone uses that template, you advisors look at the use of the system first and then the price. If it can be done on a lesser price? Tell him. If he says that he wants to overclock- think for a moment. New overclocker! Would he really need true120e and Noctua u12pse2? Most likely not! Does he really need a crossfire board when a matx board will do the same job? Help him save the money!! Make an effort to say atleast once that the work/performance you need the machine to do, it can be done at a lesser price. Stop being one of those guys sitting in chairs and writing down a config based on your budget. Be an advisor!! Chip and Techenclave have the similar template (I’ve taken it from as it worked for them and then techenclave followed suit) so advise based on needs rather than budget. Look at the needs first!

If any of the mods/admins of chip and techenclave are reading this, let’s try something. Put the “purpose of the system” question as the first question and drag the budget down below. Will not have the overnight effect (maybe even any effect), but it might help change some people’s approach. If people start making titles which starts like “Need system for basic use” instead of “need system for 20k”, that means people’s perception towards the way one should think about system is somewhat changing- atleast the approach is.


One thought on “The screwdriver theory

  1. zoombas says:

    rightly said. something i had recently pointed out in CHIP. unfortunately ever since then that person has not participated in config request threads yet. So im guessing my intervention was not taken sportingly.

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