PCs ain’t cars, dude! lolwut- what are you saying???


07/06/2010 by The Sorcerer

Someone once said on techenclave

At the end of the day, money is the ultimate benchmark!

Recently a conversation went like this on a thread in techenclave:

Phoenix: The UD9 is a waste of money unless you are an extreme bencher. Go for the UD7. hell, if you are not going to use the Waterblock on the UD7, go for the X58A-UD5. Same features. And cheaper by 5k (around 17.5-18k).

Then came the man who used those (in my opinion and experience- not so wise even by a long shot) words:

When he has the budget for a Rolls Royce, why do you guys suggest a F430 Scuderia?

My reaction to that? Went like this :-/. Then I had a lolwutwtf moment. Happens I know but here comes the rants.

Think about it, where’s rolls royce and where’s F430?? NOWHERE NEAR THE SAME FRIGGIN ROOM!!!!!!!!!11111

I am not much into cars and stuff but I very much know the difference and basic uses/advantages between hatchbacks, sedans, 4x4s, family wagon, tuner, muscle, race car, classic car, luxury cars like rolls royce when I see one. Dude, you’re comparing a racing car to a rolls royce :-/. I get drunk only when I smell/eat chicken tikka OR tikka-ish but YOU dude, you’re permanently hooked!!!!

Phoenix continued and says “It’s not about the budget. It’s just sensible buying”. This part is true, I will talk about this in my future blog post on how advisors just blurt out configs based on the budget without even knowing about the use but that’s not the point here.

^And you really think all those Rolls owners are sensible buyers? Oh come on!

Well, no. But you compared a sports car with a luxury car :-/. What? Did other racing cars went to the scrap in one second before making that comment?

There is some sense in buying rolls Royce. I saw this on MTV cribs thing that one of the rolls Royce had this umbrella thing on the door and you can pop it out- okay not a good way of saying but people have different tastes.

In layman’s terms: Some rich white folks pee their pants when driving 120 KM/H and therefore they buy rolls Royce. What do you expect them to do instead buying a Rolls Royce? Get a broken down wagon, get xzibit and vh1 to come at his place and pimp his ride? Maybe even get one pedal so that xzibit will say “Yo dawg!!!! I know you like mac so we put only one pedal!!!!!”


Gannu!!! What’s up??? If that was Team-BHP forums, some members will make a plan to shoot you or run you over!!! Don’t do that!! nononononononononononono…. even xzibit won’t like you.  Next time when I see you, no cookie for you!!!

But yeah, to answer you question: Yeah. His money, his wish. But then again, I am sure that a guy who spends so much money obviously must be spending for SOME reason- did you ask him why?? Beautiful question- why? “He has the money” is usually guys like who “buys anything but don’t know what to buy” types give a reason. You’re an advisor but then again, that’s not helping. Instead sorta creates an impression that mainstream boards are crap even to go “extreme” (not the real “extreme” or the real meaning of tech enthusiast- the blingy blingy version of those words). But like I said, this is a rant post- next randomness post- read. Don’t want to agree? Cool!! But again- READ THE NEXT POST IN THE FUTURE!!!


One thought on “PCs ain’t cars, dude! lolwut- what are you saying???

  1. Mike Boozer says:

    haha, good stuff

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