OMG!!! Nvidia stole a cake from my blog and other short stories!!!

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04/06/2010 by The Sorcerer

Nvidia PR is acting weird!! I was “promoting” those aunties and uncles, but they zoinked by imageshack image!!!!Paranoia, government conspiracy theories and public related work should be left by the experts and not me (well, atleast not PR)! Here’s why.

So I put this famous picture where the Nv dude is wearing an apron and a picture of a gtx480 being used as a grill with the “the way its mean’t to be fried grill”? Yeah, so I put that post to promote their graphic card-cum-grill. They removed it!! Why??? Because I “violated” them on my previous blog post. No seriously, LOOK!!

Isn’t that “supposed” to be a good thing? Its like you’re wearing those skanky pants and going to the office in the morning, you forgot to make a toast but you’re rig is running so you can just pop your bread there!!! You see the usefulness?

I always wanted a graphic card-cum-grill. I even made a jingle. So- seriously!!! I did make a jingle!! Its not yet done but here’s how the draft sounds!!

It grills!! It thrills-

Power consumption and heat dissipation gives you the chills!!

Your parents/wife/kids will throw you out after getting their hands on this month’s electricity bills!!!

I know that sucks- unless you have big bucks!!!

Now nvidia fanboys can get their chicken tikkas and tandooris to fry-

Because their system is going to be powered by GTX 465!!! Maybe have a add-on oven by using SLI!!!


I am still working on it though. I haven’t showed this to Nvidia PR yet, I just given an order for a giant “Phsyx” logo but the guys who was supposed to get that large neon signboard (with LED glitters that will blind anyone) went blind after testing that neon board!! Yeah, the neon sign doesn’t affect nvidia fanboys since they are already affected by it.

This is my finished product!!! Through to the eyes on the nvidia fanboys movies:
Episode 1:

Episode 2:

Episode 3:

So to those who think they can use me to promote their product/people, this is what happens you see. I might end up posting your sex tape on the internet. Seriously, ask Paris Hilton (Yes, a women is involved- AGAIN). I was supposed to send something else to her ex- and that video “slipped”. But look- I made her famous, but what do I get?  A big “YOU’RE FIRED YOU F*****G RETARD!!” letter and she ends up sharing the profits of those video sales (lol- who even bought them in the first place :-\  ).

But to those who think/will think that I promote stuff when advising on forums (YEAH, someone said that “indirectly” almost a year ago and even one time recently when I end up recommending corsair power supply) or to those who think I can become an excellent promoter/event manager/publicist, read up!!! This is what happen when I quit advising and start promoting, yeah?? YEAH!!!! You know what I am talking about!!!

Not-so-breaking news: Ati hired me so I might make a “through the eyes of the Ati fanboys” but too much pressure…Crosssssfire pooooowaaaah!!!!! FTW!!

Oh yeah, btw. Don’t use the word “skanky” unless you want to. It means “the act of looking cheap, dirty and nasty- slutty”. Yeah, my bad. Sorry.


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