Honest reviews..publishing them ain’t so easy as it looks!!

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31/05/2010 by The Sorcerer

When my Asus a8n-e sli deluxe edition motherboard died with 1 month’s warranty period to spare I read a review of Asus P5Q-Deluxe. One of the guys who reviewed the board (for the forums- won’t say which one and who but I’ve given enough clue for few to figure it out instantly and for others to run a search) used the word “challenging” for the bios.

What really happened?It was challenging alright, but not remotely in a good way.

I bought e7200 with 2 gigs of g skills 800mhz cl5 and P5Q Deluxe, end result was that the friggin board that troubles running it on stock even with all the values being put to manual. I bought the board somewhere in october and it was only in January of next year that the updated bios was stable enough for stock ram timings. One of the bios which was released between these 2 months had a weird issue of resetting the bios settings on its own (on stock and overclocked) everytime you start the system. I don’t know about you guys but what the writer meant to say was “Its as challenging as a newbie rounding up a very pissed off bull”. But if you really think about it, such reviewers could have put in simple language with no hidden meaning so why don’ they do it? Yeah- they have to keep people happy as much as they could.

Everyone knows about gamespot.com? Cool, maybe few/most remember about Kane and Lynch incident where Jeff Gerstmann was fired for giving 6 (fair as per gamespot’s ranking system goes) for that game?

Same goes for the hardware scene. As far as what I’ve seen there seem to be 2 types of PR folks- one who will give you a good product to review and will not pressure to write biased review- heck even tell you to change couple of words in the review unless its over-exaggerated or inaccurate. The second type is what Nvidia has, PR uncles and aunties tell review sites to “bend” some words here and there favouring them, or else they will blacklist them and no review samples for those blacklisted reviewers/review sites/magazines. YIKES!!!

Wait so are we talking about Charlie boy? No this is not about Semi-accurate going head to head with Nvidia PR (If you check one of the nvidia PR’s past tweets, one of them said to another that Charlie is going to be so proven wrong and his credibility will be destroyed once fermi will be released and appreciated by the public before fermi was released)

No- its not about nvidia making BBQ grills >_>. On a serious note, its about hardware secrets who was blacklisted by Nvidia because (in layman’s terms) hardware secrets didn’t want to join Nvidia’s “Kiss my ass” club and use “exotic” words to explain their problems as a “bug” or an alternate way to make a toast in emergency situations. Gabriel Torres puts up his blog post here and with respects I quote his words.

So apparently NVIDIA’s philosophy is “is you don’t say what we want you to say, we won’t support you anymore”. It is amazing how some manufacturers try to control what the media publish about them and try to brainwash journalists. Unfortunately there are some publications that accept this sort of thing. We will always be on the side of unbiased journalism. If a manufacturer restricts us from what we can or cannot talk, we prefer not to work with this manufacturer anymore. The press must be free.

Yes!! It must be free, even if you are small or a big review site/publishing house. If you see, few review sites for music, art, movies (especially movies), games, products, cars, etc. have their own share of trouble who bump into big/important companies that have their own “Kiss my ass club”. This must stop- people ain’t idiots. If the mass gets a very good idea that a website is  misguiding their readers and putting an advertisement in a form of an ad, they will look somewhere else. “Reviewers” should not and never be another fancy name for “advertisers”- like “escorts” or “exotic dancers” being another name for prostitutes or strippers. Then again, reviewers should should not be fanboys or atleast reflect that.

I am not too sure if this happens in India but don’t be surprised if someone does. Its rather sad that it happens anywhere in the world. People keep faith in such reviews and spend money with their eyes closed (well not literally, atleast I hope not).

Oh yeah. I bumped into this interesting little thread in Chip forums where someone claims that he bought an i5 750 for Rs. 7395/-. He bought it from a store in Bangalore (no not Golcha) and the VAT TIN number is valid and registered with the name “DIGI TECHH ELECTRO WORLD PRIVATE LTD.” and the address is:

This is the copy of the bill:
My doubts? Well the product description says its i5 processor, just doesn’t say which one. But if someone is in Bangalore and wants to buy an i5 750, there’s no harm in confirming the price of i5 750 from these guys before buying from their usual sources. FYI, it is a standard retail pack.

Also, you lot should join Gigabyte India and AMD India facebook pages, start voicing out opinions and grievances over there. The more such sites are buzzing with activities, topics, discussions, rants, grievances, the more international management of respective companies will concentrate over here and see a bigger market, hence more attention. If there are other companies who have national page on FB, let me know or put it on comments.


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