I’ll scratch your back, just don’t scratch mine for the love of God…


30/05/2010 by The Sorcerer

Ever had friends who have friends who need your help in fixing up their pc problems? Yeah its one of those blogs…

I have a pretty good friend whom I assembled a system- and that’s it. So he has this guy who is a music director (He’s doing something in T-series.. my concentration was somewhere else) and his hardware “engineer” (yeah, one of those “so-called” ones) screwed up the laptop. Yeah I don’t do laptops but I thought just this once I’ll just do it and be done with it.

I installed windows 7 home edition and he liked it. Then came the wishlist. It wasn’t a big deal since I had the software lying around somewhere but He was hanging around constantly nagging and talking so much. To top above it, he was one of those guys who could do stuff with those keys and knobs (whatever they call it) on a recording studio but couldn’t install a toolbar- or so I’ve been told.

A very VERY long time ago a girl had a problem (ooh yeah there’s always a girl involved at some point- this was way before I was in either chip, TDF or TE forums- even tech2). I wasn’t good at software troubleshooting then (and I am still not, but I learnt few tricks here and there since then) but after a virus scan there was about 212 trojans on that 320GB laptop drive. I didn’t bother to remove it and since she had this “contract” with this guy so she got it reformatted and reinstalled. What she didn’t know that reformatting the partition (oh yeah there was only one partition) cleans out everything in that partition. She did that usual “wtf” talks and switched on the psycho mode. After that the reformat man was nowhere been found.

Even after 3 years she still makes the same retarded mistake as her msn messenger always pings me sends links to porn sites and stuff. I am not in touch with her for pretty good reasons (always needs help) but the point stands. When you see a girl who needs your help- run for your lives!!!


Kids will eat your brains and psych you if you don’t give them a lot, this is also not an exception especially if they want music and movies- like my nephew. My friend Harshal saved from the constant irritation of my nephew who was asking for Akon’s music for some time now. Moral of the story as far as kids are concerned? If they need something, give the stuff they need and give it FAST before they follow you like zombies who crave for brains!!!!11

Not that I am saying that such people are bad or anything irritating (not…always) but they start relying and stick with you so much, that you wish you were in space and get them off your back by opening the nearest air lock.


3 thoughts on “I’ll scratch your back, just don’t scratch mine for the love of God…

  1. Digifuntush says:

    When you see a girl who needs your help- run for your lives!!!
    haha i have been through such situation. She was like if i owed her something.

  2. Saiyan says:

    But I like my back being scratched 😦

  3. YoGi says:

    Kids are the worst of the lot… they ALWAYS want something or the other (Game, Music or Movie) and the worst part is, they will act like they know about things better than you, even when they are asking about it from you.

    I do agree about the girl part, but maybe I’ve been bit lucky in that department… I’ve developed a keen sense of keeping away from such girls and a great skill of being sarcastic asshole to make them keep away from me. 😀

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