so whom would you trust for advice and assemble your system (including yourself)??

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14/05/2010 by The Sorcerer

We all have friends or relatives who are technically sound and they usually do claim they can put a system together.

That’s “cute” (Ati “proved” that even a monkey can install a graphic card and their drivers) but how many people can do it properly? There was this one type where speedyfreak (known as damngoodman999 on TDF) where he suggested his friend to buy true120e. His friend (most likely) installed the heatsink on his system and suddenly one beautiful night an ugly “accident” happened- the heatsink fell over 4850 (oh yeah the system was on).

This incident came first on tdf where I came to find out he was using the stock asus’ backplate. Later it came on TE and then it was pretty obvious that he used the wrong set of screws and backplate. Like an idiot, he does blame the heatsink’s weight but its obvious that its the user’s fault. Where was he looking?

But that’s a pretty old story! Well here’s a new one.

Guy wanted a board which can crossfire? Just give the bloody advice and be done with it!! Want something to add up, just say it and finish it off. Trying to cover up your mistake/ignorance by saying “A CF mobo would have exceeded budget though” is just not right. People are spending money and following your advice blindly because they trust the community and the advisors. For the greater good, just acknowledge your mistake and be done with it.

Before some of you geniuses play forum politics, it happens on erodov, chip, thinkdigit and most of the forums out there. Don’t give me that look, some of those so-called advisors recommend stuff despite not using it and making major mistakes- like suggesting ddr3 rams on a ddr2 board and so on.

The local guys are even worse than expected but you pay for the service and hardware- yikes!! Its too bad people call them “engineers’. “technician” and even “mechanics” but frankly speaking, they don’t know what they are saying and most of the time they will mislead you. Their job is to earn money- your goal is to get a better deal for the money. Do you see a big gap between the two?

But at the end of the day, no matter what kind of technically sounded friends you have, make an effort to do your own proper research. Even if you are not technically sound I am sure you blokes are educated. So why don’t you make efforts to google out the reviews? You have the internet!!!! What else do you need?


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