The not-so-great “lifetime warranty” contradiction


12/05/2010 by The Sorcerer

Before I start with it- yeah!!! I have the privilege to review AMD boards from Gigabyte :). I post my reviews on chip, techenclave and techtree. I thank all those people who have helped me gain a ton of knowledge and putting it down for me in layman’s terms as much as I can. I also would like to thank my usual cup of tea made by my lovely mom, the cup of tea which makes me start my day at between 8-10pm in the morning till 3 am in the early morning on few occasions when I am reviewing these days.

So what is lifetime warranty (as far as pc hardware is concerned)? How the heck will people who have no/little/complete interest will know that when company says “lifetime”, it doesn’t mean YOUR lifetime? If that’s the case (Duh for many yeah but that’s not the point), how does one find out/predict the normal lifespan on a hardware component? 1 year? 2 years? 3 years? 5?7?10? Or does it come with a fortune cookie with a random number which lets you know the lifespan of your item?

If you see, few companies (no surprises- xfx) have started this “double lifetime” warranty as well- yikes!!! Before you mentally picture a scenario where a father hands down an xfx card with double lifetime warranty to his son, jokes apart its a pretty retarded move. We’re in a country where majority of the people don’t use their hardware properly and on top of it, dealers and distributors sometime have a temptation to land you in sorts of trouble during RMA (RMA is happening because of you or of defect is another argument which is best not mixed up here) and now- lifetime warranty!!! Heck some so-called advisors on certain forums (as far as I’ve seen, techenclave and chip) emphasize on the word “lifetime” as if its Godsent!!

Read the box/packaging? It doesn’t help on most of the products. Read the site- well..this is how things are at manufacturer’s end:

OCZ | Corsair | Super talent

Yeah they are all rams, but don’t be surprised manufacturers of other brands follow suit- like SSDs. One more (un)surprising point is that the word “limited” stands out wherever you see “lifetime warranty”.  One of the few who put it down in layman’s terms and on proper font size is skullcandy. But seriously- how hard is it to put down the numbers between 1-10. It saves a lot of headache and not to mention paragraphs on packaging, manual and sites where they have a section to explain lifetime warranty, but no word about  remotely talking about “how many months/years?”. Marketing gimmick? This is one of the lamest I’ve seen (but radiation-less board is on top of the list). In any case, just keep this in mind when you pick up something with a flashy lifetime warranty sticker and correct those who emphasize “lifetime warranty” in forums/stores to make an impression that the warranty is based on your lifetime.

Just as a side note, be careful when you’re buying and selling second hand items- especially in techenclave.

There was one thread I bumped into where a member (newbie) says “I’ve repaired the pins on my intel motherboard and sold it to a friend” . Now I don’t know if this friend is a TE member or does the buyer even know that it was repaired. Also about the case where someone used a dealer “friend” to forge a bill with a new date. For more story on this, you will have to read it from here but you will need to sign in.

Okay, why do you have to be careful when you sell? Because many blokes out there have this nasty habit of buying something from you without doing research in regards to features and/or compatibility and when they learn their mistake the old fashion way, they create a thread in the market section and try to put a pressure on you to return the money back.


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