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20/04/2010 by The Sorcerer

My head hurts! so does my nose, tongue and chest. When you guys are going out to have food and drinks (especially fish and water) , be very very careful. You might be one of those types who say “I go to this place all the time and I haven’t fell ill”, well, all it takes is one experience to change that sentence.

Anyways this going to be a very short blog (lol) because I am still not well. I seeing a lot of people asking me hardware advices via PM and messengers. I didn’t mind at first, but later it simply becomes annoying, especially the ones who start the conversation “Hi! Lol something is wrong with facebook! Is yours working properly? hmm must be my imagination!! Hey I need a good graphic card for my p4 system to play crysis, can you suggest me one for 6k!”.

Yeah, I get that a lot. I am bracing myself for the worst when crysis 2 comes out.

No offense, but its pretty idiotic when treat your messenger contacts as your day time encyclopedia, even though I am in few leading forums. I told everyone for the past 3-4 weeks that I will not be entertaining tech queries on the messenger (if they can’t understand, well ignore button is a godsent!!!). Not that I am saying I hate you guys- but come on!!! All the time??

Thanks to Sathya’s post on FB/twitter, I will be answering one liner tech questions over here. Yeah, I started a direct QnA for one liner tech questions so this should be much better- just my 2 cents!!!!
FYI, you can use your facebook login over here as well and if you need a proper follow up, do use it. Ofcourse don’t expect an immediate answer, I ain’t paid labour :P.



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