Cheap shots and low-blows: derogatory languages being used on the Indian tech forums

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02/04/2010 by The Sorcerer

When you’re in any Indian tech forums, you end up in a lot of debate and “discussions”. Some are lame, some makes sense and some are over exaggerated. Sure some gets pretty heated but pulling cheap shots and dragging other people’s parents and personal life?? Dude, you don’t deserve any cakes for life!!!

It’s a recent incident where one of chip forum members The Black Knight got a derogatory comments about parents via PM from a lamer/spammer/thread crapper  “9999coool” because he simply asked “Why are you creating multiple threads?” and then one of the mods locked the threads. Seriously, from where do such guys run away from? A jungle? The stone age? I am sure most of you guys are adequately educated to at least have learnt some basic manners and etiquette?  Is it really to reflect that online? And why on God’s name do people need to drag relatives, parents, etc.?

Oh yeah btw- don’t mini mod, use the damn report button as it exists for really good reasons.

In case you’re wondering, the bum is perma banned.

Speaking of which, something similar happened on techenclave. It all started from here where Naga made a tech query about gtx 480 and all of a sudden a retarded bum called comp@ddict made a cheapshot comment (now known as the infamous gtx 480 incident). Poor choice of words and its a genuine thread crapping. Just so that one knows, this bum is also from TDF. I am seeing such guys making such cheap shot comments with senior and respected members so I had to report it. Personally, I would have perma banned him but mods most likely gave him an infraction and purged the thread.  The result? Well he left TE- good riddance. I hope other people like him in that forum either get their act together or just simply leave. The forum is badly damaged by such characters as it is and its lost its charm.

But such low blow comments are not limited to only with 2 forums, it happens every forum right? Yeah but come on- dragging parents/social status? Even bums on the streets these days keep such standards (I don’t know but where you live, but yeah I do see such people). I remember similar blokes (( I call them the”kitty party” aunties )) at erodov forums who said some random crap about renegade. No offense to those *few* guys over there but the forum is less of a tech forum and more of an “everything under the sun” forum.

I’ll a give a big thumbs up to erodov for putting the asus gtx 285 and gtx 280 contest and that’s great.  That forum does have some 3-4 good guys over there who don’t bother making such comments but they try to help in whatever way they can- writing reviews, articles and stuff.  A little birdie @ TE told me that a contest is in the pipeline, so let’s just see how much of it is true.


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