Stuff to do on your BIOS while you’re at it!!

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21/03/2010 by The Sorcerer

BIOS!!! Some of the blokes on multiple forums get a chill down their spine when someone says something to do with their BIOS!!

Like there was one time where this guy  Mephistopheles who created multiple threads on TE (here, here, here, here, here and finally here). This is the system config that he has:

Intel e5200
Asus Mobo P5NSLI
Corsair DDRII 1 GB x 2 800mhz

Hd 4670 I GB DDR3
500 W Coolermaster PS (then switched to vx450 after being recommended on one of the threads above)
E1909W Dell 19″‘

I am simply telling him to do certain troubleshooting steps but rather than trying to do so, he just wanted a good old fashioned school debate, just like some colourful characters we bump into every now and then. Asus p5n sli uses nvidia’s 570 chipset which supports upto 667mhz max whereas he had 800mhz rams. I simply told him (other than telling him to learn to summarize the issue properly- come on now, weren’t we all taught about summary in, what, 5th standard SSC?) to set his rams to 667mhz manually on the BIOS and if that doesn’t work try it again with a newer BIOS (We all had experienced compatibility/stability horror stories with asus and other companies). If one reads anandtech’s review on this board, it stays somewhat stable when its set manually. How hard can it be to do certain steps? Before he says something about linux being stable, he should know that there is a difference in load between linux and windows- and besides there’s something called “logical flow of troubleshooting”, you can’t simply dismiss the possibility of it being a hardware issue just because its linux now, right?

Anyways, over the time I seen people getting new systems and ignoring certain key important stuff that leads to somewhat depressed bootup time.For those, this should be of  some help:

# When you have a single hard drive that has an OS and you don’t need to boot from other devices, simply go to BIOS and disable all boot priority device- other than the first one. On the first boot priority device, select the drive which has your OS.

#  There are certain boards that have RAID controllers on by default (like p5q deluxe) and people keep that on even though they don’t use RAID. Problem is after POST, with the RAID controller on, it tries to detect to RAID drives first and then proceeds further to boot to the OS. If you don’t need it- disable it.

# There are at times (due to strange/known/unknown compatibility/stability issue between ram-BIOS-chipset and/or board) that the default values are not set- for rams. In such scenarios, check the frequency, timings and the VDRAM it takes by default. This information can be found on the rams itself as its always on the sticker.

# Non overclockers/generic users complain that their processor don’t run on default clock speed. Now few of us that because of power saving settings (AMD calls it quiet n cool and intel calls it SPEEDSTEP/EIST). They can disable it on their BIOS, but frankly speaking it doesn’t make much sense. The processor’s speed will increase if the system requires that much processing power.

# Disable unwanted components- like onboard sound/GPU- especially when you are using a discrete SC/GPU. Disabling the onboard sound card solves the infamous “tick tick” sound when the system with asus xonar (or maybe in other cards as well though not sure) during bootup.

# Set the fan profiles. By default its automatic, but when people are using really good ball bearing fans, why not switch the profile settings to max?

If I remember more, I will add them in the future.


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