So would you still consider him as a “trusted” dealer??


26/02/2010 by The Sorcerer

TE market section seem to be on fire one way or the other but this time it involves a dealer. If people haven’t read/don’t recall, this is somewhat a follow-up of my previous blog post “Fools rush in where angels fear to tread!!!” and yes this time amarbir (owner of is facing a lot of gunshots from more than one member- this time making sure that everyone states the fact and backs it up with facts, screenshots and scans of their invoices.

me_ankit made a thread over here (need to sign up to view the content) on 7 Feb 10, 12:06 AM and I quote the following words:

A have been a member of this forum since a few days now though I may have not been active. I saw advertisements of in the dealer section and decided to order a Razer Mako 2.1 Speaker system . I thought that as the dealer was listed and was advertising on these forums he would be reliable.

I made the payment against order Lynx-3631 on 16th Jan of Rs 17760/- in his ICICI a/c and sent him a sms on the same day. I had made the payment after confirming that the system was in stock on his helpline no.

The order status was showing Still Awaiting payment when I checked on 18th Jan. I called him on 9815000133 and told about the order status still showing awaiting payment. I asked if it was necessary to sms him again the refused and told me that he would take care of it.

When I checked on 21st Jan, my order status was still showing awaiting payment. I called him again on the same no. and he talked in a very rude way and told me “You guys dont know how to follow instructions” re: the sms which I had sent and called again to confirm. He asked for a few more hours of time. He also stated that according to his policy he will ship the goods after 15 days.

Finally the site showed that my payment was received after 3-4 days more.
It is 6th Feb today (21 days since I have made payment) and my goods have not been dispatched yet.

The worse part is that I was buying the product on my friend’s behalf and I had myself suggested purchasing through lynx after seeing advertisements on the forums. I am worried that I may have lost the money. I have never really encountered such a dealer and would have gladly purchased from another shop even if I had to pay more if I knew I would have to go throught all this headache just to buy a speaker system.

Keeping the usual rants aside, Amarbir has replied (with loads of BS comments- and please excuse his idiotic antics of using capital letters for every damned word):

I Am Also Have a Major Issue With Delhi And Bombay People Who Are Online Mostly ,As They Have Thier Own Unions And Work In Bunches Which We Small City People Cannot Handle As We Do Not Have That Fan Following ,Due To this Pressure I Am Not Very Regular In TE ,I Hardly Post And Create Threads And Cordinate Here ,The Only Thing I Am Doing Is Replying To PM After Few Days Now .Secondly Each thing Purchased From Me Is Never discussed And Thanked Over Only 1 to 2 Deals In a 100 Orders that Are Delayed Due To Many Factors Are Discussed And That Too In TE Feedback Area even If The Product Was Not Purchased Here And Done On My Website .I Am Not Trading Much Here And I Do That On My Own Forums Now And Cordinate Quite Well with The Small Bunch Of Community People I Have There .Once I Solve The Customs Issue In Delhi [ I Will Have To Go There ] I Might Revive Some Threads .So Please Relax And Sit Back I Already Am Aware Of this And i Am Trying My Best To Solve This .

Sadly, dealers have fanboys all of a sudden and dealers like Amarbir will just stoop to any level to take advantage of the situation to claim himself as “innocent”. Its even more sad that people who pay for their products and don’t get anything out of hooting around for their favourite (and corrupted) dealers:

gokufan was the first example in that thread and I quote:

amarbir is a really helpful i had ordered recently a wd blue 640gb hdd which also got backordered .but he sent it as soon as he got it and packing was good.

(Un)Suprisingly, Amarbir responded not more than approx 5 minutes to that post and replied:

Its Not That Its about A Bunch Of People The [ Union ] At Work Here .Sometimes WE As Resellers Just Cannot Help It .Sure Like You There Are Thousands Of People Who Get Material And Have Been Getting Material .Our Current Order Is More Then 3800 Orders ,Its Not a Joke To Sell That Much ,From My Side i Try Now Sometimes I Deliver But Rarely Sometimes I Can Fail Too Like Many People [ its Pretty Human ]

The guy is very prompt in taking money and charging VAT, but very prompt in hogging any way of pretending to be “innocent”. It doesn’t end over there. asingh, although he has said that he is not being a fanboy, said the following on that thread:

Well, I had ordered all my equipment from Amarbir. Not being an Amarbir-fan-boy here. But he is quite good. I remember my deal clearly with him.

It was clearly obvious that people don’t know what’s happening and seem to be temporarily mesmerized by his “charm” and his big speech of being a small fish in a big sea (but in really, the small fish is actually a piranha). What did Amarbir say, well?

Thank You ,Now Prannas Friend Amol Patel will Also Comment Wait And Watch ,I Told You There Is a [Union] ,This Fellow Blamed Me For Not Acknowleding His Payment Though Issue Was With His Bank And He On The Second Attempt Managed To Pay Me ,But Util He Is Alive He will Just Blame Me again And again .

Yeah, he termed the people who stated facts and vented their genuine frustrated as “The union”.  Asingh continued and said “It seems like a case guilty until proven innocent.”

Shripad made a post on 12th feb that the OP finally got the speakers and closed the thread. If Ankit did not make a thread, would you be suprised if he taken if longer time? Consider it as a speculation if you want to, check lynx India’s post sales section. Now before Amarbir acts too smart of himself and deletes those threads (hey, he stooped to this level already as it is) I have taken few of the screenshots of the complaints:

It didn’t just end it over there, it went on but on chip. mundu, a member who joined chip forums given a price quote of corsair vx450, to which I responded:

Word of advice, many had problems with the way lynx india does business. I have my own reasons to be skeptical about lynx and theitwares. Stick to prime, theitdepot and such places. Go to, shoot an email and get a quote and about payment options.

How can warranty be honoured if no serial code of the product is not mentioned on the bill itself? I loled at point #2 under terms and conditions. WTF does it mean by “principal policies”. Define “unless otherwise stated”. The warranty is honoured by the manufacturer which is taken care by the distributors and/or service centres, not the dealers. Shady bills/challans with weird terms and conditions would make one look somewhere else. People don’t usually concentrate on such points, but these points are necessary because of such colourful words, replacement takes a lot of time.

And then I put up a post with someone’s bill saying that he simply doesn’t mention the serial number. Asingh was also in that forum and he said the following:

Oh..crap…! ya..! Need to check mine now. Sh**

I didn’t follow up with asingh at that point of time because I knew the next time amarbir would on the limelight, he will be facing lot of angry people and he did. nash8789 made a complaint on TE (again) over here. I quote the entire post:

I hav feedback regarding lynx-india (amarbir) which I feel would be useful to all Techenclave members.

so on the 13th Feb I decided to buy the Head Direct RE0 earphones(lynx order id 3947 from amarbir singh.
Before I could go and finalize the deal I had a online chat with his employee regarding the product.
Here is the feedback regarding that conversation
1)employee changes his stand after every 30sec if he has or doesn’t hav it in stock
2)zero knowledge about the product
got in touch with amarbir regarding this

My observations about amarbir before the deal(before a transaction or deal)
1)sir this is best product
2)pls transfer the money and I will send it to you in 2 days
3)very polite and responsive

so on 17th I order my head direct earphones from his website.It takes him another 2 days to process my on the 19th I make the payment through ICICI bank account and after an hr call amarbir to let him know about the money transfer

amarbir reply=>”sir plsss dont put pressure on me ,am busy and please do the forum registration first”

at this point he could hav well said I can check and get back to u
all he kept saying is I do not work under pressure

so i did the tedious forum registration on his site which requires a new user-name and password and created a new topic with my lynx order id and payment details for the same

had an online chat with amarbir regarding when can this order be shipped

Amarbur reply=>Sir I do not work under pressure, and I cant give you a timeframe(this is a change in stance according to what he said before the deal)(he tends to be very rude for which he says he has his own rules that he likes to follow which make him look loud and rude on the phone).

my order finally reached today after forcing him to ship it ASAP or reporting this to techenclave

so here is his feedback in brief:
1)whether you like it or not you are very rude to be classified as India best computer shop (or whatever),I personally dnt care what you claim to be.

2)When you claim that you can handle 20,000 orders a day more than what other dealers in Techenclave do
I as a customer am least interested what your turnover is .moreover it is disrespect to other dealers in the community by saying something like that.
also all of us know u need Techenclave and not the other way around

3)when I pay for something it is my right to call you if the amount reached you or not

4)If you promise before deal for time frame regarding a shipment you cant tell me it will take 15 days or 4-5 days like most orders.
Please dont say 75% of are shipment is released in 2 days and rest in 15 days
Stick to yr commitment!!!
this puts an impression you never had the product in stock with you.

5)respect the Techenclave community (dont say I have my own forums so I will work according to my way)
Then I guess u shud’nt be advertising your product in Techenclave
nor am I intrested to see how many members your forum has in comparison

6)have respect for other dealers in community like itwares and mediahome and other dealers even if they have the same product as yours at a lower price band
as a customer I am always entitled to the best deal.

7)and last but the most imp one for the deal gone dirty which you accused me of is you saying
“Please dont put me under pressure.I dnt work in this manner”

for this I suggest never promise your customer any timeframe
and Please make that as a tag line and part of every product terms and conditions that(amarbir singh does not work under pressure)

I would like to ask the mods with regards to what sort of rating am I entitled to give after this product in comparson has reached me on time.but this has to be my last deal with him.I prefer KMD anyday for such products!!!

I highlighted the part where he said that one will have to register on his forum. I simply said:

Why do people dealing via TE have to register on his (lynx’s) forum? Why do people have to post over there when people who dealt via TE has such problems? Pretty simply, amarbir can remove all the threads and posts that display the negative feedback, whereas in TE, one can’t remove it unless mods/admins delete the thread, which they will not do it.

Our forum’s admin Renegade made a comment:

If he is asking you to register on his forum for support then you can clearly say no and report back to us. If you are buying something which has been advertised on TE, currently audio products, then you are supposed to get reply to PM and threads here on TE.

That means every ignorant buyer out there joined his forums? Are they idiots? Did none of them did not have a bulb over their head to think that if they are buying via TE through a registered dealer, why does he have to join some other forum for service?

I pmed Asingh on TE and the conversation went like this:

Okay, so does that mean that even Asingh is the part of “The union”- I don’t know. I ain’t commander shepard :P.

Asingh has made a point about most of the contents on the bill having any serial code of the product whatsoever. dOm1naTOr, a literal dumbass (pardon my french) and apparently a lynx fanboy said the following:

Amarbir is a great dealer, and as said above, you will have to learn a new level of patience. And if you are patient enough, there is no better dealer. He even ships before payment, or could ship a better and expensive product than we asked for after informing us beforehand even if thats not what we want sometimes. But that says> he not upto double crossing anybody. Maybe there is spome other source of great mental stress for him, seriously affecting his business.

To that, ultimabasher simply says “Cut the crap!!” Would he? No. There’s a level to fanboyism with dealers but some people never fail to be a retard to the core. Dominator continued on:

btw, as he is a reputed TE member, we are kinda assured he doesn’t go off the limit too much at times, coz we can always start a case against any dealers and they gotta fix it before its affects his reps.

What do you mean by “we are kinda assured”??  What do you mean by “we”? Do you work for him or do you get money to be his advertising agent? Agreed, its good to defend dealer/friend/human being- but you are doing anything but backing up with facts. So where the hell is the fact??? The market feedback section itself has about what? 2-4 complaint threads about him? And he only delivers after someone makes some noise!! End result? Metalspree had to take his case:

Don’t you get there are enough cases against him where he has failed to delivery items as promised ,no to mention again about the customer service and his stupid rules like join my forum create thread and all ??

I said it before and I will say it again because the more antics like this get highlighted the more they prove me right- You can’t make horse out of donkeys. Dominator, if you are reading this, next time, think before you type and have basic form of responsibility of what you say- rather than babbling like an idiot.

IIRC, dominator is the same chap (( I think) who was under the impression that his biostar board’s backplate was carbon fibre :P. Most of his advice goes way above my head and I pity the people who takes his advice seriously. If you don’t know anything, why do people comment and screw people’s happiness? Good God!!! How do such people end up getting an internet connection?

Coming back to the topic, amarbir called Nash as liar over here, without quoting his previous posts. Most likely he is calling “the union” as liars too. Amarbir had to bite his tongue as tntin, a new member, scanned couple of his bills and put up on the thread. He said and I quote:

I just saw this thread. I have purchased online from lynx-india website on two occasions in OCT 2008 and FEB 2009. I received three bills and none of them have the serail numbers  and all are hand written. Items purchased are HD4850, Corsair VX450, Corsair Twin Ram DDr2 4GB Desktop, Corsair Twin Ram DDr2 4GB for Laptop, 2GB MicroSDHC. I have uploaded the two invoices you have send and the third one i couldn’t find it right now. This is one of the reason i stopped ordering any more with lynx-india.

These are the scans of the bill:

Amarbir “tried” to justify the reason for mentioning the serial number and he says:

The Serial Numbers On The Product Sticker Not The Box Sticker But the Actual Product Sticker ,All Of This Has The Serial number Anyone Can Check Anything Anytime ,No One Is Running Away Or Something Here ,you All Have My Phone Number and All the Details I Am Pretty Good In your Approaching Me Also .Earlier We Use To Sign the Product And Add Some Sticker ,Latest We Have started To Write Serial numbers And Stopped signing ,It’s Very simple ,There Is No Hanky Panky At All ,Anyone Trading With Me Ever On This Forum Can Check This .I Have No Problem In This Matter As i Have Done Nothing Wrong With Anyone .I Repeat We Are Not Cheats Shitting Here .

My dear friend, with respects, companies do not RMA based on your policy, but based on their policy that they have put. Besides, just how hard can it be to mention the serial number of the product? You do charge VAT and tax right? Where’s the value?

Just so that people will know, I am not considering those chinese earphones like soundmagic because they don’t have any serial code on the product, but I am considering those products which do- like rams, motherboard, power supply, etc. I confirmed with dealers (prime abgb, lamington road and desktop computers, bandra) and with Tirupathi enterprises. Tirupathi enterprises that there are times that they RMA products without asking for a bill, but if they can’t trace the serial code, without the bill, they will simply refuse to RMA it.He is a newbie buyer with Amarbir. By the looks of Amarbir’s itrader ratings, out of so many ratings, 164 was postive and only 1 was negative which was about delays- and that was from hatter (well he changed his nick so I don’t know who he is, maybe mohitprett but I am not too sure). Amarbir has a bad habit of making sad excuses and he brings anyone from his family or relatives to gain sympathy and keep people’s mouth shut. I prefer not commenting whether its true or not, but I will only say that others also have family, a job and a life. There are also people who study as well. Phoenix has a family and I think he’s studying his masters if I am not mistaken. Other dealers have a family too, so obviously there will be family issues. If you really did have family issues, how hard can it be to put up a thread (or tell the mods to put up a thread) to say that the shipments are delayed. I mean you had time to put up sale threads but not to inform people? Please stop making excuses. But truth to be said, if you see those screenshots of his support forum, he said that his shipments is not yet cleared by his customs. It’s hard to believe what is true. I won’t say anything more. The guy prevents dealing via ebay unless he has good stocks because that’s the only platform where ebay ensures that he gives proper service else no money.

Keeping all this crappy points and his irritating language aside, he said that he “gave his resignation” to renegade. Rest remains to be seen but damage is already done. Who is to blame? The idiots who gave him a postive feedback right up his ass.

I will say about the people who rated him in such a manner. Try to understand that there’s a difference between privilege and right & when a right is abused/exploited by the person, there are consequences. This is a consequence. I won’t exactly blame amarbir- I mean, he is a certified idiot, but no1 even highlighted any of this to the mods at all. TE is not responsible, infact nobody even told the mod/admin that amarbir made people from TE register on his forum. Were they sleeping? The more buyers do this, the more sellers will stop at nothing to take advantage of such people and even innocent and newbies will be trapped. You have a right, use it wisely. If you people are whining around the price/service difference between here and in U.S. and want to have the same/similar, then show the same/similar attitude that the buyers over have when you get bad service, you give negative rep.

Edit (Update 27.02.10 8.42 AM): Renegade has closed the thread and said that he received his “resignation”. That pretty much closes the story however people who dealt with amarbir via TE have to deal with amarbir directly.
Edit 2 (Updated 27.02.10 04.41 PM): Renegade made the logical choice and decided to keep a 1-on-1 public post over here. Its pretty obvious by now that admins and moderators are looking into this matter but if they want to take actions, they want to take actions for the right reasons. However, some people came in between and decided to crap the thread. Reason enough to believe that amarbir failed to prove himself innocent. As history speaks for itself, trollposters and fanboys in TE have a habit of crapping the thread with useless mud-slinging so that mods and admins will lock the thread. As ultimabasher says, I agree and I quote:

Everyone needs to see this. New people join TE because of the amazing deals they get from dealers and many of them land up with amarbir, have a bad exp and then spit in the name of TE too. I request you to consider this cause 1 can be wrong, heck 5 can be wrong, but not this many people who claim to have dealt with amarbir can go wrong at the same time.

If people want to crap that thread, then its them who need to be infracted/ banned. Way too many people suffered doing business people with such tactics. I love TE and will try to help in whatever way I can for that forum. I’ve learnt a lot from people over there and I ain’t turning my back for such people to take advantage of one of rare Indian tech forums. Not one more!

Edit 1.10.10: I published this article on 26.02.10. Many agreed and regretted, many had 2nd thoughts and others decided to go for it (based on their/their friend’s experience or just taking the plunge or simply because there’s no choice in Chandigarh) & well his fanboys came to the rescue. What I simply wanted to do is simply set the facts in one post for people’s easy reference. Personally, I didn’t like him giving empty threats to a broadband forum admin and being rude to people like a spoilt brat. If he/his service/his “exotic behaviour” is accepted by most of his people (well atleast he stopped typing first letter of every damned word in caps- although I wouldn’t be suprised if he hired someone to take care of his online persona just like how KMD did) and has improved significantly, its obvious that it will reflect eventually. If you have trouble to read collection of his feedback you can read it here.

But remember one important thing that irrespective of who the dealer’s feedback you are viewing, there’s simply no way to prove that those are aunthentic customers. If people are hired for power leveling for MMORPG, then I don’t see how a guy can be hired to create a legitimate looking member with fair amount of posts counts & reps to give “positive feedbacks”. Remember- online dealers (especially in such forums and EBAY) influence and attract customers with good products alongwith high positive feedback- so its possible.


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    Any other provider in india that accept paypal payment ?

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