Commander Shepard+ cake= win!111 (spoiler warning)

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24/02/2010 by The Sorcerer

For those who love to taste wine as you drink, you are better off not reading anymore.

I played mass effect 2, l4d2 and bioshock 2 these past 2 lazy weeks- I started with mass effect 2 and then with bioshock 2, which I ditched in the middle just like bioshock 1. Bioshock is boring for me and playing mass effect 2 raised my expectations. Bioshock is a failed attempt of first person role playing action (yeah your actions sorta makes you choose a side but its crap). I ended up playing mass effect 2 using mass effect 1’s game save 3 times in a row and I never got bored of it. Its one of the few role playing games I enjoyed playing (and I couldn’t remember playing any role playing games before- maybe its diablo 2) and want to play more. Just how many games are there which makes you play over and over again?

In the mass effect universe, I had “exotic encounter” (pfft) with Ashley Williams and ditched Kaidan Alenko to die at the Saren’s base. Convinced Wrex to be alive (if you don’t Ashley shoots him in the back without asking you and I am sure wrex is an important character in ME3) I saved the citadel council. So if you are seeing a character leveling in such a manner then in pretty obvious that captain anderson will be recommended for the council.

End result? At the start of ME2, when Shepard was spaced all thanks to the collectors and their big ass ship. When he comes back alive and becomes Cerberus’ dog. First thing I did was get the scientist because nothing help more than upgrades, right? After rescuing archangel (Garrus) I went to the citadel. What do I find? The council left me for dead and acting all “high and mighty” and reinstating the spectre status. Also they dismissed the reaper connection and blamed on Geth because of  “lack of evidence” and concluded that even Geth could have met sovereign and manipulated Saren. Anderson backs you up but only when the council indirect accused you of treason by associating with cerberus. Ashley hates you, Tali is skeptical to join with you when finds about cerberus, jack freaks out about seeing a cerberus ship docked when he was trying to escape- the entire universe hates them.

But I managed to get an apology letter from Ashley later on ;). No I decided not to romance with any me2 characters. So I am guessing this is what pretty much will/should happen in ME3, assuming you have every me2 character’s loyalty and made sure everyone lives:

# Council will act like an ass and dismiss reaper’s story till they crap their pants when reapers invade.

# Ashley might become the captain/admiral of the alliance, so that settles army from human’s side to handle the reapers.

# Garrus might go back to the Turian army, convince his higher-ups to join the fight against the reapers.

# Tali (assuming she is not exiled/her father is not blamed for treason in ME2) might become an admiral, or else she will use her title as one of the saviours of the galaxy to convince the admiralty board to join Shepard’s war against the reapers.

# Wrex would finally merge the entire krogan clan and make a mighty army and maybe grunt as his general!

# Mordin might cure the genophage/ Thane’s sickness or round-up his sources in special task group.

# Legion will play an important role to convince the entire galaxy that the Geth are not the bad guys and the heretics are re-purposed. Clearing Geth’s name might make the people question council’s claims about citadel’s attack and weaken their control. Anderson might step in as the sole leader of citadel space.

# Jack would become the leader of the mercenary group, most likely batarians or maybe biotic based.

# Kahlee sanders (characters are there in 2 mass effect novels) might end up being the brains behind Shepard.

# Cerberus hunting down shepard, might use Zaeed against you.

# Samara might rally up the troops, whereas Liara might end up taking over Mordin’s job aboard the normandy.

# The rachni (assuming you let them live in ME1) will join you in Shepard’s war against the reapers, assuming you will help them earn the council’s respect.

# Thane is on the verge of dying. Might live if he’s cured or else his son might aid you.

# Miranda and Jacob will still be at your side, but most likely Miranda feeding intel to the illusive man. Jacob re-joins the alliance.

# The illusive man might try to gain prothean technology by trying to revive any prothean tech left in Illos, using the same lazarus experiment as he did on ME2.

Will I play bioshock 2, I am not too sure.


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