Re-badging and the relabeling: The old wine in a new bottle (or vice-versa) funda!

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19/02/2010 by The Sorcerer

It’s not a new concept. They all do it- even your milk man does it! The branded stores do it as well! So, do you know what you’re buying?

Its not a new concept as far as hardware is concerned. Bikey made an epic post in a thread which ended up being a sticky about it over here. Nvidia rebadged 8800gt and made it to 9800gt and then 8600gt which ended up being 9500gt. Let’s also not forget that Nvidia’s chipset manufacturing antics is no different. Story starts from back in 65nm days (as far as I can remember) when e6600 processors ruled the world, extreme series for the rich and the spoilt and 45nm e7xxx series was filled with high hopes which IMO served its royal subjects well, few people bought 680i boards were favoured before intel’s p35 boards literally hogged the limelight. Now nvidia has broken another barriers of relabeling by calling northbridge as System Platform Processor (SPP) and southbridge as Media Communications Processor (MCP). Boinkers? Yeah well its pretty..retarded.

Just for that one knows, 780i and 680i is practically the same. There is simply no difference. Only difference is that 780i can do 3 way sli and use pci express 2.0! Some might call (oh well, nvidia fanboys and forum whOres would) it innovation, but it not so different from putting a mod chip in your playstation or xbox. They put this new chip called the NF200 exactly below the northbridge which handles the tri sli and pcie 2.0 works. It’s still mentally retarded as far as price is concerned as one would be better off with a p35 board and if you put more cash, I think you can get x38 chipset boards. It’s also mentally retarded that because of introducing this new chip, the board will be radically altered. Once that is done, just how much space would there be between the second and the 3rd pcie slot? Or how many other pci slots have to be sacrified? Besides they are just another recycled garbage.

End result? Intel and AMD’s chipset has capitalized the essence of some/pure honesty in their business, which led to nvidia shutting down chipset manufacturing business. Now some might say (hello again- nvidia fanboys) that sole purpose of rebadging was to clear old stocks. I would like to tell them-, “oh!! I am sorry I was thinking through a consumer’s point of view- my bad!!!” (sarcasm intended). Moral of the story, if you are a consumer, buy the best performer for the money and with good service record not based on hype. Why do you want to waste money for something that needs performance to satisfy your needs and not others? If you are not, then it is you who is responsible for making the manufacturers fool even more people.

Coolermaster is another “God” of such epic acts, but they are also good when it comes to cost cutting. Just so that readers might know, cm 690 show signs of colour around the front grills coming out after some months of using it. I was under the assumption that it happens only where the fan sucks in the air but:

Colour does come out on other grill sections.

Although one would say “It doesn’t look that bad” or “repainting will fix it”, remember you’re paying 4k for this, and for many that’s a lot for a case with such defects. Not everyone prefers the re-paint and the quality and method of the paint application really matters or they might end up with same issue, or simply block it because of thick paint.

cm extreme 600 is rebadged (some say it’s chopped down version) of a seventeam 500. There was also an article about cm extreme 650 which made an article on a french review site that cm 650 is also the same (it was written on the pcb board) but they were “politely” asked (Read: legally) to pull down the article and so they did.

There’s more where that came from, but frankly once the facts are stated, why would anyone discuss about junks, let alone even remotely considering that option to buy?

Oh yeah, BTW! Follow Terry Makedon on twitter. He is the guy behind catalyst and now very well-known for fixing the eyefinity’s bezel compensation. Terry gives away a lot of keys for games- beta and final. Elite bastards have done a really good 1-on-1 interview with him. Anandtech made couple of articles about the 10.2 and 10.3 drivers and about the RV870 story. Semi accurate doing a pretty good job at kicking nvidia in the groin. It starts from their article about GTX480 being unmanufacturable and then being continued on the forums.I don’t know about you guys, but it seems that many review sites out there really want ATi to bring in the heavy guns! I wouldn’t blame them. Nvidia is all talks and still no legit benchmarks about their future release. Don’t be surprised if they end up being rebadged to the core with “minor” updates.


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