Mass effect 2: Star studded game with star studded perils, excitements, missions and voices!!

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08/02/2010 by The Sorcerer

I loved mass effect 2.

No spoilers, no usual dialogues, Miranda..hmm…yeah (did I say no spoilers?), nothing to add anything what other people who have reviewed, played and enjoyed the game. There’s was one review from an Indian source (they are into “tech” magazines and brag as one of the highest selling blah-blah bullshit) which made some really lame err “reviews”.

Unfortunately, the cover system is still inconsistent and AI controlled party members continue to suck at finding cover.

Yo, doctor dumbass, you can direct your characters to take cover using “Q” and “E” and the characters do say (the matter’s the same) that they are taking cover. You use space bar to recall them to following you. They also take cover during gun fights on without positioning them (usually under heavy fire) and they not only do move over when you strafe towards them when they are taking cover, but they pick the second best spot for taking cover.It is better than l4d and l4d2’s friendly “artificial intelligence” (no they don’t have problems positioning themselves) where you have to lead them.

Just like the first game, Mass Effect 2 is not particularly impressive; however it’s not a bad game either

Yeah I am pretty sure crysis and GTA IV still gives you multiple orgasms.Word of advice, get you head out of the sewage.

I completed about five planetary exploration missions and none of those had anything to write home about.

Erm, haven’t you played any sort of role-playing games, AT ALL? Sucks to be you because if you did but haven’t figured out the genre or haven’t played this genre, because if you did, you wouldn’t even have said this.  By the way, you ain’t supposed to give spoilers on reviews. Writing game spoilers (or movie spoilers) is not equal to writing a game (or a movie) review, same goes for synopsis. Besides you’re reviewing a game, not the game engine. If you want to review game engines, make a separate article about it.

No offense, but they are so many beautiful writers out there that are calling them amateur is an insult to their gift, but sadly they don’t get paid much or don’t get any jobs at all. Rather, we see such samples here writing “reviews” for magazines and websites. Such people outta write scripts for porn movies. Porn movies have intense stories, ermm, it doesn’t matter? My point exactly.

So which magazine? Links? Oh it does NOT deserve the respect. Besides, the witty and the smart should be smart to know which magazine/site I am talking about.

There’s also few battlestar galatica stars who did lend their voice to their characters. I wish captain Bailey’s voice had the same depth like michael Hogan’s true voice (Exo of battlestar Galatica), sort of like a drunken old man thingy. I guess they did a “cleanup”. Truth  be told the only voice which was visible to me was Worf. When did a little bit of googling, I found out that mass effect 2’s voice cast is pretty star-studded (Yeah well “silver screen” stars, except The Matrix, as some people might call it, but IMHO most sci-fi is brilliant) when I searched it for youtube:

BTW, The illusive man’s voice is the best of all IMHO. But yeah Joker and Miranda’s voice for the character ain’t that far behind.

I have played mass effect 1 with a positive character and migrated the game-save to ms:2, it was worth it. So this is tempting me to play mass effect 2 using a negative role and make sure the council dies this time. Yeah I didn’t kill the council last time >_<“. But in any role, Wrex will still be around and maybe I will kill the rachni on this one. Most likely rachni will help (assuming the queen lived on ms:1 when you played) and aid Shepard in ms:3. Why I say so? the hint is in ms:2! In any case, Wrex doesn’t deserve to die in any scenario. One of the best and loved game characters. Sometimes, crazy is the only way to go!

Star trek fans know Lt. Commander Worf? He’s also gave is voice to the character called “Gatatog Uvenk” and its pretty obvious when you are hearing the character speak for the first time. But I happy to see wrek (hear his voice) but I also wished Wrex was also in “The A-team”. I guess the team from MS:1 and MS:2 might be together in MS:3. If so then in one of my game profiles, Kaiden and Miranda deserve a lot explanation from Shepard.
BTW, I played ms:2  using the onboard graphics so its pretty decent (well for an onboard yeah). So people who would try to scare you to upgrade to a better graphic card (just like those samples who told others to upgrade specifically to play crysis, nicknamed, the bottleneck busters!!!) just to play the game decently,  don’t be disappointed (unless you’re one of those paranoid people who want the “MAXXED OUT” in every way, still I guess 4850 and 4870 is enough). Read the game’s minimum specs and see if you’re cool with it.


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